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    O R C H A R D V I L L A G E A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 4

    Residential Services | Helps people realize their dreams to live in a home in the community, whether a 24-hour supervised group home or in their own apartment. Our staff actively works with residential customers to ensure they are involved in their environments, are connected to family and friends and meaningfully engaged with their communities.

    Vocational Services | Facilitates the desire for a competitive job. Vocational staff listens to the needs and desires of our clients and assesses their skill sets. With individualized training and ongoing support at the work site, clients are successful in their chosen careers. We provide comprehensive coaching ranging from resume development to career advancement. In-Home Services | Orchard Village’s Respite Services support families who provide, in their own homes, ongoing care to loved ones with disabilities. The program offers family members the gift of time to relax, recharge or attend to other obligations. Orchard Village’s Home Based Support Services (HBSS) directly assist customers living at home with their family or on their own in the community. HBSS offers case management services and helps to obtain funds which individuals may use to purchase services that allow them to maintain home living and reach personal goals.

    Orchard Academy | Teaches the independent living, vocational and social skills necessary for 17-21 year- olds in special education to transition successfully into adult life. Students learn to search and interview for a job in the community, find success in their workplace, navigate public transportation, become involved in social activities, establish a budget, plan a daily menu, take care of their home and many more skills essential to living on their own. Illinois State Board of Education approved.

    Orchard Village Service Area Location Services Provided Arlington Heights Vocational Barrington Vocational Buffalo Grove Vocational Chicago Vocational, Home Based Support Deerfield Vocational Des Plaines Vocational, Home Based Support, Respite Evanston Vocational, Home Based Support, Respite Glencoe Vocational, Home Based Support Glenview Vocational, Home Based Support, Respite, Residential Highland Park Vocational, Home Based Support Hoffman Estates Vocational Lake County Vocational Lake Forest Home Based Support Libertyville Vocational Lincolnwood Vocational, Home Based Support, Respite Lisle Vocational Morton Grove Vocational, Home Based Support, Respite, Residential Mount Prospect Vocational, Home Based Support Niles Vocational, Home Based Support, Respite, Residential Northbrook Vocational, Home Based Support Palatine Vocational Park Ridge Vocational, Home Based Support Rolling Meadows Vocational Schaumburg Vocational Skokie Vocational, Home Based Support, Respite, Residential, Orchard Academy Wheeling Vocational, Home Based Support Wilmette Vocational, Home Based Support Winnetka Vocational, Home Based Support

    7660 Gross Point Road Skokie, IL 60077 847.967.1800

    community | providersupportasset partner growth

    Orchard Village Services and Programs

    partnersupport asset growth

    We empower people with developmental challenges

    to achieve fulfilling lives in their communities.

  • Photos by Vito & Julia Photography

    On the cover: Orchard Village vocational clients Jennifer, Allissa and Shawn are employed in their communities with the support of (left to right): Philister Sidigu, employer; James Thrush, Rowe-Thrush, Inc. and volunteer; Joseph Sebastian, staff vocational specialist; Robert Bell, attorney and Orchard Village board member; Catherine Brandell, Orchard Village board member and parent; Martin Oliff, Orchard Village President & CEO.

    For more than 40 years, Orchard Village has partnered with families and communities to empower people with developmental disabilities to achieve integrated, fulfilling lives.We have been fortunate to enjoy the generous ongoing support of many individuals, businesses, charitable organizations and government entities in our immediate service area and beyond.

    We are proud to note that Orchard Village is more than a recipient of support – it is itself a significant and meaningful community provider. Our community-integrated group residences diversify our neighborhoods. Our growing vocational program supplies area businesses with loyal, capable and hard-working employees. In-home services bring much-needed respite, therapeutic and other resources to dozens of family homes. And our Academy prepares young adults to become engaged, productive and informed citizens.

    “To whom much is given, much will be required.” We are grateful to have been given the community’s generous support and, in return,

    remain committed to providing significant and meaningful contributions to our clients and communities.

    provide: to supply something in support; to meet a need.

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