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Personal Brand Building - by Ramon Ray,

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2. WHO IS @ramonray- Infusionsoft RDD- Event producer, journalist, editor, speaker, author- Puppet shows in developing countries- Graduate FBI Citizens Academy- Chatted with President Obama in first Google Hangout- Childhood geek- United Nations 3. GUY WITHMANYMISTAKES 4. PERSONALBRANDINGFOR REGULAR GUYS AND GALS 5. WHAT IS PERSONALBRANDING?Systematic process in whichan individual establishes asustained level of fame(popularity) related to aspecific area of expertise orassociation. 6. FOR SMALL BUSINESSES,LOGOS ARE NOT A BRAND.THEY DONT MEAN ANYTHING.WE (YOU) ARE OUR (YOUR)BRAND. 7. WHAT IT IS AND IS NOT1. Takes Time2. Not Fame or Momentary Euphoria3. It is how your customers perceive you 8. WHY?Mediocrity is slow deathPeople want to work withwinners 9. BENEFITS Influence community and network Become a buyer and not a seller (you drivethe game, the game does not drive you) Size does not matter anymore In a sea of unkowns, brands win 10. CONCRETE RESULTS More loyalcustomers More prospect flow Higher profits More money Not selling basedon lowest price (buton value) Media Exposure 11. PERSONALBRANDBUILDINGSTEP BYSTEP 12. WHAT IS YOUR PLATFORM?STEP ONE 13. YOUR PLATFORM What are your strengths What do you do best What are your weaknesses What do people say about you What is scalable and strongenough to be an anchor What are you mostknowledgeable about What makes you stand out 14. RESULTLets people put you in abox that you create people like boxesGives you a focus 15. JUST SHOW UPSTEP TWO 16. BE ACTIVE IN YOURPROFESSIONAL COMMUNITY1. Join local chamber and 1 or 2 other business and/or networking groups2. Be an asset3. Know the org president and other influential executives and members4. Help, volunteer, be indispensable 17. RESULT? Invited to speak at events Invited to premium networking Clued to special opportunities 18. HOW RAMONMODERATED NYENTREPRENEUR WEEK 19. BE AN ONLINE PUBLISHERSTEP THREE 20. WHY A ONLINE PUBLISHER?If youre not online youdont existPeople will check youout onlineOnline contentreinforce offlineengagement 21. CREATE PERIODIC,INFORMATION RICH,ONLINE CONTENT1. Personal brand web site2. Regularly dispense good information (feed this to your social media networks)3. Embrace photo (smartphone), video (Kodak Zi8), audio (Sound Cloud, Audacity)4. Gently trumpet your successes 22. DIGITAL PERSONAL BRANDBUILDING FUNDAMENTALS1. Fresh online content2. Web site & Blog3. GOOD looking web site (invest)4. Social Presence (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)5. Email newsletter6. Be a digital journalist story teller7. Have a GREAT photo (or several) 23. RESULTS?Media will contact youFrom local to nationalpersonal brandawarenessSolidify your KNOW (inthe know, like, trust,equation)Prospects will find you 24. 25. PLAN FOR MEDIA EXPOSURESTEP FOUR 26. PLAN TO GET MEDIAEXPOSURE1. Know local journalists2. Ready for media opportunities3. Have a story4. Media training5. Appear and be knowledgeable6. Be personable7. Be well spoken 27. RESULTHigher thancompetition.Furthersknow, like,trustExpandsvisibilityoverall 28. ORGANIZE AN EVENTSTEP FIVE 29. ORGANIZE AN EVENT Stress Money losing Time sink Build community Boost credibility Attract Media Dynamics of inperson meetings Reason to inviteVIPs 30. EVENT IDEAS/TIPS Meetup groups (start small go big) Barter for space, food, a/v, staff Work with those you trust (speakers,panelists, etc) Save time/money with co-organizers Pull favors, ask mentors (keynote speaker) Everything is negotiable 31. EVENT STORIESRamons personal brandenabled him to get bigsponsorsStory of Intuit (first event)and Intel 32. PERSONAL BRANDBUILDING IN A BOX 1. What is your platform 2. Show up (community involvement) 3. Be a publisher 4. Plan for media exposure 5. Organize an event(s) 33. PERSONALBRANDBUILDINGFUNDAMENTALS 34. PERSONAL BRANDBUILDING FUNDAMENTALS1. Be persistent2. Be smart3. Be strategic4. Be prepared to make mistakes5. Be prepared to take advantage of opportunities6. Be prepared to say no to opportunities7. Create opportunities they always dont come knocking8. Go where others dont go9. Take lateral moves that advance your goal 35. PERSONAL BRAND BUILDINGFUNDAMENTALS10. Be likeable (listen, smile, be respectful)11. Be giving, giving, giving, giving12. Stop looking to make a quick buck13. Shine the light on others14. Treat others like you want to be treated15. Fake it until you make it. (never lie)16. Be consistent17. Value and create true relationships 36. SUMMARYHave a platformStand outDont be a jerkNetworkBe online 37. THANK YOURamon RayInfusionsoft, Regional Development Director NY/NJEditor & Technology Evangelist,