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Transcript of PATH-GOAL LEADERSHIP (how leaders serve). EMPOWERING YOUR PROFESSIONAL LIFE 1.Turning ME into WE...

PowerPoint Presentation

PATH-GOAL LEADERSHIP (how leaders serve)EMPOWERING YOUR PROFESSIONAL LIFETurning ME into WEDeveloping situationally-relevant leadership styleS

PRO SUCCESS TOOLSThe 4 path-goal leadership stylesPath 4 of the online Virtual Teams pro manual

Working with Jimmy Cagney made me a better actor. (Because his magnetism brought out the best performance in his co-actors.)

Youre not leading if others arent benefitting.Leading is positive & productive in purpose & generates positive emotions which encourage employees to cooperate & contribute.When youre competently leading people, youre simultaneously motivating them.

One of the quickest/easiest ways for leaders to benefit/serve co-workers is to clear a path to the goals you/they (WE) are trying to achieve = run interference for them like blockers for a running back in football. Operationalize the goal showing co-workers the what, why, who, when, where, & how of pursuing the goal = SERVICERemove obvious organizational barriers to goal achievement, such as inadequate resources, lack of training, or work overload = SERVICEKeep co-workers informed daily about progress = SERVICE

The PATH is more important than the goal

because you learn more about success from traveling the path than from achieving the goal.

Zamples of 4 path-goal scenarios

PATH-GOAL leadership scenario #1:Impersonal leadership style

Leading/serving workers who lack goal-focus & have limited pro skills Directive leadership style: micro-managing workers to group success

GOAL: Quick/efficient salting of roads & walkwaysPATH: import & layout all equipment & supplies for workers; stay on site with workers to oversee effectiveness & trouble-shoot emerging problems

PATH-GOAL leadership scenario #2 Personalized leadership style

Jackies REAL McDonalds dollar menu

Leading/serving workers who lack goal-focus & have limited pro skills Personalized leadership style: positive reinforcement path to goal

14GOAL: Smooth, coordinated, fast customer service during noon & evening rush periodsPATH: Jackie creates a personalized, fun working atmosphere by positively-reinforcing her workers with one dollar bills & candy when they set or break a group-set performance goal.

PATH-GOAL leadership scenario #3

Participative leadership style

Leading/serving workers who are goal-driven, but need on-the-job training (OJT) Participative leadership style: employees participate in paving the path to the goal

GOAL: Install an OJT operating system throughout the store PATH: using managing by walking around (timely on-the-spot work training) for customer-consideration collaboration between store manager, dept. heads, & part-time workers

PATH-GOAL leadership scenario #4Virtual team leadership style Leading/serving professional workers who are goal-committed & competent Virtual team leadership style: professional employees make their own decisions

GOAL: Investment decisions via group intelligence & judgment PATH: Team brainstorming for risk-balanced consensus investment strategies