Perry Cooperman -- Simone Santoro -- Casey McConkey

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Transcript of Perry Cooperman -- Simone Santoro -- Casey McConkey

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Perry Cooperman -- Simone Santoro -- Casey McConkey

How do you stay up to date?

Digital is BetterRecall: Publishing Industry IssuesRecent technologies have created new trends

More digital oriented society

Increase in availability of free content (Marketline, 2012)

Increase in the price of paper (Datamonitor, 2011)

Supermarkets, supercenters, and Borders (Lukovitz, 2012).

:Major Problem

Target market is too broadMessage is not clearUninformed customersNo call for action

Who is the target market?

What is the message?Bad Targeting6What is this advertising?

What is the message?

WHY??Refer to A-3 Handout. Speak about final why8Perry CoopermanNew Marketing Strategy Customer Lifetime ValueThe economic value of a customer during the life of the customers association with a business. Learning, 2013)

Acquiring a customer costs 7-10X more than retaining one.-Dr. Erin Steffes&

Mention self advertisements 13Segmentation and BudgetSimone SantoroSegmentation

(Value Options, 2013)Demographic breakdown and gen x & y characteristics15This age group is classified as generation Y and is described to be generally sophisticated with technology and its rapid expansion and growth over the years (The Social Librarian) Generation X(Matchstick Strategy, 2012)Baby Boomers

Why this strategy?Talk more in percentage 19New advertisementsNew path to success20

Direct Mall Ad. Targeted towards the younger segment because they can easier identify with the android image. And the phrase is towards them too 21

Applicable to all age groups, using metrics and measuring our success we can see how this goes with the oldest demographic. 22

Direct mail. 23

ask- who would like to recap this moment in history? Digital has access to archives24

In a page of the magazine, direct mail, email. Its funny, catchy, and obvious. Gets the point across clearly. Self advertisement. 26

Direct mall. It using the outline and obama as strong figures to draw people in. 27

Free Self Advertisement 28Budget Analysis

29Measuring SuccessHow we measure success. The metrics. use the metrics to determine our future stragetys. 30Youtube, social media marketing, social media contest. Handout half a page with asking their opinion 31In ConclusionMake sure to mention why our methods are better (more targeted, future oriented, low cost, quick to start) 32

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