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Paradox is a modern magazine based on views of traditions, cultures, and beliefs that have eccentrically evolved throughout centuries. The publication covers bizarre festivals, laws, the paranormal, and personal stories. Paradox’s masthead was designed to be bold, unique and fresh to engage viewers, and offer a new perspective. The masthead was developed with the concept of paradox, which is defined as senseless logic. A serif typeface was altered for the creation of Paradox, and the layout was designed with a sans serif typeface. The magazine consists of high–contrast images that match the publication’s subject.

Transcript of Paradox publication

  • featuring mayan and aztecs traditions still used today in the world

    the tradition ofsati in indiaThe traditional practice of widows immolating themselves

    sokushinbutsuThe tor turous self mummif ication of buddhist monks

    insideYanomamo Ash eatingJapanese GeishaConcubineseunuchs in Ancient China

    An eCCenTrIC CUlTUrAl mAGAzIne

    U.S. $2.50 UK. 6.50

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    an eccentric cultural magazine

    Paradox headquarters2770 zanker road, Suite 203, San Jose , ca 95164P 408. 449. 0307 F 408. 449. 0309 email: info @ website:

    subscriPtionsSubscr iptions are $15.95 for a yearYou can send payments to: Paradox, PO Box 640012, San Jose , ca 95164-0010or visit

    copyr ightParadox, inc . Paradox is a registered trademark. all r ights reser ved. the publication may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form, in whole or par t, without the express wr itten permission of the publisher. While ever y ef-for t is made to ensure the information in Paradox is correct, changes can occur which may affect the accuracy of the copy, for which Paradox holds no responsibi l it ies.

    creative director nancy galvez

    Managing editorKhloe Wintour

    editor in chief Jane Shin Pastore

    coPy editorsmichael russell, Dj mick, Sarah Winkler, J. Frater, camile Ventura, amy tam, Karen Diaz, gill talbott

    contributing writersDiet coke, Dulex co., Daily mail, nicholas cruz, lee Jones, armando De la Fuente

    PhotograPhygetty images, Stock images, Danny Hsu, Jarred gazarian, Harris Davis

    Photo editorcorey towers, lisa love, lee Jones

    PublishersJade Smith, Sean cruz, James Price, Kevin Patch, Sarah marshall, James Scott, richard mars

    research chiefDiana goodman

    Public relations directormardi Digrass

  • featuring the 13 year old girl whos allergic to almost everything

    deja vu or deja senti?Strange phenomena of the mind origins

    foot bindingIts histor y in Chinese culture then and today

    insideWeird FestivalsAquagenic Ur ticariaHistory of GeishaTibetan Sky Burial

    An eCCenTrIC CUlTUrAl mAGAzIne

    U.S. $2.50 UK. 6.50

    featuring the history of halloween and the ancient celtic connections

    odd bod mobbneck stretching with rings andthe padaung women

    blood fetishismThe most common identif ied vampire fetishists practiced

    insideGloomy SundayApotemnophiliaThe Poltergeist CurseSpontaneous Human Combustion

    An eCCenTrIC CUlTUrAl mAGAzIne

    U.S. $2.50 UK. 6.50

    concubines of ancient chinathe origin to the achinese emperor

    torturous self MuMMificationa tantric ritual from tang china

    japanese geisha historY: now & thena look inside the origin of the geishas

    tiberian skY burialthe ancient sky burial by monks

    the 13 Year old allergic to everYthingthe story of a rare skin condition

    stonehengethe strange myster y behind this landmark

    blood fetishisMthe difference behind life blooddrinkers




    March 2012/ vol. 1

    the life and making of a

    mannequiin society


    regular columns

    05 editors letter18 odd bod Mob28 sweet addictions32 interesting word40 weird festivals 64 horoscope

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  • the history of halloween

    the celtic connection descend of the ancient fire festival samhain and halloween today


    have a question? feel free to contact us!

    Write us at: Paradox, PO Box 640012, San Jose , ca 95164 0010

    call toll Free line: (408) 449 0307 email Jackie at

    if you didnt know paradox is . . .

    a seeMinglY absurd or selfcontra-dictorY stateMent that when inves-tigated or explained MaY prove to be well founded or true


    traditional &modern gambling


    deja vu or deja senti?Strange phenomena of the mind origins

    the tradition of satithe traditional Hindu practice of a widow the historY of footbindingthe History behind the ancient chinese ritual

    tiberian skY burialthe ancient sky burial by monks

    the poltergeist cursethe story behind the movie

    necrophilia the manifestation of necrophilia

    sepukkua form of practice by the samurai warr iors


  • dj vu the exper ience of being cer tain that you have exper ienced or seen a new situation previously as though the event has already happened or is repeating itself . the exper ience is usual ly accompanied by a strong sense of famil iar ity andand strangeness. the previous exper ience is usual ly attr ibuted to a dream, but sometimes there is a firm sense that it has truly occurred in the past.

    dj vcuDj vcu is what most people are exper iencing when they think they are exper iencing deja vu. Dj vu is the sense of having seen something before , whereas dj vcu is the exper ience of having seen an event before , but in great detai l such as recognizing smells and sounds. this is also usual ly accompanied by a ver y strong feel ing of knowing what is going to come next.

    dj sentithe phenomenon of having already felt something. this is exclusively a mental phenomenon, in which seldom remains in your memor y afterwards. the recollection is always star ted by another per sons voice , or by my own verbalized thought, or by what and mental ly verbal ize dur ing the abnormal state .

    dj visita less common exper ience and it involves an uncanny knowledge of a new place . For example , you may know your way around a new town or a landscape despite having never been there , and knowing that it is impossible for you to have this knowledge . For this reason, Dj visit is about spatial and geographical relationships, while dj vcu is about temporal occurrences.

    presque vuPresque vu is ver y similar to the tip of the tongue sensation it is the strong feel ing that you are about to exper ience an epiphany thoughthe epiphany seldom comes. the sensation of presque vu can be ver y disor ienting.

    phenomena of the MindBy ally Stern

    the mind is a wonderful thing there is so much about it which remains a mystery to this day. science is able to describe strange phenomena, but cant account for their origins. while most of us are famil iar with one or two on this l ist, many others are mostly unknown outside of the psychological realm.

    ParaDOx marcH | 01

  • Paradox is a publication on eccentric views of beliefs, and cultural topics. Paradox was designed to be bold and express its individuality. the magazine is full of self contradictory and stories that in reality expresses truths.

    Why create a magazine? i ask the readers, why not? Paradox was created for readers interested in the everyday life facts that we wouldnt normally be aware of, yet it will intrigue and cause skepticism. it will leave the reader pondering and coming back for more curiosity.

    i believe that deep down inside we all have a curiosity for the unknown, and crave for knowledge. indeed, this is exactly what paradox will tr y to achieve and bring to our fellow viewers.

    the magazine will cover about every relevant subject possible. Such as gender, ethnicity, sex, culture. this month the magazine will be covering an ar ticle on the geisha histor y, ancient china concubines and naked sushi. now take your cup of coffee and drink up, its going to be a while.


    nancy galvezdesigner and publisher

    the sensation of presque vu can be verY disorienting and distracting.

    jamais vua famil iar situation which is not recognized. it is often considered to be the opposite ofdj vu. the obser ver does not recognize the situation despite knowing rationally that they have been there before . it is commonly explained as when a per son momentar i ly doesnt recognize a per son, word, or place that they know.

    lesprit de lescalierthe sense of thinking of a clever comeback when it is too late . the phrase can be used to descr ibe a r iposte to an insult , or any clever remark that comes to mind too late . the phenomenon is usual ly accompanied by a feel ing of regret at having not thought of the r iposte when it was most needed.

    prosopagnosiaa phenomenon in which a per son is unable to recognize faces of people or objects that they should know. People exper iencing this disorder are usual ly able to use their other senses to recognize people such as a per sons perfume, the shape or style of their hair, the sound of their voice , or even their gait .

    fregoli delusiona rare brain phenomenon in which a per son holds the belief that different people are , in fact, the same per son in a var iety of disguises. it is often associated with paranoia and the belief that the per son in disguise is tr ying to per secute them.

    capgras delusionthe phenomenon in which a per son believes that a close fr iend or family member has been replaced by an identical looking impostor. this could be tied in to the old belief that babies were stolen and replaced by changelings in medieval folklore , as well as the modern idea of al iens taking over the bodies of people on ear th to l ive amongst us for reasons unknown.

    hello, welcome to paradox!

    this is Your editor speaking.lets talk about what paradox reallY is and whY were here.

    ParaDOx marcH | 04ParaDOx marcH | 03