Paula's Tanzania Family Safari

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Paula traveled on a private family safari with Thomson Safaris. Read more about their trip here:

Transcript of Paula's Tanzania Family Safari

  • 1. Soteropoulos FamilyTanzania, March 2013Lake VictoriaGanako SchoolMt. Kilimanjaro

2. What an incredible experience we had in Tanzania! The people are so warm andfriendly, the landscape stunning and the wild life amazing. Trip of a lifetime.Enjoy the pictures----Alexia, Paula & Takis 3. Alexias penpal, Miriam. Miriam is 14 years old, loves biologyand chemistry and aspires to be an accountant.Miriam walks 5 Km each way, every day to school. She isconsidered one of the students who lives close by. 4. An unfinished project to build a water holding tank. This tank is too small to hold sufficientwater to get through the dry season. It is what inspired us to focus on a new water tank project! 5. Lake Victori 6. The Shanga Workshop was founded asa for-profit company to create acommunity that would support andempower those Tanzanians who havebeen marginalized by their disabilities.Disabled Tanzanians are able to realizetheir potential, develop new skills,build relationships based on respectand improve their own lives. Usingrecycled materials, they producebeautiful glassware and jewelry.Our final stop in Arusha 7. What we brought back home with us: Wood carved by local artisans; beaded crafts supporting the microbusinesses empowering Maasai women; glassware and jewelry fromthe Shanga workshop. Perspective: Be kind to the earth---recycle, recycle, recycle Dont take clean water for granted Spend more time with family and friends, shut off thetechnology Smile and say Jambo to everyone you meet Appreciate the simple; relish the colors around us And finally, HAKUNA MATATA