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Transcript of Palma de Mallorca

  • 1. A week in Palma de Mallorca.

2. At the airport
We were waiting for the teachers and even though we were very tired, it was very exciting because itwas time to go.
The take off to Mallorca tooka long time, and we waited a long time because the airplane was delayed.
3. At the pool
Even though the weather was a little windy and not very sunny, we went swimming anyways.We didnt stop jumping and playing, so it became hot very fast.
4. RidingHorses
Not all the students rode horses, but we, we had a really funny time.
Theroalwasquiet difficult, even thoughentertaining.
5. Visiting Palma
In Palma we were 3 days visitingdifferent monuments and shopping.
It is a really very beautiful and very interesting city to visit.
6. Majoricapearls
and Olive grove
In the morning we visited the majorica pearls andthe truthis that the two stores have very beautiful things, but also very expensives.
7. Bus rides
In the bus we experience more things than in the hotel , but we always had to be careful with all the cameras and if you slept they took pictures.
8. The caves
In thecavesit was verycold, even though thisdidnt prevent us from enjoying thewondersthat are hidden in them.
9. The Cathedral
The cathedral is really beautiful, and quite large.
It Is a monument that you shouldnt forget to visit if you visit Palma de Mallorca.
10. Bicycles
In these excursions we made many crazys things, welaughedlike it wasthelastday, screameduntilsome peoplelost their voice andall just burn tired, but anyway was an unforgettable experience.
11. Night time
Personally I haveto say that during the entire week I sleept approximately ten hours and the truth is that I laughed alotplayingwithmy mates and jokes.
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