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  • 1. SUMMER TRAINING PROJECT REPORT ON DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY OF PEPSI VARUN BEVERAGES LTD PEPSICO (hajipur)Submitted for the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award OfIIMT MANAGEMENT COLLEGE GANGA NAGER MEERUT.(2011-2013)UNDER THE GUIDENCE OF :-SUBMITTED BY :-Dr. Prashant ghosh (Director )sonu kumar. MBA 3rd symester +9198084704961

2. CONTENTPAGE NO.Project Detail1Certificate2Preface3Acknowledgement4Observations5Executive Summary6Introduction7 to 9Company Profile10 to 17Overview PepsiCo18 to 19PepsiCo Overcame Competition20 to 24Business Segment25 to 35Key Element of Trade36 to 43Promotion44 to 47Distribution Strategy48 to 54Research Methodology55 to 56Data Analysis From Retailer and Distributor57 to 91Analysis of Finding and Observation92SWOT Analysis93 to 94Conclusion95 to 96Limitation97 to 98Recommendation99 to 101Bibliography Annexure102 103 to 1082 3. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN This is to certify that . student of MBA course (2011-2013) IIMT MANAGEMENT COLLEGE with dual specialization in MARKETING & HR has satisfactorily completed the summer research project on DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY OF PEPSI. This study is done under the guidance of the undersigned for partial fulfillment for the award of MBA. I wisher all the best for bright future ahead.Mentor:PREFACE3 4. Marketing plays import role in todays business scenario in consumer product Company, there is such a high competition in the market. Summer project in MBA program is providing job experience. In The summer program we gain academic knowledge as well as corporate culture. The emphasis in the project is providing the study and an insight into Indian FMCG Business Scenario. The Summer Project is designed to provide participation of MBA program as on the job experience. This has given a chance to try and apply the academic knowledge and gain insight into corporate culture. This helps in developing decision-making abilities and emphasizes on active participation by the student. We undertook our Project in Varun Beverages, a leading Bottler and Marketing partner of the Pepsi Foods. During the training, we had worked on the project Distribution strategy of PEPSI in HAJIPUR BIHAR. We gained valuable experience & knowledge during the survey. The Project consists of our findings customer behave relate goods market search after data analysis & then SWOT analysis & conclusions were drawn and finally recommendations were put forward.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT4 5. I owe my gratitude to many people who helped and supported me during the entire Summer Training. My sincere thanks to Mr.Prashant Dev Yadav the Guide of the project, for initiating and guiding the project with attention and care. He/ She have always been available for me to put me on track from time to time to bring the project at its present form. My deep sense of gratitude is due to Mr. Ashvani Sharma, Mr. Amit Sharma (Marketing Manager , Senior Customer Executive) Of Varun Beverages Ltd. HAJIPUR BIHAR. for allowing me to carry out the Summer Internship and this Project at the organization and to be constantly available to me for the period, for guidance. He/ She also helped me to see the subject of study in its proper perspective. Thanks and appreciation is also due to the officials, employees and respondents of Varun Beverages Ltd. Surajpur, Greater Noida (U.P), for their support.I also thank my Institution and my faculty members without whom this project would have been a distant reality. Signature (SONU KUMAR)Place: HAJIPUR BIHARDate:5 6. Observations:To collect order from each and every outlet.To check visi-cooler with 100% purity.To see is the soft drink is in Brand Order.To see every outlet, is the soft drink present in display rack.To see every outlet visi- cooler will present in prime location or not.To visit every outlet in regular basis.To go every outlet and listen the problems of retailer and shopkeeper related to visi- cooler and soft drink which is to be noted in complaint diary.To see each that each and every outlet worked in better condition.To see as a Market developer (M.D) every outlet full fills in terms and conditions with visi-Cooler.To see as a Market developer (M.D.) if any outlet will not selling your product than you asked why you are not selling my product. Then you give advice to outlet.6 7. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The distribution network of PEPSI is well known for its efficiency but company constantly strives for the betterment of their distribution network system. Emphasis of our study was to focus on the customer of company i.e., the retailers. The Retail Mapping of Greater Noida is an integral step for the assessment, development and betterment of this system. The distribution system not only comprises the movement of the products but also incorporates the merchandising of the product, which is very broad in its purview. The project incorporates the analysis of the perform of PEPSI and probing into opportunities of increasing the market share in Greater Noida. The entire process had to be in an organized manner in order to deliver meaningful results for the purpose of decision-making. The project was that of market research with surveys and observations as its major phases with the objective of gathering of all important information material for strengthening the position of PEPSI in Greater Noida. PEPSI boasts of having the maximum market share in the beverage segment in Greater Noida and is in constant process for the betterment of its product performance and customer as well retailers satisfaction.7 8. INTRODUCTION Modern age is full of competition. Today only way of success is your continuous efforts towards the growing market needs and in satisfying them. It is the marketer job to know what the market speaks i.e. the ever changing needs of the customer through market research & adopt them fruitfully. It is must for all the companies to make policies according to the customers and the govt. Today to succeed for any organization has to target its customer needs, to create a culture in the organization i.e. market conscious & responsive to customer needs. Soft drinks industry has become big business in India in recent years. The soft drink business under went major change with the entry of PEPSI and re-entry of COCA-COLA in India in the late 80s when Parley with brands like Thums up, Limca & Gold spot was a clear leader. Coca-Cola took up the product line of parley in 1993-94; today both brands are the Indians favorite soft drinks. 8 9. PepsiCo Inc.TypePublicTraded asNYSE: PEP S&P 500 ComponentIndustryFoods, BeveragesFoundedNorth Carolina, U.S. (1965)Founder(s)Donald Kendall, Herman LayHeadquartersPurchase, New York, U.S.9 10. Area servedWorldwideKey peopleIndra Nooyi (Chairman & CEO)[1]ProductsSee list of PepsiCo productsRevenueUS$ 66.504 billion (2011)[2]Operating incomeUS$ 9.633 billion (2011)[2]Net incomeUS$ 6.462 billion (2011)[2]Total assetsUS$ 72.882 billion (2011)[2]Total equityUS$ 20.899 billion (2011)[2]Employees297,000 (2011)[2]DivisionsPepsiCo Americas Foods; PepsiCo Americas Beverages; PepsiCo Europe; PepsiCo Asia, Middle East & AfricaSubsidiariesList of subsidiariesWebsitePepsiCo.com10 11. COMPANY PROFILE-PEPSI CO. (US)COMPANY PROFILE-PEPSI CO. (US) PepsiCo is a world leader in convenient foods and beverages, with revenues of about $66.50 billion, over 2, 97,000 employees and total equity $20.899 billion. The company consists of the snack business of Frito-Lay North America and the beverage and food businesses of PepsiCo Beverages and Foods, which includes PepsiCo Beverages North America (Pepsi-Cola North America and Gatorade/Tropicana North America) and Quaker Foods North America. PepsiCo International includes the snack businesses of Frito-Lay International and beverage businesses of PepsiCo Beverages International. PepsiCo brands are available in nearly 200 countries and territories. Many of PepsiCo's brand names are over 100-years-old, but the corporation is relatively young. PepsiCo was founded in 1965 through the merger of 11 12. Pepsi-Cola and Frito-Lay. Tropicana was acquired in 1998 and PepsiCo merged with The Quaker Oats Company, including Gatorade, in 2001. Pepsi-Cola Company - Pepsi-Cola (formulated in 1898), Diet Pepsi (1964) and Mountain Dew (Introduced by Tip Corporation in 1948). Frito-Lay, Inc. - Fritos brand corn chips (created by Elmer Doolin in 1932), Lay's brand potato chips (created by Herman W. Lay in 1938), Cheetos brand cheese flavored snacks (1948), Ruffles brand potato chips (1958) and Rolled Gold brand pretzels (acquired 1961). PepsiCo is the world leader in the food chain business. It consists of many companies amongst which the prominent one is Pepsi cola, frito lay, Pepsi food international, pizza hut, and KFC and taco bell. The group is presently into three most profitable businesses namely, beverages, snack foods and restaurants. It has scores of big brand available in nearly 150 countries across the globe. The beverages segment primarily market Pepsi diet, mountain dew and other brands worldwide and 7UP outside the U.S. market. They are positioned in close competition with Coca-Cola inc. of USA. A point to be noted is that coca cola get 80% of its profit from international operation while same figure of Pepsi co. stand at 6%, the segment is also in the bottling plants and distribution facilities. The restaurant segment primarily consists of the operations of the worldwide pizza hut, Taco Bell and KFC. Long time no.2 player in the cola wars, Pepsi co. is widening the play field, over the last years; the company has invested more than $2billion in its worldwide operations. When Coca-Cola changed its formula in 1985, Pepsi stepped up its competition with its long time archival claiming victory in the cola wars. Coke and Pepsi expanded their rivalry to tea in 1991 when Pepsi formed a venture with #1 Lipton in response to cokes announced venture with ne