(Permanent/Reusable) Batteryless Electronic Name Badge

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Transcript of (Permanent/Reusable) Batteryless Electronic Name Badge

  • ENTAG is the world's first batteryless reusable electronic name badge. It offers unlimited updates of contents with high visibility without any power supplies or backlights. Stay with ENTAG, Be Smarter, Greener and more Economical

    - Reusable Name Badge- Save time and cost for new badge preparation- Unlimited info/graphic updates - No reordering - Name badge with digital signage functions

    - Easy to update- Quick update within few seconds- Able to add info/graphics/ phrases for various events- Small & light as a conventional badge type

    - Permanently reusable : No paper waste - No Battery : Patented- Reduces Paper/Plastic disposal- Enhances brand image with digitally advanced and Eco- friendly leading brand

    - World's first power free electronic badge- No additional power supply needed - Provide high visibility despite no backlights- 180 viewing angle

    Why EN TAG (Electronic Name badge)?

    Electronic Name Badge

    Semi-permanent and reusable

    Just a name badge. Limited usage

    Additional costs to change or modify once it is printed

    Old badge needs to be disposed once a user or title changes

    Keep spending more and more time/money to manage and order badges

    Save time and money for reordering name badges

    Easy updates of name badge info and graphic for any occasions

    Give an impression that a brand is highly digitalized with reliability, and eventually

    Reduce the waste by using ENTAG(eventually leads to an increase of profits)

    Helps a company to present updated images and newness to the public continuously

    in most effective ways

    creating good brand loyalty to own employees and public

    (Able to be used as a promotion tool, not just an ordinary name badge)

  • International Premium Exhibition


    Wide display and good visibility for various types of info/graphic display with special promotional phrases. It can be used not only as a standard name badge but a digital signagetool for such as Sale, Holiday, Event or POP for a product

    Standard size. Personal info with simple graphic images can be displayed. Ideal for companies having frequent personnel changes. Also, highly recommended for small groups wanting to buildup their own identity

    Comes in a choice of sizes for all aspects of business and industry for various uses

    The EN TAG Family


    Suitable for group gathering or displaying various info on one screen such as Exhibition, Conference, Seminar and etcIt also can be used for more various aspects of business and industry such as Restaurant (reservation sign), Convention/Hotel (nameplate), Museum (display sign), Art Gallery(artist/work info) , Electronic store, Souvenir store (POP) and extra


  • ENTAG can be used for various aspects of business and industry


  • For Special Day/Holiday Events

    For Personnel Changes

    Prepare a promotion

    Check a events

    Check personnel changes Modify Title, Name

    Add Icons, Graphics on a tag


    Add icons, phrases on a tag

    Assistant manager Engineers

    Amber Alexander

    One badge for all types of events. It's the easiest, and most effective way to prepare upcoming events

    For Sales and Promotion

    How to Use EN TAG

    For Sales and Promotion For Special Day/Holiday Events For Personnel Changes

    Amber AmberAssistant manager Assistant manager




    Happy New Year!






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