Period 1&2 Warming up and Reading I

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Unit 1 Friendship. Period 1&2 Warming up and Reading I. Words about friendship:. lovely helpful clever honest( 诚实的 ) brave handsome pretty kind-hearted silent thoughtful( 体贴的 ) generous( 慷慨的 ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Period 1&2 Warming up and Reading I

  • Period 1&2 Warming up and Reading IUnit 1 Friendship

  • Words about friendship:lovely helpful cleverhonest() brave handsomepretty kind-hearted silent thoughtful() generous()selfish() unselfish() careful active kindhumorous responsible() funny

  • Questions :Do you need friends? Why or why not?2. Do you have any good friends? What do you think of them?

  • What qualities should a good friend have?

  • Four students in a group, each one has to interview the other group mates.

  • Are you good to your friends? Do the survey on Page 1.

  • 4-7points: you are not a good friend. You either neglect your friends needs or just do what he/she wants you to do. You should think more about what a good friend needs to do.8-12points: you a good friend but you sometimes let your friendship become too important, or you fail to show enough concern for your friends needs and feelings. Try to strike a balance between your friends needs and your responsibilities.13- points: you re an excellent friend who recognize what a real friend is.

  • Pre-readingDoes a friend always have to be a person? What else can be your friend?Do you think a diary can become your friend? Why or why not?


  • Who was Annes best friend?

    When did the story happen?

    Her diary KittyThe story happened during World War II.Skimming:

  • Anne kept a diary becauseShe felt very lonely becauseThey have to hide becauseAnne named her diary Kitty becauseshe couldnt meet her friends.Jews were caught by Nazis and killed.she could tell everything to it.she wanted it to be her best friend. John the correct parts of the sentences.

  • No. 1 & 2 A deep blue sky, the song of birds, moonlight, flowers Never felt spellboundDark, rainy evening, the wind, themthundering cloudsGrew crazy Page 3 : Exercise 2Page 3: Exercise 4