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  • 1. failures

2. 1Colonel Sanders 3. Colonel Sanders 4. Colonel Sanders He started his dream at 65 years old. He thought restaurant owners wouldlove his fried chicken recipe. He drove around the country knockingon doors. 5. 2Walt Disney 6. Walt Disney 7. Walt Disney Rough start. He was sacked by a newspaper editor. Bankruptcy and failure. He found a recipe for success thatworked. 8. 3Albert Einstein 9. Albert Einstein 10. Albert Einstein Did not speak until 4. Did not read until 7. His parents and teachers thought hewas mentally handicapped. 11. 4Richard Branson 12. Richard Branson 13. Richard Branson Billionaire of Virgin company. Lost hundreds of millions of dollars. Rent his private island for 53.000 dollarsper night. 14. 5Vincent Van Gogh 15. Vincent Van Gogh 16. Vincent Van Gogh Sold only one painting in his life. 17. 6Theodor SeussGiesel 18. Theodor Seuss Giesel 19. Theodor Seuss Giesel 20. Theodor Seuss Giesel Famous writer of children books. 27 different publishers rejected his firstbook. 21. 7John Grisham 22. John Grisham 23. John Grisham He was a lawyer. First book was rejected 28 times. Sold 250 million total copies of hisbooks. 24. 8Steven Spielberg 25. Steven Spielberg 26. Steven Spielberg Rejected from University of Theatre,Film and Television three times. Attended school in another location. He did not finished it. Become a director before finishing. In 2002 returned to school to finallycomplete his work and earn his degree. 27. 9Stephen King 28. Stephen King 29. Stephen King First book Carrie received 30rejections. Throw it in the trash. His wife fished it out and encouragedhim to resubmit it. Now he is one of the best-sellingauthors of all time. 30. 10 Stephenie Meyer 31. Stephenie Meyer 32. Stephenie Meyer The author of Twilight saga said theinspiration from the book came from adream. Finished it in 3 months. Never intended to publish it, a friendsuggested she should. She wrote 15 letters to literary agencies,five didnt reply, nine rejected, one gaveher a chance. 33. 11 The Beatles 34. The Beatles 35. The Beatles When they were just starting out, arecording company told them no. They do not like their sound and theguitar music is on the way out. 36. 12 Michael Jordan 37. Michael Jordan 38. Michael Jordan He has missed more than 9.000 shots inhis career. He has lost almost 300 games. He said: I have failed over and over andover again in my life, and that is why Isucceed." 39. 13 Thomas Edison 40. Thomas Edison 41. Thomas Edison When he was a child, teachers told himhe was "too stupid to learn anything. He was sacked from his first two jobs fornot being productive enough. Edison made 1,000 unsuccessfulattempts before inventing the light bulb. 42. 14 Charlie Chaplin 43. Charlie Chaplin 44. Charlie Chaplin His act was rejected by Hollywood. They thought he was too nonsensical toever sell. 45. 15 Fred Astaire 46. Fred Astaire 47. Fred Astaire 48. Fred Astaire In his first screen test, the testingdirector of MGM noted that Astaire,"Cant act. Cant sing. Slightly bald. Candance a little. Astaire went on to become an incrediblysuccessful actor, singer and dancer. 49. 16 Oprah Winfrey 50. Oprah Winfrey 51. Oprah Winfrey She is one of the most iconic faces onTV as well as one of the richest andmost successful women in the world. She had a hard child life. In her early days as a reporter, she hasbeen sacked from her job as a televisionreporter because she was "unfit for tv." 52. Thank you for your 53. attention