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Peoples Post Woodstock-Maitland Edition 10-05-2011

Transcript of Peoples Post Woodstock-Maitland Edition 10-05-2011

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    TheyresellingrubbishTAURIQ HASSEN

    RESIDENTS who shop at busi-nesses around Salt RiversMain Road claim they are beingsold counterfeit and damagedgoods.

    Community members are ques-tioning the quality of the productsin their local shops, saying they arebuying sour milk, torn clothing,cheap cigarettes and poorly-pack-aged items.

    With the nearest stores in Wood-stock and Observatory, many of theresidents have no other alternativebut to use the shops in the MainRoad.

    However, the business ownersfeel their products are completelylegitimate.

    Hassan Mohamed, a shop ownerin the area, says all his goods arepurchased from major bulk suppli-ers. Rumours that the goods aresmuggled are untrue.

    I have heard people talking inthe streets about a lot of the shopsproducts being smuggled into thecountry, but those are just ru-mours, because we use the mainsuppliers, says Mohamed.

    He says the goods inside his storewere relativity cheap, giving theimpression that cheaper productswhich were poor in quality were be-ing sold.

    We cannot charge the same pric-es as the big supermarkets, becausethen people might as well go tothose shops and forget about us. Itscalled competition, says Moham-ed.

    Vincent Pederson owns a cloth-ing store in the Main Road andagrees that the lower prices insidethe store creates the illusion of theproduct being counterfeit or cheap.

    There are certain garments thatare of real quality, and Im not say-ing that to promote my business,but because the price is so low, peo-ple think its just cheap and fake,Pederson.

    Fatima Wallace, a Salt River resi-dent, says she purchased a badquality product from such a storein the Main Road.

    She complained of buying badbread and sour milk.

    She says taking a product back tothe store really does not help atall, as they are turned away andtold: The product was delivered tous like that and there is nothing wecan do for you.

    If you look on the other side ofthe circle, there are fancy restau-rants and clothing stores, but wehave to put up with the cheaper ver-sion, says Wallace.

    Woodstock Police Station con-ducted an operation with Law En-forcement on Tuesday 29 March,and discovered several counterfeit

    goods being sold at Salt Riverstores. Police also handed out finesto the value of R27 500.

    According to Sergeant HiltonMalila, spokesperson for the Wood-stock Police Station, the operationwas a huge success. He says po-lice are aware of the problems inthe area.

    We acknowledge that this is aproblem in that area, but the policewill only act if concerns are beinglodged with police, says Malila.

    During the operation, 22 busi-nesses were visited, and 115 boxesof counterfeit cigarettes, a suitcasefilled with DVDs and 120 units of il-legal skin lightening cream wereconfiscated. Police also recoveredtwo stolen DVD players at one of thestores, which resulted in a 29-year-old man being arrested.

    We encourage the residents inthat area to report these matters tothe police, so that the relevant role-players can be assigned to look intothe situation, Malila added.

    Another local resident, Eric Mil-ner, usually takes a taxi to the ma-jor supermarkets.

    These items are of bad quality inthese shops. They do get support,but I certainly wont buy there aftertoo many bad experiences, saysMilner.

    Last year, a string of purchases ofsour milk and old chips put him offcompletely, leaving him to questionthe feasibility of these products.

    I have to feed my family, and itwould be wrong of me to feed themold stuff, things that are sour androtten.

    But I have got nothing against

    the shops, they are just not on mylist any longer, Milner says.

    Mohamed responded to the alle-gation of poor quality items saying:Many times we are unaware of theitems being in that condition, andwe try to negotiate something if wecan, but most of the time, its notour fault but rather that of the mainsuppliers.

    Peoples Post attempted to gaincomment from the National Con-sumer Commission, but was unsuc-cessful at the time of going to print.

    Santos fans taking part in the first ever fan walk hosted by their club. The walk started at the Indoor Centrein Langa and stretched 1,8km to Athlone Stadium. The walk was part of the buildup to Santos Absa Premiership match against Orlando Pirates at the stadium last Saturday. Those who took part in the fan walk weretreated to performances by Born to Perform, a group of local cheerleaders, and the Saints Brass Band fromMitchells Plain, as well as an appearance by former Springbok wing and Rugby World Cup winner, ChesterWilliams.

  • Page 2 Peoples Post WoodstockMaitland NEWS Tuesday 10 May 2011

    Going on Auction

    Saturday 21 May, 10am @ The Block, 51 Wale Street, Cape Town

    Kensington, 148 12th Avenue

    Brigitte Sabbe 083 981 0981 (

    3 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | 1 garage

    Size: 232m


    . Kitchen. Lounge. Family room.


    Estate Late: MA Ford (Masters Ref: 852/2009)

    VIEW: Sun 15/05, 2 - 5pm

    WEB REF 14795

    The rules of auction are available at

    Your ward candidates (continued)Peoples Post invited all regis-tered political parties to submitphotos and short profiles of theirward councillor candidates andthe newspaper has been publi-shing these since 19 April. This

    week we have only two. Votingday is next week Wednesday 18May and the day has been de-clared a public holiday to allowall South Africans the chance tocast their vote.

    Ward 53 Ward 57

    Thumbs-up for next weeks electionWITH the electionsjust around the corner,Peoples Post took tothe streets in Kensing-ton and Maitland Gar-den Village to find outif the community willbe voting. Heres whatsome of them had tosay:

    BEATRICE PAULSE: Ineed to vote to make adifference in my community. I will be casting my vote, becauseits important that weall have our say.Photos:Tauriq Hassen

    MELICIA ESAU, fromMaitlandGarden Village, was excited at thethought ofvoting thisyear. Everybody needsto be encouraged to vote, because its importantand we can create a difference.

    ASHTRALITE THOMAS (LEFT) AND CLORICHEANDREWS are from Kensington. Thomas feelsthat voting plays an important role in the community. Everybody must take part and now isthe time to have your say. Andrewswill be voting for the first time this year. I am really excited as I have never done this before, so it willreally be something to look forward to.

    GIRCHEN KALAMDIEN, from Kensington. will not be voting this year. I honestly dont think myvote is going tomake a difference,so Im not even going to bother.

    CHARNELL HENDRICKS, from MaitlandGarden Village, will be first in line at thevoting station. Yes I am excited to goand vote, and everybody else should also be excited, because it is a big occasion.

    The Pan Africanist Congress of Azanias FatimaMohamed isan entrepreneur and isrunning theflea marketin the Kensington/Factreton area. She is very passionate aboutthe upliftment of the youth andbelieves they should be mouldedto become the leaders of tomorrow. She believes focusing onyoung people will reduce crime.She is standing for election inwards 53 and 56.

    The Pan AfricanistCongressof Azaniasprovincialchairperson AnwarAdams believes thatwithoutmorals, values, hard work and determination the country cannotinculcate a culture of change. Hesays that its time to go back tobasics and build a strong foundation for people to prosper. Adamsis also the PACs mayoral candidate.

    Elections as a tool for selecting rep-resentatives in modern democra-cies contrasts the practice in thedemocratic archetype, ancientAthens. (

    How many voted?LESS than half of registered voters voted in the2000 and 2006 municipal elections, compared toover 70% of voters who participated in nation-al and provincial government elections.

    The stats below give the participation per-centage among register