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Catalogue for the Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition Peek at Anderson Park Art Gallery, Invercargill, New Zealand, December 2013

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    30 November 20 December 2013

    Anderson Park Art Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition that brings together the work of 18 contemporary jewellers from around New Zealand. On show is a collection of work ranging from traditional ornamental forms to the experimental and avant garde. Peek showcases the exciting diversity of current contemporary jewellery practice in New Zealand.

    Prices indicated are valid for the duration of the exhibition.Information shown in square brackets refers to the name of the artists series of work.




  • Kate Alterio

    44 One pint necklace [ONE PINT] $525Sterling silver, brass and copper milk tokensThe simplicity of the old fashioned milk token harks back to a bygone era when the pace of life was slow and groceries were delivered on a bicycle. In this modern age, technology was intended to simplify our lives yet we use that extra time to do more and more. Creating a balanced life seems to be the new luxury yet could it be the ultimate necessity?

    45 One pint ring [ONE PINT] $225Sterling silver and brass milk tokens

    46 One pint earrings [ONE PINT] $165Sterling silver and Copper milk tokens

    47 Sunrise earrings $390 [BEYOND TIME AND SPACE]

    Sterling silver and golden topazTime has an illusory nature because it appears to be measured by the external world: the sun rising and setting, the ebb and flow of tides, the body ageing. Yet we also experience timelessness because the present moment is all we ever have. This dynamic poses a paradox. In a world that is in constant flux, and the mind pulling our attention towards the future or to the past, we often miss precious moments. Old-fashioned clock hands were the inspiration for all the pieces in this collection. I see these forms as beautiful and gentle reminders to be present and to stay in the now.

    48 Midnight earrings $360 [BEYOND TIME AND SPACE]

    Sterling silver and Amethyst

    49 Dawn necklace $330 [BEYOND TIME AND SPACE]

    Sterling silver and Amethyst44





    49Kate Alterio is a Wellington based multidisciplinary artist who works in: contemporary jewellery, painting, and photography. Her work often explores diversity, the tension between opposites, human connectedness, physical, metaphysical and spiritual themes.

  • Vanessa Arthur

    51 Street Shifts brooch [STREET SHIFTS] $310Laminate, sterling silver, street dust mix (green and white)

    52 Street Shifts neckpiece [STREET SHIFTS] $480Aluminium, sterling silver, brass, cord, enamel paint

    64 Street Shifts brooch II [STREET SHIFTS] $310Street dust mix, sterling silver, laminate, brass, copper, enamel paint

    65 Street Shifts beads [STREET SHIFTS] $310Street dust mix, sterling silver, cord

    66 Street Shifts ring II [STREET SHIFTS] $320Sterling silver, wood, laminate, brass






  • Becky Bliss

    26 Shadow brooch - H $120Oxidised copper

    27 Shadow brooch - I $120Oxidised copper

    28 Shadow brooch - J $120Silver

    29 Pentimento - D $420Plaster, resin, paint, copper

    30 Pentimento - C $420Plaster, resin, paint, copper

    31 Pentimento - E $420Plaster, resin, paint, copper

    32 Pentimento - A $420Plaster, resin, paint, copper

    33 Pentimento - B $420Plaster, resin, paint, copper

    34 Pentimento - F $420Plaster, resin, paint, copper

    35 Pentimento - G $420Plaster, resin, paint, copper

    38 Pentimento brooch - K $120Plaster, resin, paint, copper

    39 Pentimento brooch - K $120Plaster, resin, paint, copper

    40 Pentimento brooch - K $120Plaster, resin, paint, copper

    41 Pentimento brooch - K $120Plaster, resin, paint, copper

    74 Untitled - L $320Recycled car inner tube


    32 33













    The layers and remnants of life are concepts that have informed Becky Bliss practice for a number of years. Although time goes on, there is the inevitability that we leave a part of ourselves behind. Whether something tangible or less physical such as a memory. These ideas form the basis of the pentimento series.

  • Karren Dale

    75 Where do you think all that $280 looking is getting you Silver 925, brass

    87 Sometimes when I look all I see $280 is darknessBlackened silver 925, brass

    88 Alone Lonely Loner $300Hand printed photograph on fibre based paper, found wood, dyed string

    89 Poem NFSPrinted on fine art Hahnemuhle Japanese rice paper




    87In understanding you I hoped I might understand me

  • Jane Dodd

    22 Nobody brooch $720Sterling silver, Mother of PearlThese two works reference the 19th Century tradition of Mourning and Sentimental Jewellery when pieces were made to commemorate a great love, often including the beloveds own hair. However the object of that emotion in these brooches remains mysterious or perhaps even perverse.

    23 Somebody brooch $600Sterling silver, ebony



    Jane Dodd trained in jewellery at Unitec, graduating in 1994. After 15 years at Workshop 6 in Kingsland, Auckland she has now returned to live in her hometown of Dunedin. Her work is largely narrative myth and storytelling being thematic concerns in her jewellery. Jane works mostly in metal but has, in recent times, begun to include softer materials; wood, bone, shell, stone; thoroughly enjoying the change of tone, scale and palate the shift has allowed. Her work is held in public collections at Te Papa, The Dowse Art Museum and Hawkes Bay Museum.

  • Christine Imlay McLean

    36 Miss Hornby: brooch NFSBrass, iron, 925 silver, resin, plastic, fabric, paint

    37 Worn and loved: brooch NFSBrass, iron, 925 silver, resin, plastic, fabric, paint

    42 Chains: necklace NFSCopper, iron, 925 silver, resin, glass, leather

    43 Apple: pendant $150Copper, iron, 925 silver, resin, glass, leather

    91 Octobadge: brooch $95Brass, iron, 925 silver, resin

    92 We Never Outgrew Her Love NFSIron, copper, 925 silver, resin, paint, thread

    93 Untitled: brooch NFSBrass, resin, fabric, paint

    95 Fantasia: necklace NFSBrass, 925 silver, iron, resin, plastic, fabric, paint

    96 Orchid: pendant $110Iron, brass, hematite, resin, plastic, fabric, paint










    The co-relation between art and the body (wearer) and the compelling inclination to challenge beauty ideals while giving the viewer something familiar to connect with is a subject that continues to intrigue me. This collection features pieces from bodies of work produced while studying at Whitireia, alongside work created for group shows at Pataka, and my 2012 solo show, Milkweed.

  • Lynn Kelly

    67 Pohutakawa earrings $260Sterling silver, rubber

    68 Pressed Leaf brooch $450Sterling silver

    69 Black Hydrangea brooch $450Oxidised sterling silver

    81 Matarua map with two brooches $800Sterling silver, aluminium





    One of the special and fun events I was involved in this year was modelling Lynn Kellys jewellery for the Castelburg Trusts fundraiser earlier in November. Lynn made a large, gorgeous metal hydrangea that I wore around my neck. The petals were cut out of aluminium that had a blue printed map of the ocean on it. The piece of jewellery was planned and designed in collaboration with poet, Sue Wootton.The poem she wrote was so beautiful that relevant I have included it below

    Off Florida a stem of crude winds up through blueAnd blossoms, petal by petal, blob by blob: black hydrangea.Follow the stem, down through the hole in the pipe, traceits roots to the molten core. Tell me we dont share the same seedthat this hydrangea blooming alkaline-blue and lush todayis not an oily bruise; that right whales cresting in Waikouati baywill breach unslicked, that no feather, no fin, no gillbe tarred on our watch. Let the Bounty Trough be bountifulof its whole world unto the Bounty Trough. Pink, blueor choke-black petals: what we cultivate becomes our acid test

    Lyn has since made some smaller hydrangea broaches and I would like to encourage you to go and see them and her other pieces above Lure in Stuart St, Dunedin.

    ..Judith Cullen

  • Victoria MacIntosh

    54 Grater brooch $520Sterling silver, fine silver, cheese grater

    55 Spinsterhood brooch and spoon $900Sterling silver, fine silver, antique photo, velvet, glassIt has been said that a 40 year old woman has a greater chance of getting killed by a terrorist than getting married - alarming to discover that ones marital status can have such an impact on ones life expectancy, especially in todays political climate.



    Since graduating from the Dunedin School of Art at the Otago Polytechnic in 2005, my work continues to be dominated by the found object. Indulging my habit for hoarding and collecting - I reassemble the old and unwanted as a way of telling new stories that intertwine the personal with the political.

  • Julia Middleton

    8 Diamond Honeycomb ring $390 [TINKE-RING]

    Sterling silver

    9 Hollow Geo ring [TINKE-RING] $435Sterling silver, copper

    10 Diamond Honeycomb No2 ring $390 [TINKE-RING]

    Sterling silver

    11 Chain Mail ring [TINKE-RING] $390Sterling silver

    12 Small Geo ring [TINKE-RING] $305Sterling silver, copper

    13 Gold Ball ring [TINKE-RING] $450Sterling silver, gold

    14 Shield ring (mens) [TINKE-RING] $300Bronze, oxidised

    15 Textured stack of rings [TINKE-RING] $320Sterling silver, oxidised

    16 Corrugate