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2015 New Variety Catalogue Insert

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  • 2015New Varieties Supplement

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  • Theres a great year ahead.

    Times might still be tough for many growers, but I believe theres always cause for optimism. Thats because even if we cant control the economy, there are plenty of things we can control, starting with a winning selection of new varieties from PanAmerican Seed and Kieft Seed.

    We chose these varieties for maximum consumer appeal and profitability. PanAmerican Seed and Kieft Seed genetics ensure top-quality crops every time. We breed with your needs in mind to save labour, cut production time and reduce waste, all measures that improve your bottom line.

    In the following pages, we go head-to-head with some heavy hitters in the industry and spell out exactly how our genetics give you the advantage. Factor in world-class personal service, product availability and marketing support and you have every reason to look forward to a successful growing season.

    Try some or all of these new varieties and let me know how they work out for you. You can reach me at or 630 588-3292.

    Mark Short Global Sales Director PanAmerican Seed

    Colour with convenienceHome gardeners easiest route to colour is pre-planted containers. Youll find plenty of new seed items in this catalog that are ideal as mixed container inputs. One example is Glitz Euphorbia, shown with Easy Wave Burgundy Velour Petunia on our cover. Our ever-growing selection makes it easy to create and sell combos at various price points to meet your customers needs.

    Front Cover: Easy Wave Burgundy Velour Petunia and Glitz Euphorbia

  • contentsCool Wave Pansy p2The best spreading pansy for Spring and Autumn colour

    Wave Petunia p6Velvety new Easy Wave varieties and marketing support

    Fuseables p12 Take your combos to a higher level more precision for better balance

    Divine New Guinea Impatiens p16The grower-friendly, disease-resistant impatiens from seed

    Zahara & Zahara XL Zinnia p21With Zahara, bigger is better!

    Lavandula Bandera p28A breeding breakthrough!

    Premium Perennial Combos p32 Out of the box combos feature first-year-flowering varieties

    PanAmerican Seed p2-26

    Kieft Seed p27-36

    Visit for current Terms & Conditions of Sale.

  • cool wave pansy

    The best pansy ever!

    Cool Wave spreading pansy crushes competing varieties in trailing and filling containers. Plus, it beats other pansies, hands down, for vigour and overwintering. And only Cool Wave pansy packs the selling power of the Wave brand.

    Scan or go to

    NEW Blueberry Swirl

    2 Pansy

  • NEW Mixture Improved

    cool wave pansy

    NEW Blueberry Swirl

    NEW Red Wing

    F1 SPREADING PANSY Viola x wittrockiana

    Cool Wave Series Height: 6 to 8 in./15 to 20 cmSpread: 24 to 30 in./60 to 75 cm

    Plug crop time: 4 to 5 weeksTransplant to finish: Spring 6 to 7 weeks, Autumn 4 to 5 weeks

    USDA Hardiness Zone: 5 (-20F/-29C minimum temperature)

    Supplied as primed seed.

    The most prostrate habit of any spreading pansy great in combos and as a groundcover. More vigorous than any other spreading pansy. Superior overwintering hardiness. New Blueberry Swirl Unique colour in trailing pansies shades of primrose with whiskers and variable blue/purple edge. Similar flower size to Purple, times at the later end of the series. PAS955431 New Red Wing Nice Autumn colour with timing and flower size that match the series well. PAS954557

    New Mixture Improved Now includes NEW Red Wing.

    8 Cool Wave varieties and 3 mixtures are available. See pages 4-5 of the 2014 Catalogue for more information.

    3 Pansy

  • CC Trolley Design


    Harness the power of the Wave brandFoldable communication tower

    Retail banner XL / XXL

    Hanging basket labels

    Sell more Wave product with specially designed pots.

    Multi-language 10.5 cm 10.5/12 cm Wave Petunias pot UK version pansy 10.5/12/13 cm

    Point-o f-Sale

    Sales & AdvicePMS 233

    PMS 659


    PMS 657




    ProcessThe bestPansy ever.

    Follow Cool Wave here

    Easy Wave

    Fills containers & beds fast & full

    Gelato Mixture

    All-season salesmakerMost versa le of all large- owered spreadi

    ng petunias

    14 colors & 13 mixessee centerfold







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    Shock Wave

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    PETUNIA Shock Wave

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    75-90 cm15-30 cm


    dal wave

    easy wave

    shock wave




    Premium Pa

    ck Handle


    Tidal Wave

    Easy Wave


    Shock Wave

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    Wave & Cool Wave POP Find product & growing info at

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    Multi-language 12 cm TEKU Flex-print 12/13 cm Multi-language 13 cm

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  • 6 Petunia

    easy wave petunia

    NEW Red Velour

    Velvety colours are a first in seed spreading petunias!

    Three deep, distinctive new colours join the best, biggest-selling spreading petunia series. With their velvety undertones, these Easy Wave varieties stand out in a crowded market, commanding attentionand sales!

  • 7 Petunia

    easy wave petunia

    NEW Berry VelourNEW Red Velour

    NEW Burgundy Velour

    F1 SPREADING PETUNIAS Petunia x hybrida

    Easy Wave Series

    Plug crop time: 4 to 6 weeksTransplant to finish: Spring 6 weeks, Summer 4 weeks

    Supplied as pelleted seed.

    Exceptional uniformity simplifies production, maximizes plug yields, hits every ship date for every colour and lets you grow specialized mixes. The broadest range of applications for any large-flowered spreading petunia. Fast-growing plants bloom freely all season with little maintenance. New Berry Velour Rosy red in cool night/low light, orange undertones in warmer/high light. Similar in structure to Neon Rose, with flowering time like Blue. Flowers beginning at 10 hours, very fast second flowering. Large, open flower form. PAS982903 U.S. Utility Patent Number 7,642,436; European Utility Patent Applied For

    New Burgundy Velour Rich cabernet with deeper colour at throat. Flowering time like Burgundy Star or Neon Rose. Flowers beginning at 10.5 hours. The most vigorous of the 3 Velour colours. PAS933562 U.S. Utility Patent Number 7,642,436; European Utility Patent Applied For

    New Red Velour The new definition of red! True blood-red colour, with flowering time like Plum Vein. Flowers beginning at 11 hours. The most spreading of the 3 Velour colours. Good seed quality, strong and uniform germination. PAS933560 U.S. Utility Patent Number 7,642,436; European Utility Patent Applied For

    16 Easy Wave varieties and 10 mixtures are available. See pages 8-9 of the 2014 Catalogue for more information.

    Height: 6 to 12 in./15 to 30 cmSpread: 2.5 to 3.25 ft./75 cm to 1 m

  • 8 Angelonia Request your Product Information Guide for full culture details

    serenita angeloniaF1 ANGELONIA Angelonia angustifolia

    Serenita Series Height: 12 to 14 in./30 to 35 cmSpread: 12 to 14 in./30 to 35 cm

    Plug crop time: 5 to 6 weeksTransplant to finish: 8 to 9 weeks

    Supplied as pelleted seed.

    Serenita is an excellent solution where shorter and more manageable material is needed. Great branching and fullness with no pinch. Perfect choice for consumers looking for water-wise, heat-loving plants that wont be ruined by deer and rabbits. New Pink True pink with dark eye joins the series. Robust variety is similar in height to Serenita Purple and has similar flowering time. PAS933541

    All-America Selections Winner

    5 Serenita varieties and a mixture are available. See pages 24-25 of the 2014 Catalogue for more information.

    The no-pinch, low-hassle angelonia

    Serenita and