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Pentucket Regional High School Marching Band/Concert Band Handbook 2011-2012

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  • Pentucket Regional High School Marching Band/Concert Band Handbook


  • Purpose A comprehensive music program adds depth and breadth to learning. We wish for students to enhance their musical skills, explore new modes of communication, and increase understanding of the ways in which the arts shape, reflect, and transform cultures and society.

    Student Leadership The Pentucket Regional High School Concert/Marching Band is composed of students in grades 9-12. All students participating in our after-school jazz program with exception to guitar, must also participate in our concert and marching bands as outlined in the 2011-2012 Pentucket Regional High School Program of Studies. The marching band is conducted by a Drum Major, and one or two Assistant Drum Majors. Additionally, elected from the band student body is the Band President, Vice President, Secretary/Librarian, Treasurer, Equipment Managers, and Uniform Managers.

    Successful Habits for Band We expect all students to BE PREPARED for all rehearsals and performances. We require band students to always have the following items: 1. Musical Instrument in working condition 2. Lyre and flip folder (for carrying music at rehearsals and parades) 3. Sunscreen and WATER for football games and parades. 4. Appropriate clothing, including white t-shirt and black marching shoes when in uniform. 5. Reeds and oil that might be necessary during the rehearsals/performances. 6. Pencil at every rehearsal, both indoors and out.

    Attendance Any student who becomes involved should be aware that they are required to be at every rehearsal and performance! Poor attendance will affect grades and status within the band. Although we understand that things come up, we ask you to understand the difficulty of organizing and running such a large group. If each student has one excuse for “just this one time”, it becomes many excuses. This is very detrimental to the band. So we ask students and their families to adhere strictly to the rules regarding attendance. Our shows are “interdependent” with students guiding off each other during rehearsals and performances. An absence (especially an unexpected one) causes much to change on the marching field show. ANY EXCUSE FROM A REHEARSAL OR PERFORMANCE MUST BE GIVEN, IN WRITING, TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE REHEARSAL OR PERFORMANCE. Below are rules regarding the most common attendance issues: 1. No verbal excuses are considered “excused” for any reason. 2. Excuses must be in writing and given to the director no later than two weeks before the absence in order to be considered “excused”. 3. If a last-minute trauma arises, it is the student’s responsibility to contact a band officer so that the director may be notified BEFORE the performance. Then, the student must bring a note to the director at the first rehearsal after the absence. 4. An unexcused absence from a performance results in lowering of the term grade after one excused absence. Absence from the Winter or Spring concert band performance will result in the automatic grade of “F”. 5. Work Policy- The director understands the importance of holding a job as a teenager. He also understands that employers will give you the days off that you require, if given enough notice. It is recommended that you give your employer a copy of the band schedule to let him/her know of the performances you must attend. If you need an extra, just let the director or your section leader know. If your employer is uncooperative, the director can speak with him/her about to your participation in band. 7. “Didn’t Know About It”- The entire year’s schedule is sent home to everyone, posted online at, and is posted in the band room at all times. Changes, if necessary, are mentioned in class, posted, and emailed via School Loop.

  • Uniforms Uniform Use Policy All members of the PRHS Marching Band will be issued a marching band uniform. This includes a jacket, bib pants, helmet, plume, white gloves (with exception to percussion), hanger, and garment bag. Uniform care and maintenance are the responsibilities of the student for the entire year. The uniforms are particularly expensive and should be treated with extreme care. All students must pay $12 in January for the uniforms to be dry-cleaned. All uniforms stay either on the body or are hung up on the hanger. Each student must wear black marching band shoes. Shoes that are black and looking like marching band shoes are not acceptable as they are not uniform and are not built to withstand the duress placed on feet when marching. All students will receive a pair of white gloves. The marching percussion section will use these when the temperature is below 40 degrees outside. Pant Length The hem of the pant in the back should reach the ankle. There should be one bend in the crease of the pant leg and it should hit the top of the shoe in the front. If you are unable to fix the length by adjusting the shoulder straps, take the pants to get hemmed. Stitch Witchery or any tape will work as well. Pants that are too long and do not get hemmed will end up with holes by the end of the season and you will be responsible for paying to have them fixed. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WASH THE UNIFORM YOURSELF Part Replacement Should you lose or damage part of your uniform, you are responsible for paying for the replacement of that item. Replacement costs are listed below (and are subject to change) Coat……………………...$200 Plume…………………….$25 Bib pants…………………$42 Garment bag….... ….……$13 Helmet………… ………..$40 Dry cleaning……….…..…$15 Lyre………………………$10 Flip-Folder……………….$8 Flute Flip-Folder…………$15

    Performance/Trip Regulations The first musical organization that the public will see is the marching band. The impressions set forth have a great deal of bearing on the year’s activities and the success of our other musical organizations. The following are regulations for the Marching Band. No list can cover every situation that may occur, but common sense and a good band attitude will cover almost any problem that may arise. 1. All members must attend all band functions, unless excused by the band director. Transportation will be provided by bus if needed. Unless otherwise designated, every student will be expected to be on the bus. 2. All members are to report to the band room at the designated time for inspection, preparation, and bus loading. 3. Upon boarding the bus, be seated and remain quiet for role call. 4. All isles and emergency exits must be kept clear. 5. Do not lean out, talk or throw anything outside of the bus. No moving between the seats or standing is allowed while the bus is in motion. 6. Upon arrival, remain seated until told to unload. 7. The band is to sit together at all performances in the stands and in the correct sections 8. Playing is done as a group only. 9. Students are to remain in uniform at all times. The jacket only goes on the body or a hanger. Only marching band shoes can be worn for parades and football games. 10. Only Band Members will sit in the designated Band area during athletic contests. 11. Chaperones and parent volunteers are to be given the same respect as the director is. 12. Call times are arrival times. If you are not ready by the start time you are late. 13 .No one shall leave a performance until it has fully concluded and the Band has been excused. 14. The Rock Band performances at football games are pending the positive attitudes of the players, success of setting up/breaking down equipment, and adhering to the playing

  • guidelines of Mr. Beatrice. All Rock Band equipment must be set-up 1 ½ hours before game time. No cars are allowed around the football field 1 hour before the game. Grading: 60% Performance Participation (Absence from Winter/Spring Concerts will result in an automatic grade of F) 15% Habits of Learning Goal Setting/E-Portfolio/Smart Music 15% Class Participation 10% Active Listening Assignments on School Loop Performance Participation: 60% In the first quarter this grade is comprised entirely of marching band activities. Make up assignments will be allowed if a prior scheduling conflict existed before and Mr. Beatrice is notified at least two weeks in advance of the date to be missed. No more than one (1) make-up will be allowed. A missed performance outside of these guidelines will not be excused for any other reason except a medical emergency. Part of your performance grade includes being prepared and successfully performing at events. This is defined as having all necessary music, instruments, flip-folders, lyres, and attire. Performers must be attentive and play throughout the entire event. Not being prepared or fully participating will result in a lowered grade. Smart Music Habits of Learning Portfolio: 15% You will have one Smart Music assignment once every two weeks starting in mid-October. All assignments must be turned in online by the following Monday morning. Smart Music will give you a grade assessment of the given assignment. Please note that I may change your grade on an assignment if I can hear issues that pertain to microphone placement and not your playing ability. You will not be penalized for microphone inaccuracies. All of your Smart Music mp3 files will be used to track progress throughout the semester and can be used for your Habits of Learning portfolio. Parents will receive random e-mails with your mp3 files attached. Class Participation: 15% Your class participation grade is based off of your performance during the class period. This includes entering the band room and setting up as quickly as possible, being attentive while other sections are being worked with, being respectful to those around you, having a working instrument with reeds/valve-oil/drum-sticks, and properly placing instruments and folders away at the end of the rehearsal. Work commitments must be adjusted as all band members have been notified of these dates in advance and in writing. Active Listening on School Loop: 10% Students will be assigned an active listening discussion assignment on School Loop. Please listen to the entire work and answer the questions listed. Please see the discussion rubric for how this will be graded.

  • 2011-2012 BAND STUDENT INFORMATION FORM Date _____________________ Student's Name ________________________________________________ Grade __________ School Year _________________________ Instrument _________________________________________ Student's Email _________________________________________________ Parent / Guardian Name __________________________________________ Mailing Address _________________________________________________ City, State, Zip __________________________________________________ Parent / Guardian Home Phone _____________________________________ Parent / Guardian Cell Phone _______________________________________ Parent / Guardian Email ___________________________________________ Emergency Contact _______________________________________________ (Other than Parent / Guardian) Phone __________________________________________________________

  • 2011-2012 Schedule (As of September 13th, 2011)

    AUGUST 16-19 Band Camp OCTOBER 1 Football Game, 11:00am Call Time, 1:00pm Game 7 Football Game at Haverhill Stadium, 5:00pm Leave Pentucket, 7:00pm Game 22 Football Game, 11:00am Call Time, 1:30pm Game NOVEMBER 5 Football Game, 12:00pm Call Time, 1:30pm Game 11 Groveland Veterans Day Ceremony, 5:30 Meet at HS Band Room, 6:30pm Performance 19 Northeast Senior District Festival Auditions, Time: TBA 24 Thanksgiving Football Game (At Triton). Call Time 8:00am 26 Lowell City of Lights Parade, Leave Pentucket at 2:30pm 30 Underground Railroad Interdisciplinary Night- Concert Band World Premier (Report time 5:30pm) DECEMBER 4 Merrimac Santa Parade, 11:00am Call Time, 1:00 Performance JANUARY 4, 6, 7 Northeast Senior District Festival (optional) 11 HS Band and Chorus Concert, HS Auditorium, 5:30pm Call Time, 7:00pm Performance (12) 21 All-State Auditions, Time: TBA 28 Northeast Junior District Auditions, Time: TBA

    MARCH 1-3 Massachusetts All-State Conference/Concert, Boston, MA for those making All-State MAY 9 MS/HS Combined Band Concert, HS Auditorium, 5:00pm Call Time, 7:00pm Concert 10 Arts Festival, 6:00pm, HS 13 Jazz Cafe, HS Cafeteria, 7pm 19 MS/HS Percussion Ensemble Concert, HS Auditorium, 7pm 24 Groveland Memorial Day Ceremony, 5:00pm Call Time, 6:30pm Performance 28 Marching Band at Merrimac/West Newbury Memorial Day Events, 7:30am Call Time JUNE 2 HS Concert Band at Graduation, 8:00am Call time 7 District-Wide Band Jamboree (All Band Students Grades 4-12 plus Grade 3), HS Football Field, 5:00pm Call Time

  • Pentucket Regional High School Fine and Performing Arts Department

    24 Main Street West Newbury, MA 01985

    (978) 363-5507 ext: 174 September, 13th, 2011 Course: Concert/Marching Band Please review the attached course guidelines and return this signed form to Mr. Beatrice by Friday, September 16th. All marching band shoe orders must be turned in by Friday, September, 23rd. I, ___________________________ (student name) certify that I have read and understood my course guidelines, requirements and grading policy. I also agree to abide by these class rules and participate to my fullest extent possible. ______________________ _________ Student Signature Date I, ___________________________ (parent/guardian name) certify that I have read and understood the course guidelines, requirements and grading policy. I also agree to support the class objectives and rules with my child to my fullest extent possible. ______________________ _________ Parent/Guardian Signature Date