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PowerPoint Presentation

By Kathleen Nguyen

What is the PFA?Started in 2005 by a group of parentsA link between the University and the parents and family members of UO students

Membership funding is community-based rather than through the University.A group of Duck families who have made the choice to be active and engaged with their students university. 2005 created to enhance programs and services provided to parents and family members of UO students.One-time membership fee, allows the PFA to offer increased communications, support and events for members2

Why is it important?

Once students enter college, they are adults and responsible for their education as established by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)The PFA offers resources for parents to be in the know without being the helicopter parent

FERPA 1973 Started after the Vietnam War, when students in their early twenties wanted the freedom and responsibilities without having those helicopter parents3

Target AudienceParents and family members of UO studentsTraditional first-time, full-time first-year studentConsiderations for different generational needs

Primarily Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y4

Membership Benefits

Enhanced communication and information from the UOMonthly e-newslettersAccess to administration and staff

Because the majority of parents -access to the Rec Center and free admission to the JSMA5

Membership Benefits

Parent helplineCrime Alert NotificationsDiscount to athletic events

-highlight roles, bringing Eugene to them-biggest concerns from parents finding work/jobs after college, access to certain departments on campus/available to students, resources on campus (ie: testing & health center, TLC, advisors, tutors, etc.)6

How To Get Involved

Regional RepresentativePFA Executive Leadership Team