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  • Payments Powering Platforms TRACKER™

    How GoDaddy is powering customers’ payments

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    Mastercard, MegaFon collaborate on new mobile apps

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    Find the top providers in our Tracker Scorecard

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    APRIL 2018

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    Feature Story

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    A look at the quickly evolving payments platforms ecosystem, including how new digital and mobile payments platforms are helping boost online sales in developing economies

    Greg Goldfarb, vice president of product and eCommerce for GoDaddy, on how the company works to help its SMB customers keep up with larger competitors through new payment acceptance tools

    Payments processing giants Discover, Mastercard and Visa announce new platform partnerships, and plenty of other recent headlines from around the Payments Powering Platforms space

    Information on and WePay

    Best of the bunch See which companies are on top and how they got there

    The results are in. See this month’s top providers

  • April 2018 | 3Payments Powering Platforms Tracker™ © 2018 All Rights Reserved

    What’s Inside

    Can digital payments be the key to unlocking basic utilities for remote populations? More than 110 million Africans live “under

    the grid,” according to recent reports, meaning they live directly below existing infrastructure and utilities like electricity but lack access. Now, digital payment platforms are promising to bridge that gap.

    This includes a recent partnership between Kenyan solar energy company M-KOPA and payments processor Mastercard. The pair will use Mastercard’s Masterpass mobile payments platform to help East African residents afford and access solar power and other basic utilities.

    Africa isn’t the only region seeing improvements, however. Digital payments platforms are also helping to revolutionize the ways consumers worldwide pay for utilities and day-to-day purchases.

    In Vietnam, for example, digital payment volume jumped by 22 percent in 2017, according to Vietnamese online news source VnExpress. Its consumers spent more than $6 billion via digital payments platforms that year, and growth is expected to continue to climb in the coming years. In fact, total volume is projected to hit $12.3 billion by 2022.

    Perhaps inspired by digital payments platforms’ success in other countries, Saudi Arabia recently announced that its mada domestic payment network is partnering with Mastercard to enable online payments via the latter’s Payment Gateway Services technology. The

    move is designed to give the country’s online economy a jumpstart.

    As mobile and online payments platforms continue to expand their influence, companies around the world have recently looked to debut new solutions and offerings to keep up with the pace of the payments evolution.

    A look around the Payments Powering Platform world Platform-powered payments are also coming to the insurance industry.

    Insurance provider Allianz Partners recently announced it is working with payments processor Visa to create a new payment solution, Allianz Prime, allowing customers to make insurance payments on their mobile devices. The app will also help them earn rewards as part of Visa’s Wirecard-run loyalty program, and includes a smart spend tracker to help manage accounts and expenses.

    Social messaging service WhatsApp is also foraying into mobile payments.

    The company recently announced it is adding payments to its messaging app, which is especially popular among Indian consumers. Its person-to-person (P2P) payments feature will be based on the Indian government’s Universal Payments Interface (UPI), and the app will soon support in-store payments through QR codes.

    Google is also getting in on the platform payments game. It recently announced that its Google Pay mobile wallet can be used to pay for tickets for the

  • April 2018 | 4Payments Powering Platforms Tracker™ © 2018 All Rights Reserved

    Las Vegas Monorail. In a blog post, group product manager for Google Pay Prakash Hariramani said the Las Vegas Monorail is already powered by NXP’s MIFARE contactless technology, enabling it to accept digital payments for tickets.

    To find more on the latest platform payments solutions from around the industry, check out the Tracker’s News and Trends section (p. 10)

    Why GoDaddy is turning to payments to help boost SMBs No matter the industry, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need an efficient, easy way to accept and process payments. As it turns out, those payments can often be the difference between their being able to compete with industry giants or failing to get off the ground.

    Development platform provider GoDaddy is looking to provide SMB owners with the payment tools to grow their companies, according to Greg Goldfarb, vice president of products and eCommerce. In an interview for this month’s Payments Powering Platforms Tracker

    feature story (p. 6), Goldfarb gives PYMNTS an inside look into how the company is providing small businesses and their customers with all the payment tools and features needed to compete in the digital age.

    Payments Powering Platforms April Updates We’ve profiled more than 100 players in this issue of the Tracker, including four new additions: BitPesa, Dream Payments, Electronic Payments and Tipalti.

  • April 2018 | 5Payments Powering Platforms Tracker™ © 2018 All Rights Reserved

    5 Five Fast Facts

    What’s Inside



    Projected CAGR of the mobile payment platforms market by 2020

    Predicted number of transactions made through digital payment methods by 2020

    Anticipated value of remote payments spend for digital and physical goods

    Projected number of payments made using online platforms by 2022

    Percentage of Chinese travelers who would spend more with overseas merchants if they accepted Chinese mobile payment platforms

    70 billion

    $3.3 trillion

    726 Billion

  • April 2018 | 6Payments Powering Platforms Tracker™ © 2018 All Rights Reserved

    GoDaddy Turns

    To Integrated Payments To Power


  • April 2018 | 7Payments Powering Platforms Tracker™ © 2018 All Rights Reserved

    Whether they’re hairdressers that are wizards with a razor and shears, clothing designers with a knack for new looks or carpenters with all the tools of the trade, all small businesses need to get paid.

    While SMB owners may be masters of their crafts, few are experts in efficiently resolving their payments pain points. They need websites that offer online payment capabilities to stay competitive, preferably with clean and simple i