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Transcript of Performance redefined. - Kramer Allrad – Kramer Allrad ... Performance redefined....

Performance redefined.Wheel loaders and tele wheeled loaders of the 8-series.

Wheel and tele wheeled loaders




0.85 m3


0.75 m3


0.95 m3


1.05 m3


1.15 m3


0.85 m3


0.95 m3

Your success. Our benchmark.

Sophisticated machines from the beginning.When you choose a machine from Kramer you can be confident its development was focused on one key point: tough working conditions. From the start, we make sure that our products meet the requirements of our customers both present and future. Challenging long-term tests with several thousand hours of operation ensure the high quality and marketability of all new machine generations.

Always available when you need us.Benef it from our f irst-class al l-round service: whether in the provision of original spare parts or professional diagnostics and maintenance. A comprehensive dealer network with trained service employees is available to you.

Made in Germany in demand world-wide.Kramer-Werke based in Pfullendorf is one of the world's leading manufacturers of compact construction equipment. The highest standards for materials, technology and quality are the guarantee of our powerful and durable products.

All-wheel steering and an undivided chassis for outstanding stability at all times. Intell igent functions and a broad range of attachments for application year-round. A long service life and economic efficiency for even more investment security.

Safety, comfort and a variety of options take priority at Kramer. They show up in every detail of our products. So you can fully rely on the Kramer wheel loaders and tele wheeled loaders of the 8-series. And this in every application.

Safety in every respect Wheel loaders and tele wheeled loaders from Kramer.

Bucket capacity:

Bucket capacity: Bucket capacity:

The tele wheeled loaders of the 8-seriesThe wheel loaders of the 8-series



Efficient working thanks to the hydraulical quick-hitch system, load stabilizer and parallel guided loading system with P-kinematics for wheel loaders.

High bucket apron, long bucket bottom as well as a large tilt in and tilt back angle for safe and quick material transport.

Comfort cab with an entry from both sides as well as extensive glazing for the best all-round visibility and fatigue-free working.

Gentle retraction and extension thanks to the final position dampening.

Powerful engines with low noise levels

Excellent traction thanks to 100% connectable dif ferential lock.

Variable drive system optionally up to 40 Kph for sensitive working and high torque.

3 types of steering to meet every requirement.

Large selection of tyre options for a wide range of application areas.

Flexible in application with a 3rd control circuit. Optionally a 4th control circuit as well as Powerflow hydraulics and attachments for the work platform.*

More efficiency due to the hydraulical quick-hitch system and parallel guided loading system with Z-kinematics for tele wheeled loaders.

Tough shell. Intelligently inside.

Excellent performance values with compact dimensions and low net weight.

More reach and lift height due to a telescoping loading system.

* The regulations and laws of the relevant countries and regions are to be met.



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Lenkwinkel KramerWettbewerb (knickgelenkt)

1 2 3

Extreme stability. Enormous manoeuvrability.

1 Sturdy, even when working on uneven ground: Theundivided chassis provides a high level of stability.

2 Even with a heavy load: Constant payload at any steering angle.

3 The high level of manoeuvrability: Perfect when space is limited.

Safe and efficient working - guaranteed in all situations by using Kramers wheel and tele wheeled loaders.

High level of stabilityOur wheel loaders are designed with an undivided chassis that prevents shifts in the centre of gravity, even on full steering angle. This ensures high levels of stability even when working on uneven ground.

In one turn with all-wheel steering ...Undivided chassis for a high level ofstability ...

Constant leverage for constantpayload

Constant payload

... instead of time-consuming manoeuvring with an articu-lated joint.

without a shift in the centre of gravity.

Enormous manoeuvrabilityThe all-wheel steering and a steering angle of 40 degrees on each axle allows a high degree of manoeuvrability. This makes many manoeuvres unnecessary and shortens transit and cycle times.

Constant loadThe undivided chassis prevents the clearance between the counterweight and loading system from changing. The result: Constant leverage that makes working safe in all load situations. In the process, the payload always stays the same, regardless of the steering angle.

Steering angle Kramer Competition (articulated)
















1000 1325 1650 1975 26001000 1325 1650 1975 2300















You are well-prepared for the strict exhaust regulations of the future with the engines in the Kramer wheel and tele wheeled loaders. The engines of the 8-series therefore correspond to the current exhaust emissions level IIIB*.

As a standard, they are outfitted with 55 kW and with diesel oxidation catalytic converters (DOC) this allows reliable operation in every situation. In addition, the new engines offer full performance despite a low RPM and a high torque increase. For maximum flexibility, there is available the 55 kW engine with a diesel particulate filter (DPF), which available regenerates the soot.

* Exception: 8075, since level IIIA.

Powerful engine: For every application.

The right engine for every application: Overview of the engines of the 8-series.



Not available

Improved running smoothness: Economical and powerful engines in all Kramer models.

Performance curves for Deutz TCD 2.9 (55 kW, level IIIB)

Agile driving behaviour, even at lower RPM. High fuel savings with full performance.


el c














M (



Top performance of the engine:

About 15 % more torque** Maintenance-free exhaust

after treatment with DOC

Up to 10 % in fuel savings**

** Compared to previous model with 55 kW.

Engine speedEngine speed

8075 8085 8095 8105 8115 8085T 8095T

Motor Yanmar Deutz Deutz Deutz Deutz Deutz Deutz

35 kW 55 kW

75 kW

DOC (for 55 kW and 75 kW)

DPF (for 55 kW)



1 2 3

Maximum power output also during road travel to the working site.

Constant travel speed, e.g. 4 km/h

Quick on road. Accurate on site.

100% connectable differential lock Muddy soils, wet conditions or snow: Kramer machines also stand their ground on challenging surfaces thanks to the 100% connectable dif ferential lock, which provides an even distribution of the drive force to all four wheels.

A powerful drive system plus sophisticated safety and comfort functions. With this combination, Kramer wheel and tele wheeled loaders score both on and off site. Kramers optional Ecospeed variable high speed gearbox can be of particular benefit where long travel distances are involved.

Via an electronic control module, the transmission is automatically adapted to the respective load condition of the machine. So you can always rely on maximum torque, even when using a low engine speed.

1 All-wheel steering: particularly manoeuvrable due to 2 x 40 degree steering angle.

2 Front wheel steering: usual driving behaviour, even at high speeds on the road

3 Crab steering: ideal for parallel travel and manoeuvring in confined spaces, e.g. when clearing industrial buildings.

CSD hand throttle, slow or fast travel: Constant travel speed in any driving situation.

Top performance of the drive system:

Maximum torque and tractive force in all driving and working situations

Reduced fuel consumption

Low noise emissions of the diesel engine

Constant Speed Drive (CSD) with memory function

100% connectable differential lock for constant maximum traction



Reliable in operation with pallet forksWith the P-kinematics, you have optimal control of all transported goods thanks to the parallel guide of the attachment in the entire lif ting range.

Convincing in bucket operationSafe material transport, even with a full bucket: This is made possible by the sophisticated combination of the Kramer bucket shape with a high bucket apron and long bottom as well as a 50-degree ti lt back angle and 45 degree ti lt out angle.

The Kramer quick-hitch system: Drive up to t