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2. OBJECTIVESWhat is cyst?Types of cystsa. Clinical featuresb. Radiographicfindingsc. Histology Diagnosis Treatment 3. A cyst is a pathological fluid filledcavity lined by epithelium.CYST 4. TYPES OF CYSTSGingival cyst Periodontalcyst 5. GINGIVAL CYST LOCATION: Lingual surface of mandibularcanine and premolars. COLOR: Bluish gray. APPEARANCE: Nodular and resembles mucocele CONTOUR Localized enlargement. PAINLESS ATTACHED or MARGINALGINGIVA 6. ORIGIN Develop from odontogenic epithelium orfrom surface or sulcular epithelium 7. RADIOGRAPHIC FINDINGS No radiographic findings because the usuallyinvolve the soft tissues 8. HISTOLOGY Gingival cyst cavity is lined by a thin , flattenedepithelium with or without localized areas ofthickening. Types of epithelium Non keratinized stratified squamous epithelium Keratinized stratified squamous epithelium Parakeratinized epithelium with palisading basal cells 9. PERIODONTAL CYST(Lateral Periodontal Cyst) Uncommon lesion. Localized destruction of periodontal tissues. Lateral root surface. LOCATIONMandibular canine-premolar area.ORIGIN Derived from rests of Malassez.CONTOUR Localized enlargementASYMPTOMATICPAINFUL 10. RADIOGRAPHIC FINDINGS Interproximal periodontal cyst appears on theside of the root as a radiolucent area borderedby a radiopaque line. Periodontal abscess is difficult to differentiatefrom periodontal cyst, radiographically 11. `Cyst Abscess Filled with fluid