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  • 1. Personal Brand Equity PresentationFriday, June 3, 2011

2. Imknownforhaving a part inthe most amazingmusicvideos.EVER.Friday, June 3, 2011 3. Next year, I plan to beknown for mybreath-taking art. I also plan on beingknown for my awe-inspiring music.Friday, June 3, 2011 4. TechnologyFinal CutKeynote PhotographyLeadershipVideographyFriday, June 3, 2011 5. video about abortionFriday, June 3, 2011 6. Currently for media Im helping River with a video for English.Last year she made a video called Flaws and I fell in love with it.This year, she decided to make a (sort of) Flaws Two except forits quite different that Flaws.As juniors, were so close to college! This video is about whatsgoing on in our lives, how we feel about college, what weredoing to prepare, etc.Its really interesting to interview everyone and see theirdifferent reactions, how each individual feels about college, andthat whole experience.Friday, June 3, 2011 7. Friday, June 3, 2011 8. To make friends, I Also, I really hate generally try to bewhen friends start myself. I hate it whenrumors and tell lies people think theyand just end up have to try and be Friendsruining their someone different for friendships. So I try people to like and to stay out of dramaaccept them.and keep the peace.Friday, June 3, 2011 9. Friday, June 3, 2011 10. Leilani Alvarez Jennie Grant Friday, June 3, 2011 11. U.S. History.....yessssss.Friday, June 3, 2011 12. My strongest bond.... dad. brandon. carl(ee). mom. mehh.Friday, June 3, 2011 13. Successstartswithgettinga job.... Thats my new goal for the summer.Friday, June 3, 2011 14. Three Elective projects Friday, June 3, 2011 15. PhotographyGarageband Final Cut Express CreativeMotivated iPhotoTrusted iTunes InspiredTechnologyPositiveVideographyFriday, June 3, 2011 16. (my top project of the year) Skydiving Skydiving is a non-commercial song from Jamendo. I was onlyallowed to listen to this songONE TIME beforeI had to belmed rapping it.This video would have been horrible if the editing hadntsaved it.It took two days tolm, and two months to edit.We learned an incredible amountfrom making this video. This video isamazing.Friday, June 3, 2011 17. Friday, June 3, 2011 18. Friday, June 3, 2011 19. Friday, June 3, 2011 20. Friday, June 3, 2011 21. Friday, June 3, 2011 22. My Media growth this year is beyond exponential. This has been my firstyear at Minarets, so I started off my media careerthesame as a little baby coming into the world. Icouldnot fend for myself in this video-eat-videoworld;luckily I had the sheltered arms oftheMinarets Media Department to keep me safe.What specific skills have I learned this year? Mygoodness, there are too many to name:how to properly hold a camera, how to hold a video camera, using ashoulder cam, what lighting is good and what isnt, TWO-THIRDS RULE,depth, lines, all of the different camera angles, all of the different steps toproperly plan for a video, overcoming dilemmas of all sorts when somethinggoes wrong, taking what Ive learned and making videos for academicclasses as well, thousands of different editing tricks, Final Cut Express,using reflectors when filming outside, fixing audio complications, but mostof all, making awesome videos.Friday, June 3, 2011 23. Friday, June 3, 2011 24. Friday, June 3, 2011 25. I really want to get more into photography. I love lming and getting to take part inawesome videos, but theres just something so relaxing about picking up yourcamera and going out into the world in attempt to capture the beauty.My favorite videos tomake are musicvideos. I am easilyinspired by music; Ican listen to a songand have a hundreddifferent ideas yaround in my head. Idenitely plan onmaking many moresweet music videos.The next project I want to work on is called the 365 Day Project. I take at leastone picture every single day, pick out the best ones and put them all together.There are so many great benets of doing this; taking a photo a day will make me abetter photographers. Using my camera everyday will help me learn my cameraslimits. Ill become better at composing my shots and hopefully Ill become morecreative with my shots.Friday, June 3, 2011