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Transcript of PARTNERSHIP PROSPECTUS - Community Resourcing · PDF filePARTNERSHIP PROSPECTUS. ... InnovAGE...

  • W E E K E N D S

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    I N S P I R E C E N T R E , U N I V E R S I T Y O F C A N B E R R A


    The challenges and opportunities of Australians living longer looms. Innovative technology and edge thinking is central to helping Australians live well.




    InnovAGE is being held

    over two weekends in

    a radical format that

    challenges teams to create

    solutions (services and

    products) to improve the

    lives of older Australians

    and their families.


    2829 MARCH 2015 23 MAY 2015

    INSPIRE Centre,

    University of Canberra


    KILO | $2,500

    MEGA | $5,000

    GIGA | $10,000

    TERA | $25,000

    Product or in-kind support


    [email protected] 02 6230 1676

    Sponsorship levels can

    be tailored, contact us for information.

    All sponsorship

    opportunities can be

    discussed in more detail.


    The range and quality of these services have improved over past decades, but more needs to be done to assist older people to access environments, products and services enabling them to stay in their homes longer, be more social and to age well.

    By 2050, over 3.5 million Australians are expected to use aged care services each year. Ageing of the population is the largest demographic, economic and social change the western world has ever seen.

    Bigger than the world wars, bigger than any stock market crash, bigger than Ben Hur!

    By 2042 Australia will have a quarter of its population 65 years or older and nations worldwide are struggling to keep up with this change, needing innovation and new thinking to meet the needs of our older Australians.

    Ageing should be seen as an opportunity, rather than a problem, and the InnovAGE event is an unparalleled opportunity for innovation in ageing and aged care to be cultivated, encouraged and promoted in an industry that is not front of mind for most people.

    This is where you come in.

    Your support for this event will be a spark that fires the imaginations of those who can answer our challenges, providing creative solutions to the most vexing problems that may be faced daily by older Australians, their carers and family members.


    The objective of InnovAGE is to encourage entrepreneurial thinking to develop, build or launch age related solutions (services or products) to improve the lives of older Australians and their families.

    InnovAGE is being held over two weekends in a radical format that will bring entrepreneurs and developers from a broad range of sectors together to create solutions to real-life issues.

  • Sponsoring

    InnovAGE will give

    you direct access

    to some of the

    nations best


    talent (we are

    expecting up to

    100 participants

    from around


    Helping innovators,

    programmers and

    hackers to take

    your existing

    products and services to a new

    dimension offering

    fresh edge thinking

    and design,

    partnering you

    with the tech


    With interest so

    far, InnovAGE is

    set to become an

    annual and


    event. Getting

    in at the ground

    level allows you

    to become part of

    a world-wide



    Participants will be given access to previously untapped data relating to the sector, along with face-to-face interaction with the end users of products and services developed. Service providers will also be available to inform, co-design and test team ideas.

    At the end of the InnovAGE development process, teams will present their solutions to be judged by a high-profile jury consisting of end use customers, age services and technology experts.

    As an added incentive a range of angel investors will be present, objectively analysing the output from InnovAGE with a view to investing, mentoring and commercialisation. The top teams will be presented prizes and receive support from hosts and sponsors to take their winning entry to the next level.

    This presentation will attract members of the wider innovation and entrepreneurial community in Australia. For the entrepreneurs, the participation of customers, industry experts and providers will give them an opportunity to develop their solution in context. Creating solutions is not solely about money, more importantly its about support and access to the market.

    InnovAGE is hosted by Leading Age Services Australia, Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre, isobar, the University of Canberra and the Aged Care Industry IT Council.

    InnovAGE will be held at the INSPIRE Centre at the University of Canberra. There is a state of the art interactive meeting space with collaborative technologies and writeable Idea-Paint walls and enough break out rooms to allow groups to work on their ideas.

    InnovAGE participants will be kept engaged between the two event weekends by being continually provided with context on industry issues, updated ageing data, vignettes on customer needs, access to end users and aged care experts. Participants will also have the opportunity to participate in chat forums and online peer groups to assist with their collaboration.



    Sponsoring InnovAGE is investing in the future of all Australians. InnovAGE will encourage participants to explore new technologies and collaborate with one another, all while having fun.

    Your sponsorship and/or in-kind support will add significant value to InnovAGE. If you cant contribute financially, thats not a problem! Wed still love your support.

    Were looking for companies and brands that strongly align to leading edge thinking and innovation, ready to rise to the challenge to meet the needs of older Australians; currently a task of considerable proportion with an intergenerational impact. Contributions towards event logistics, IT requirements and hardware, travel reimbursements, great food, cool prizes, and awesome swag* is welcomed.

    Additionally, innovation events and hackathons are the perfect opportunity for recruiting. Why go through formal events like career fairs and first-round interviews when InnovAGE provides you with the countries brightest and best, enabling your developers to be supplemented with project enhancements and applications built on your own technologies. This direct assessment of an ability to work with your technology in a relaxed environment would be hard to find elsewhere.


    Social, mobile, apps and coding


    Social data, data analysis, big data


    Internet of things, wearables


    Physical, 3D printing, prototyping


    Product, spaces, environments, buildings


    Proof of concept, beta test, commercial ready

    *Promotional merchandise given away at trade fairs and events

    Interested?Contact us at

    [email protected] 02 6230 1676

  • LASA is the peak body for service providers of retirement living, home care, and residential aged care. LASA is committed to improved standards, equality and efficiency throughout the industry; helping older Australian live well. We advocate for the health, community and accommodation needs of older Australians, working with government and other stakeholders to advance the interests of all age services providers, and through them, the interests of older Australians. As part of its commitment to InnovAGE, LASA allocates its national office staff and member network. LASA will manage the event and provide resources to enable participants to understand the context of the industry so that they can develop solutions to help older Australians to live well.

    Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre provides business advice, education and training, mentorship and networking opportunities to help new and existing startups, early stage and high growth businesses commercialise their ideas and grow their companies. There is no out of the box solution, so Lighthouse will tailor an approach to meet your specific needs and current stage of business development. Lighthouse achieves this through practical advice, free and fee-for-service mentoring programs, seminars, workshops, hands-on support and the all-important referrals and networking opportunities. As part of its commitment to InnovAGE, Lighthouse allocates its senior staff Anna Pino and Candice Edye and its event manager, Rachel Christou. Lighthouse will help facilitate the running of the two weekend workshops and the final judging process.

    Founded in 2003, Isobar has since become the worlds most global agency, with offices on six continents. Theyre a committed and diverse group of digital innovators and marketing visionaries dedicated to helping connect brands with their customers. Behind their walls, youll find some of Australias top minds in strategy, experience design, creative thinking and technology. Together, theyre focused on creating world-class work and helping brands connect with their customers like never before. Thatd be brands like: GM Holden, David Jones, Jetstar, Sensis, JB Hi-Fi, Quest and Channel 10 amongst others. As part of its commitment to InnovAGE, isobar allocates its senior staff Bree Winchester and Sarah Tisdell and its leading edge digital creative team.

    The University of Canberra is an important part of th