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Partnership Masterclass

Ali Cox

Serco InternalBusiness advice and specialist support to help growth businesses maximise the opportunities of Superfast Broadband and associated technologies.Benefits for businesses can include:Competitive advantage through take-up and exploitation of SFBBIncreased productivityImprove access to new markets and business opportunitiesIncrease competitive advantage for businesses in rural locationsMore flexible and environmentally friendly working practicesIncreased opportunity for innovationEfficiency and timesaving

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The Connectivity Revolution

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Support Available 12 hours of supportSerco Internal4Register on our website (which incorporates the Knowledge Hub). to unlock access to a range of resources and materialsCheck your eligibilityLet us know what areas of ICT and technology you might be interested in

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Digital Leadership

Kate DoodsonCosmic@cosmickated

Serco InternalLeadershipLeaders in business are primarily focused on

Continuous Learning (their own and others, but also the business)Communication we all need to be experts People supporting, motivating, inspiring Improvement continually striving to improve qualityInnovation the next big thing

BUT what about digital technology how many people would say that they are digital leaders ?

Serco InternalLeaders in business are primarily focussed on

Continuous Learning (their own and others, but also the business)Communication we all need to be experts People supporting, motivating, inspiring Improvement continually striving to improve qualityInnovation the next big thing

BUT what about digital technology how many people would say that they are digital leaders ?

9The World has ChangedInstantaneous response




The World is Changing .Serco InternalAnd of course the world changes and keeps on changing all the time but not just in technology terms. The world and society has changed its expectations how we are now expected to work and lead is also changing rapidly10People ChangeGen XGen YGen Z

Baby Boomers Millennials Digital NativesSerco InternalAnd with each age-group the use of digital technology advances we may well still have issues about digital engagement and effective use of technology in our businesses now but think of 5 and 10 years from now and the sort of people youll be working with employees, customers11Employment is Changing

Serco InternalPortfolio employment online support for sub-contracting and casual employment models are growing but is your business equipped to deal with employing people in these ways yet .

Have you got the skills needed for a leader of a business which can switch-up to the new models trading strongly online, investing in digital skills development, employing people in fluid, flexible ways?12Business with no change?

Serco InternalWe all recognise very clearly whats happening to those businesses which are not investing in good use of the web especially retail businesses13% of sales online

6% of UK Sales 2.6 billion33% of UK Sales 2 billion digital Serco InternalTesco 6% of UK Sales (2.8 bn)

Pearson 33% - 2 bn digital (Penguin books 17% - book revenues online and Financial Times subscriptions : 316k digital versus 286k print)


Is this your business?Time wasting, a distraction?Does it offer effective promotion, engagement and advertising? UK is in many cases ahead of game on this - Real resistance among CEOs Serco InternalReal resistance among CEOs to engage with social media fully time wasting, distractions, low skills and understanding this is still a very common situation

Another common situation is that we dont believe that platforms like Facebook really do offer effective promotion, engagement and advertising and they dont in the old-school sense

But they really do in terms of now many people now use these systems as their updates, contacts systems, regular drop-in space online . And UK is in many cases ahead of game on this - 15

Serco InternalLONDON is the No.1 english speaking city on Facebook by number of users - in fact it the only english-speaking city in the top 10 and New York comes down at no. 1216

Serco InternalQuestions for leadersHow can you lead your business in the digital world?How can you be strategic around digital?How can you stand out as leader ?How can your organisation gain advantage?Serco InternalGaining the digital advantageDigital transformation is causing a tectonic shift in how companies are structured and led, and how they perform and compete.

The data is clear: digitisation is increasing the pace of change throughout the economy, even in sleepy mainstream industries.

The coming years will witness digitally-driven changes in the business world that make everything thats happened so far look like a prelude.Serco Internal

Serco InternalSmall businesses still make up a very large part of UK businesses trading and employment base.

And in small businesses where high levels of web is being integrated there is very strong evidence of the success stories sales growth, more jobs = sustainable futures

Figures for high-web and low-web show very clearly the correlation between good use of digital talent and business success20Digital Leaders make strategic choices about where to investCustomer engagementInternal operationsCollaborationNew business models

Serco InternalDigital Leadership Which are you?POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR


Serco InternalHow about if we applied use of digital/social media skills to the Lively Leadership model what reflections do we have of the behaviours on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, websites?

Lazy Leaders let others do the digital developments, usually stick with the tools they are most comfortable with avoid social media?

Lordly Leaders like blogging because they can present their views and ego-centric thoughts not so keen if people respond or worse-still challenge their opinions!

Lovely Leaders will be drawn to Facebook they love having more-and-more Friends and the social nature of interactions

Lively Leaders very active on Twitter? but use all social media tools to their best advantage they like engagement, thought leadership, developing online collaboration

Sideliner reading, but not interacting, lurking, RTingJoiner prolific interaction everything & anythingLeader commentators, thinkers, provocateurs

22Who do you know?: LOVELY




Serco Internal

It IS for you Mr Not in a Million Years!TraditionalistSerco Internal24It IS for YOU!

Serco Internal25

Caveat - There is a difference between Being SocialSerco Internal26Versus Doing Social

Serco Internal27Social Media for LeadersListenEnhance your reputationLearnCollaborateCrisis management

Serco InternalListening to colleagues, employees, peers, competitors

Reputation being seen at ethical, experienced, thought leadership, influential

Learning including from your peers about leadership

Collaboration possibilities all around to link up with likeminded people and organisations

Crisis Management taking lead role in press management, recovery planning, risk lmitation

28ListeningSerco InternalListeningUse Social media as a listening device


Serco InternalColleagues can you collabarate, do you know what they are working on Twitter using # for your business or Yammer internal TwitterEmployees what are they saying, are they doing well online? Are they working for your benefitPeers What about other leaders in your industry here and in the states side, what about the thought leaders in your industry ?Competitors who are they?30Example Listen - Tweetdeck

Serco InternalListen out for particular hashtags #journorequest#ExeterAny you know?


Sector specific?

Serco InternalGoogle Alerts

+ BrandwatchSerco Internal33Enhance your reputationSerco InternalWhat is digital reputation?What appears when you type in a keyword search.First Name Surname (if unique)First name Surname, Location First name, surname, BusinessBusiness nameReputation =First page of Google results + Reviews + real time social media

Serco Internal

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See reviews without clicking on TA Serco InternalYour SERP real estateWhats there?Any confusion with people of the same name?Any personal/professional crossover (winning a fishing competition, planning notice?)Any bad news stories?Any bad reviews?Serco InternalImages?

Serco InternalWhat should you be monito