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    Calm on campus, but ...




    hile calm seems to have settled on the

    UCT campus after a recent protest, staff

    are still seething about the damage that was

    done and threats they received from alleged

    Rhodes Must Fall members.

    One of the workers, who did not want to

    be named, said that she and fellow workers

    feared for their lives during the height of the


    The damage that they caused was terri-

    ble, she said.

    Watching them burn valuable paintings

    and books that were related to the apartheid

    struggle was disgusting and they should

    hang their heads in shame.

    [It] did their cause no good.

    Another worker pointed out that they re-

    ceived threats from protesters.

    They must respect our right to want to

    work if our duties have no bearing on their

    protests, he said. Students who were not

    part of the protests, lots of firstyears, were

    also threatenedand theuniversity cannot al-

    low this to happen.

    At a media briefing last week UCT vice-

    chancellorDrMaxPrice and othermembers

    of the executive discussed the events.

    Price revealed that more than 75% of stu-

    dents staying in residence are black, as he

    summarisedUCTs progress in resolving the

    accommodation shortage that was the focus

    of the recent protest led by the Rhodes Must

    Fall movement.

    The #RhodesMustFall lobby claims that

    this issue is about student housing and, in

    particular, about black students not being

    given housing in residence in the universi-

    ty, and that white students have been given


    I want to say that that is completely


    Our residence admissions policy gives

    strongpreference, very strongpreference, to

    students on financial aid, because in general

    residence accommodation is a bit cheaper

    than private accommodation.

    Also, it gives preference to students who

    are very young, if theyre not yet 18, for ex-


    And it gives preference to people who

    come from outside of Cape Town because

    clearly its more difficult for them.

    V Continued on page 2.

    UCT students watch a performance during the student councils There is

    no excuse campaign against sexual crimes, rape and assault that was

    held on the campus last Thursday. The campaign aims to create student

    awareness of the dangers on campus, the support structures that are

    available to them and what is being done or can be done to ensure their

    safety. It is in response to the sexual assaults which happened on

    Hiddingh campus last year and the recent attacks at Rhodes Memorial.


    No excuse for violent attacks


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    Lifes passion found on Fan Walk




    ancing is my life. I even have a tattoo

    about dance because this is one thing

    that Im very passionate about.

    Kurt Palmer (20) from Steenberg realised

    his dream when he started dancing in front

    of a huge crowd of spectators at Cape Town

    Carnival five years ago. He has since devel-

    oped this dream into a passion and today, he

    is a lead performer at Cape Town Carnival

    and choreographs routines for the commu-

    nity group of SteenbergHigh School which

    is where it all started.

    Palmer has been dancing for the past 11

    years, startingwith ballet in primary school

    and then joining Steenberg Highs commu-

    nity group. This was where he ended up per-

    forming on a public platformand discovered

    that it was something that he would like to

    do for the rest of his life.

    I have always known my passion in life

    was dancing, ever since my first perform-

    ance. When I have to change into character

    it feels basically like Im starting a new life,

    opening my body and mind to new things

    that will tell a story.

    Despite now doing what he loves, Palmer

    says that it has never been an easy journey:

    One of the challenges I had to overcome as

    a teenager was the bullying and negativity

    by pupils at my school but I always made a

    way to overcome them.

    Coming from disadvantaged communi-

    ties it was even difficult to go to rehearsal

    because of criminal activities. Getting from

    one place to another was a struggle but I

    knew this is what I wanted to do so I had to

    face the struggles head on. One of the great-

    estmotivations I hadwasmy life orientation

    teacher in matric, Ms Priestley, who always

    had confidence in me and helped me out in

    my dance career.

    Palmer has seen the value Cape TownCar-

    nival has brought to the many participants

    and spectators. Because of our performan-

    ces in Cape TownCarnival, we have had per-

    formances at the Baxter festival and the

    Cape Arts festival.

    This helped to shape the person I am to-

    day. When I have all eyes on me it really

    makes it easy for me to do my thing and I

    want to give people the best, he says.

    In its seventh year, Palmer says the theme

    for this years Cape Town Carnival is going

    to be a show stopper.

    Well, Street Life is definitely going to be

    my favourite; it is something new and it is

    very different. It is difficult to say

    though ... each year brings its own pizzazz.

    I amsoexcited to takepart in the carnival

    this year, my body is dancing to the rhythm

    of Street Life, he says.

    His wish is to work with the Cape Town

    Carnival: One of my biggest dreams is to

    become a part of the team that creates Cape

    Town Carnival, to showcase and show off

    Cape Town in different ways. Each person

    brings his own flavour to the parade. Cape

    Town is full of colour and culture and each

    person brings his own uniqueness.

    This year the carnival promises to be even

    more dynamic, with comedian Siv Ngesi

    participating for his third year and other lo-

    cal personalities like Liezel van der West-

    huizen, Zoe Brown and Danny Ross joining

    the parade.

    It will be held on the Fan Walk of Green

    Point on 12 March. Visitors will have the

    freedom of the city streets from 15:00 as they

    join family and friends to enjoy the variety

    of food and crafts on offer.

    The streetswill be closed for final prepara-

    tions at 18:00, giving carnival-goers enough

    time to find the perfect viewing spot, find

    their seats or make their way to one of the

    many restaurants along theFanWalk before

    the magic begins at 19:00.

    V For more information on the Cape Town Carnival,

    visit, the TheCapeTown-

    Carnival page on Facebook or follow @CTCarnival on

    Twitter or @capetowncarnival on Instagram and use

    the hashtag #CTCarni