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Transcript of PE1IROGRAPH - Mineral & Gem Society of Castro 1985-05.pdf¢  PE1IROGRAPH...


    CM'fRtl VALLEY. CA. 94546


    I --...--_...-.

  • P[TR!)CRAPH I'Ol.XCy Anonymous contributions cannot be cons - ider etj frJl" publication irl the Petrograph. HOltJever , if requested, the contributor I s name will be withheld from tht~ original material. The Sources of other rnaterial will be indicated for proper credit ~

    Perrriission is grant~d to reprint Petrograph items IlJhen credit is ghl(,m .

    Edi tor Editor. Junior' fyplst s

    COVI:l X' r\rUst C alF..!n c'~ ... r €di t or PubJ .i. E.1ler !) .l ~l t.o Makers

    As,-:c..'_mlll y e:rell!

    Ednah Ant unovich Pet rlJgrnph Debbie Harton

    Bi llie Ashl e y Leona Bociot;cO

    June Boynton Larry Osborn

    Billie Ashley Al Richter

    Juuge Ewi ng Arnold Barron

    Ron Hasmeyer Roman Groves Viola Groves

    Dick Minor Clara Minor

    Roy Le Roy Plarie Le Roy

    Stella Raymond Billie Ashley

    Mail Exchange Bulletins to:

    Ednah An t unovich 2016 San Antonio Ave. Alameda, Ca . 94501

    NOTICE: General Meetings are held the second ttlednesday of each month (except July & August) at 7:30 p.m. at Centennial Hall, 22292 Foothill BII/d . Hayward. Ca . VISITORS ARE WELCOME. RefT.eshments are served, there is a hobby related program in addition to the business session.

    Yearly Dues : Due July 1, each year are : $16 . 00 per husband and wife plus $1.00 for each active Juni or (ages 11 - 17) $10.00 per single adult, $5 . 00 per single Junior . As sociate Members (former members living more than 100 mi les from Castro Valley) one-half the regular price .

    Be sure to check the calendar for any special classes

    r- ;wp1-er I 5 l.JJorkshop . First Wednesday ..


    Meeti,!g Dates •

    Board! & Genera l · . . .. . . Minutes • • • •



    Open ~ouse • • • • • • • • • • 3 Louise Pa l mer Letter • •

    Faceting Patter n • • •• • • · . ..

    Field Trips • • • · . . . . . . 4



    Proposed Sl ate of Offi cers •• 7

    Berkeley Show • • • • • •

    C.F .M.S. News · . • • • • Big Foot Gemboree • Screenings • • • . • • · • New Members • • · · • • • • Calendar . • • • . • • · Coming Events • • • May Program • • •


    · . . • •

    • •

    • •




    • 11

    1 2




    Letter from our Foreign Correspondent i n Germany

    Any suggestions, articles, etc . will be gratefully accepted and are pleaded for!


    7: 00 p. m. to 10:00 p.m. each week night

    Wednesday: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

    Thursday: 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

    Saturday: 9:00 a . m. to 12:00 p.m Juniors (adults are al so invited).

    Monday nights the lapidary sectior, i s reserved for beginners ONLY! Unless instructor gives permission for flat l apping . Jewelry classes are held Tuesday and Thursday nights and Thursday afternoon. Square wi re Jewelry Thursday nights, Faceting Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights and Wednesday morni ngs

  • VOLUME 27 MAY 1985 NUM8ER 5

    This is the monthly bulletin of the Mineral and Gem Society of Castro Valley, a member of the California Federation of Mineralogical SOCieties, Inc. and the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies, Inc. Ednah Antunovich, Editor

    Faceters Workshop:

    Board of Directors Meeting:

    General Membership Meeting:

    Petro graph Deadline:

    President's Message:

    The clock of time is wound but once

    Wednesday, May 1, 7:30 p.m. at the shop.

    Monday, May 6, 7:30 p.m. at the shop.

    Wednesday, May 8, 7:30 p.m. Centennial Hall 229300 Foothill Blvd. Hayward, Ca. Room 6

    P~ogram: Election of Officers Special Awards

    Refreshments: Will those members with initials A thru F please bring one dozen donuts.

    Wednesday, May 8, camera ready after that date.


    And no man has the power To tell just when the hands will stop At late or early hour.

    Now is the only time you own.

    Live, love, work with a Will, place no faith in tomortow,

    for the clock may then be still.

    Via ROK TOK, Breccia 1/85

  • PE'fROGF.APH Gel" &. Niner'al Society of Castro Valley Bo,O).rd Heeting Hinutee April 8, 1985

    The Boa.rd t~eeting was called to order by President Ja,ck DeVoe at 7:40 pm.

    There was no Treasurer's report this time in the bul.l.etino

    Vern Kor::,tead reported that the l.fay meeting program will be an Award Ceremony. June is the installation of Officerlr~

    The Editor p Ednah Antunovich, wanted by I·[ednesday 0

    Shop Foreman Judge Ewing says we are not, listed as non-profit in the eyes

    the Post Office. Marian Alden, surer, ~Iil.l go down v11 th the

    neCEH3Sel.ry papers to correct this"

    H:tstorian Helen Miguel converted the heavy old binders she bad for storing book~ets into new lightweight ones"

    Junior Mentor Ednah Antunovich had one junior (lome in.

    The By-laws committee bas nothing to report yetG

    A 'motion to adjourn by Vic IAFollette was seconded by Ednah Antunovich at 8:50 pm ..

    Respectful.l~b~,~ted,. . g '( .:"-~tc~ b{( Cl ([~ (- ~ .. ~ c_ .

    Genera.l :Meeting Hinutea April 10>J 1985

    The meeting was called to order by President Jack DeVoe at 7:35 pm. A motion TrlUS seconded and carried to approve the minutes by Vic LaFollete/ J.1ar:l Antunovich.

    The Guests present were Ted Oliver~ Bill Beiinger, Michelle Johnson, l{ariann & Bob Bailiff>J James Perhim,& JoAnn Gressud.

    Third Year Director Noel Zimmerman presented guest speaker Bill Beiinger frOID La wrence Livermore Labs, who spoke on some of our Space ProgramBo

    2 MAY 1985

    Nominating Committee head, Noel Zimmer- man presented the slate as follows: President - Jamie r.1cDonald Vice President - Noel Zimmerman Secretary - Leona Baciocco Treasurer - Audrey Azevedo FirSt Year Director - Ron Hasemeyer Seoond Year Director - Dan Dineen Editor - Ednah Antunovich Librarian - Verlie Norfray Show Chairman - Jack DeVoe Federa.tion Director - Russ Sanborn Junior Mentor - Ednah Antunovich Historian - Helen Miguel

    Some positions are still openl •••

    Field Trip Director Bill Halsh is look- ing for a volunteer for this position.

    Cases are needed for the fair in Pleasanton. We need people to put in displays.

    Open house is this Sunday!) with a clean up on Saturday. There will be a silent auction for the Scholarship Fulld. W e need more people to demonstrate.


    Lucky doorprize rnnners: Ted Oliver, E4 Kinder, Michelle Johnson, Noel Zimmerman, Livona Walsh, Mercedes Luoin, Flossie Mobley, Viola Gross, Bill. Ga.rcia.

    A. motion to adjourn b.Y Vic LaFollete was seconded by Thurber "Woodie" llood at 8:50 pm for ref~6hmentso We bad our ann! versary cake.



    If you missed it you missed a lovely, sunny day with lots of new friends· and many old, and our shop looking it's sparkling best. The sparkle was provided was provided by a jovial hard working crew, most of them you have seen on the "who done list" before. Vern Mc Cullough, Bill Walsh, Ida Claflin, Del Peterson, Roman and Viola Groves, Max Unland, Judge Ewing, Bill and Janice Garcia, Vic La Follette, Ron Hasemeyer, Lloyd Canfield, Al Richter, Dan Dineen, and Ednah Antunovich.

    We had a case depieting most of the things we do, and teach at our shop that looked good enough to put into a show. The workmanship was a group effort, Jewelry, carvings, faceting, minerals, silversmithing, channel jewelry, flat lapping. Vern Mc Cullough, Patti Gillespie, Ron Hasmeyer, Audrey Azevedo, Max Unland, Arnold Barron, Bill Walsh \Jic LA Follette, Valda Mc Thorn, Jim Bishop and I filled the case.

    Our demonstrators had crowds around them most of the time, and have gotten some new students to learn their crafts, Darlene Pasquini, with carving, JAmie Mc Donald with square wire jewelry, Ed Rigor with lost wax, Larry Osborn with slate carving, Aaron Bronneman, cabbing, Bill Reynold and Amy DeVoe with flat lapping, Fern Brown, Dan Dineen, Vic LaFollete and Al Richter with faceting.

    A special thankg goes to John Gullak for acquiring and cooking the hot dogs and their fixings. They sure were good, and of course our members provided the rest of our well known CUlSlne. The only thing left over was stuffed eggs!

    Thanks to all of you for helping make this a very happy occasion.


    3 MAY 1985


    Travel back in time 65 million years. Step into a world dominated by a giant, swaying Apatosurus or a growling fifteen foot tall Tyrannosaurus. Until May 31, Lawrence Hall of Science takes you back to the Mesozoic Era, through special exhibits, lectures, and films. This is a great event.

    While there Visit the work rooms, and have a cup of coffee in the cafeteria for the most breathtaking view of the bay I have ever seen. To make this a more enjoyable event take a child with you.

    I'll leave all additional information on the shop bul