Paris Occupied

Paris Occupied • Hitler “dances with glee” • Occupied in the North by GR • Third Republic in the South – headed by Petain – authoritarian regime • Collaborated with the Nazis • Sent thousands of French workers and slave laborers • Identified Fr Jews and sent them as well


Paris Occupied. Hitler “dances with glee” Occupied in the North by GR Third Republic in the South – headed by Petain – authoritarian regime Collaborated with the Nazis Sent thousands of French workers and slave laborers Identified Fr Jews and sent them as well. Italians. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Paris Occupied

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Paris Occupied• Hitler “dances with glee”• Occupied in the North by GR• Third Republic in the South – headed by

Petain – authoritarian regime• Collaborated with the Nazis• Sent thousands of French workers and

slave laborers• Identified Fr Jews and sent them as well

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• Attacked Fr when they knew they were on the winning side

• Invaded Greece

• Invaded British strongholds in Africa

• Hitler creates the Fortress of Europe

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Blood, toil, tears and sweat

• Battle of Britain, Winston Churchill

• American govt neutral still

• We started giving them arms and destroyers

• Lend Lease – arms, raw materials and food

• Conscription, army built up

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British Royal Air Force

• Fought off the Luftwaffe using radar

• Broke the code of Gr military - Enigma

• Hitler decides to go for the Soviets instead

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• Soviets making way into Eastern Europe

• Gr’s want this area

• Hitler coerced Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary into Axis

• Subjugated Greece and Yugoslavia as well

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Soviets under attack

• 2000 mile Front

• Sent 3 million men (largest invasion force in history)

• Fall 1941 – Byelorussia and Ukraine

• Leningrad under siege in North

• Crimean peninsula in the South

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Counteroffensive and cold weather save Moscow

• Hitler shifted his main attack to the South

• Summer 1942- attacked oil fields of Caucausus, began the siege of Stalingrad

• Hitler’s short invasion plans for USSR are changed

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North Africa

• Sept 1940 – Italian offensive from eastward from Libya – Egypt

• British recover – push Mussolini back into Ethiopia

• Afrika Korps – general Rommel – Spring 1941 – attacked Libya and drove the Brit back to Egyptian frontier

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North Africa

• Rommel penetrates Egypt

• British win huge tide turning battle at El Alamein

• Hitler’s reach seems to be spreading towards their ally in Asia - Japan

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Japanese by 1941

• Made alliances with Germany and Italy

• Neutrality treaty with the Soviets

• Obtained bases from Vichy France in Indochina

• US placed an embargo on the export of metal and oil to Japan

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Japan and the US

• Hideki Tojo – proclaimed that he wanted British and American influence out of Asia

• Agreed to send reps to Washington for negotiations

• At the same time of the negotiations – bombing of Pearl Harbor

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Japanese victories

• Began to invade the Philippines, launched attacks on Guam, Midway, Hong Kong and Malaya

• War declared by all• Japanese conquer Singapore (Br

naval base)• Then conquered Philippines, Malaya

and Netherland Indies

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Allied losses

• Invaded New Guinea and threatened Australia

• Moved into the Aleutians, occupied Burma and were ready to invade India

• Allies were not doing very well against their enemies

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Spring 1942

• Battle of the Coral Sea stops Japanese expansion into Australia

• Japanese are halted again at the Battle of Midway

• Strategy of island hopping put into effect in order to defeat Japanese

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Soviet frustration

• Soviets call for a second front for relief

• This front never established and will cause resentment against the US later on

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North Africa

• Eisenhower – American and British forces invade Algeria and Morocco

• De Gaulle proves to be a key leader in France – whose support is needed in this area of N. Africa

• Africa was eventually secured by Montgomery and Eisenhower

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Stalingrad – all out invasion

• Hold at all costs

• Soviet counteroffensive defeats the Gr’s – with a drive westward against the remainder of the Gr army

• Between 20 and 25 million Russians perish

• 2/3 of these casualties were civilians

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• Soviets lost more men in the Battle of Stalingrad than the Americans did in the entire war

• August 1943 successful campaigns bring down Mussolini

• New Italian govt set up by Marshal Badoglio – declared war on Gr

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Europe and the Pacific 1944-45

• Invasion of Europe from the Normandy coast

• British, Canadian, American land, sea and air assult

• In another amphibious invasion through the French mediterranean

• Allied invasion forces meet up and fight

Page 20: Paris Occupied

Ardennes - Belgium

• Great Battle of the Bulge

• Gr’s also drop missiles – jet propelled fire bombs on Britain

• Counteroffensive is not effective

• Americans and Brits fire bomb Gr cities like Dresden – killing over 50,000 civilians

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Unconditional surrender

• On the eastern front – the Soviets push towards GR as well

• Soviets take Berlin – and ravage the city and civilians there

• American forces let the Soviets have Berlin

• Opening up of the holocaust death camps

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Japan and the Pacific theater

• Battle of Leyte Gulf

• Iwo Jima

• Okinawa

• From these islands – launched an air offensive against Japan itself

• Dropped the A bomb

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Peace terms

• Atlantic charter – august 1941 – Churchill and Roosevelt – pledged that sovereign states and self govt would be restored

• 1943 – Casablanca,Cairo, Teheran – coordinate their military plans – accept nothing but unconditional surrender

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Peace terms

• Teheran – met with Stalin – discussed postwar occupation and demilitarization of GR

• Laid plans for a post war league of nations

• Strategy decided here seemed to give Soviet union vast control of the east

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• Reached agreements on Poland, eastern Europe, the future of GR, Asia, and the United Nations

• At this point, Stalin’s armies were in control of Poland and eastern Europe

• Stalin wanted to establish a Soviet friendly govt in Poland

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Yalta and Stalin

• Not so happy about spreading communism to eastern europe

• Made Stalin promise to hold free and democratic elections in these areas as soon as possible

• What a lie

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Post war world

• Germany was to be divided into four occupation zones

• United Nations – they would be permanent mbrs of the Security Council and would have a veto on all important decisions

• Soviets wanted sixteen votes in the General Assembly for all of their “republics” – they were granted three

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Soviets and Japanese Front

• Stalin agrees to help in war against Japan if they get back areas lost by the tsar in the Russo Japanese war

• Roosevelt makes concessions to Stalin because he believes that this cooperation will lead to more in the future

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• Harry Truman is the new American president

• Clement Atlee replaced Churchill

• Stalin still Soviet leader

• Agreements were made about GR treatment

• Occupation zones

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Powar world

• Polish boundaries extended further westward as compensation for Russian westward expansion at Polish expense

• German east Prussia divided between SU in the North and Poland in the South

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