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Peoples Post Woodstock-Maitland 11 Sept 2012

Transcript of Peoples Post Woodstock-Maitland 11 Sept 2012

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    Peoples Post wishes all our Jewish readers and advertisers a happy New Year and well over the fast


    ACCUSATIONS around the City of Cape

    Town purposefully neglectingWoodstock

    has been played downby council officials,

    who dismiss the claims as complete rub-


    The allegations surfaced at a public meet-

    ing recently hosted by the South African Na-

    tional NGO Coalitions (Sangoco) Western

    Cape branch in Woodstock, where the issue

    of lower-incomeareasbeing transformed into

    the sale and renovation of properties were


    At the meeting, provincial Sangoco pro-

    grammemanager Jacky Thomas accused the

    City of allowing the lower half of Woodstock

    to fall into decay in order to lower the proper-

    ty values, allowing for increased gentrifica-


    She tells Peoples Post: Upper Woodstock

    has been taken over by new, more expensive

    housing and businesses. On the other hand,

    lowerWoodstock has been left to rot in a solid

    attempt to force residents to sell their proper-


    Thomas believes the City is pushing for

    higher-incomehousing and business in an at-

    tempt to expand theCentralBusinessDistrict


    Even the streets marked as heritage sites

    have not been safe from gentrification, she


    Ward councillor Bernadette Le Roux says

    she is shocked at the allegations.

    These claims areuntrue andutter rubbish

    because the City of Cape Town does not buy

    houses in the area.

    Le Roux heard about the public meeting,

    but is adamant that the claims hold no real


    Between 2004 and 2010, the average price of

    a house inWoodstock as awhole jumped from

    R390 000 to R720 000, Thomas says.

    But Regent Street resident Aslam Adams

    feels that the claims were just water under

    the bridge. Decaying houses and the ap-

    pearanceof thearea in the lowerhalf ofWood-

    stock is not something that came up yester-

    day; its a topic that has been discussed over

    the years, he says.

    Adams is aware that the lowerhalf ofWood-

    stock is in a mess, but says it is unfair to

    point fingers at the City.

    The fact that a property is falling apart

    shouldnot be the responsibility of council but

    that of the owner, who should step up to the

    plate, he says.

    Chairperson for theUpperWoodstockResi-

    dents Association, Grant Quixley, explains

    that the association supported the develop-

    ment of Woodstock as a whole.

    If positive developments happens in the

    lower or upper regions ofWoodstock, we find

    this as being beneficial for the whole area,

    Quixley says.

    The association was not aware of any initi-

    atives in the upper region of Woodstock that

    would affect the lower half.

    A resident in upper Woodstock, Esmirelda

    Jameson, also says its unfair to point fin-

    gers at the City.

    We are all responsible for our own proper-

    ties and theCity cannot beheld liable for your

    private property falling apart, she says.

    Ward councillor Brett Herron confirms

    that amotion to the subcouncil had been sub-

    mitted a few months ago to the Citys spatial

    planning and urban design department to up-

    date the Woodstock development framework

    with a new local area development plan.

    The suggestions and ideas apparently pos-

    tulated at the Sangoco meeting, that the City

    is intentionally allowing buildings to decay

    so that we can buy them at a low value, are

    pure fantasyandutter rubbish,Herron says.

    He adds that the City does not purchase

    buildings, but provides and maintains basic

    services equitably across all areas.

    It is the responsibility of property owners

    to maintain their buildings and their proper-

    ties and to do so in a manner that they con-

    tribute positively to their community, says


    Woodstock is a wonderfully vibrant

    mixed-use urban areawith diversity and rich


    He suggests that if Sangoco is really con-

    cerned about buildings in Woodstock, there

    are provisions in the Problem Building By-

    law which allow City authorities to take ac-

    tion against ownerswhoneglect their proper-


    I have already reported a number of prob-

    lem buildings across the ward and the Prob-

    lem Buildings Unit is investigating these,

    Herron says.

    City scraps neglect claims

    GONE AND FORGOTTEN: This site in Cornwall Street once hosted a block of flats, home to

    seven families. Because of the buildings poor condition, it had to be demolished.

    UPMARKET: Claims are made that buildings in upper Woodstock receive more attention than

    those in the lower section of the area. Photos: Tauriq Hassen

  • Page 2 Peoples Post Woodstock-Maitland GENERAL Tuesday 11 September 2012

    Dear reader,

    Spring offers a chance for

    new beginnings, like a sec-

    ond New Year nine months


    Along with some welcome

    sunshine to complement

    spring cleaning of house,

    body and soul, comes a time

    to dust away the winter cob-

    webs, reflect and commit


    I beganmy commitment to

    a more physically active life-

    style by getting up and danc-

    ing, albeit a bit stiffly, at the

    Lansdowne Sectors 1, 2 and 3 Community

    Police Forums Spring Ball last Friday; fol-

    lowing this up with more applied, energet-

    ic moves at a teenage party the next day.

    My teenage great niece refused to join

    me, a few four-year-olds and several teeny

    boppers aswemade the circle bigger at this

    family event.

    Aside from eye contact with the taller

    teens,whosemoves I attempted to copy, no-

    body seemed to care that an aunt was in

    the house.

    What truly impressedme thoughwas the

    vigour displayed at the spring ball byMark

    Kleinschmidt, chairperson of the Kenwyn

    Safety and Security and Ratepayers and

    Civic Association.

    Part of the evenings proceedings includ-

    ed the handing over of a sponsoredPeoples

    Post bicycle to the association.

    I was in awe when Mark hopped on the

    new bike, taking it for a spin around the


    Thats the beauty of living life in the

    present. As adults, were too preoccupied

    with doing the right thing, our image

    and others perception of us.

    So much so that we forget to relish the

    joyful moments.

    My insightful weekend culminated with

    observing the care and patience my dad

    shows my mom.

    This has not wavered in

    the two years she has been

    living with cancer. A rela-

    tionship of this quality is the

    result of decades of together-

    ness, unconditional accept-

    ance and understanding.

    This brings me to my re-

    solve to enhance my under-

    standing of among others,

    different faiths, beginning

    with the Jewish holiday of

    Rosh Hashanah.

    I acquired some informa-

    tion from the internet as fol-

    lows: A day of judgement

    and coronation, the festival of Rosh

    Hashanah is the anniversary of the crea-

    tion of Adam and Eve and is observed for

    two days beginning on 1 Tishrei, the first

    day of the Jewish year.

    This year, Rosh Hashanah begins the

    evening of Sunday 16 September and