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  1. 1. We are an ISO 9001:2000 Certified company, which is engaged inmanufacturing and exporting a quality range of Surgical and Medical Equipmentincluding Surgical Instruments, Equipment, Drapes, Rubber & Plastic Goods andmore.
  2. 2. - Profile -Established in the year 1993, at New Delhi, India, we Pal Surgical Works areone of the leading manufacturers and exporters of a quality range of HospitalSupplies including Holloware, Furniture, Lab Equipment, Monitoring Instruments,Surgical Supplies, Dental Equipment, Weighing Scales, Baby Care Equipment,Autoclaves & Sterilizers, Suction Units and OT Equipment. We have set up aninfrastructure that is well equipped with hi-tech machines, based on cuttingedge technology. Our infrastructural facilities ensure the timely production andthus helps in meeting with ever increasing demands of the customers.Our entire range of equipment and instruments are tested for quality standardsin the advanced and modern laboratory. Demanded widely in MedicalInstitutions, Colleges, Clinics and Hospitals, these equipment are appreciated fordimensional accuracy and high operational efficiency. We started this journeyunder the able guidance of our mentor, Mr. Pramod Pal, who has an experienceof more than two decades in the Medical Field. His sharp business acumen andethical policies have placed among the eminent players of the industry.
  3. 3. Anaesthesia Products:We are engaged in manufacturing and export a quality range of Anesthesia Products. In thisrange, we offer Humidifier Bottles, Guedel Airways, Endotracheal Tubes (PVC), CircleAbsorbers and Re breathing Bags, which are offered in standard specifications. Demandedwidely in Medical Institutions and Hospitals, these products are priced competitively for thebulk buyers. Humidifier Bottle Guedel Airways Endotracheal Tubes (PVC)Circle Absorber
  4. 4. Autoclaves and Sterilizers:We have in store for our customers a wide range of Autoclaves and Sterilizers, which areoffered in steel finish with powder coating paint or S.S. Our range includes Autoclave DoubleDrum, Radial Locking Dressing Drum (s/s) Jointed, Fumigator/Disinfectant S.S, NeedleSyringe Destroyers and Syringe Racks,Autoclave Double DrumAutoclave S.S. (Sterilizer)Radial LockingDressing Drum (s/s)Fumigator/Disinfector S.S.Jointed
  5. 5. Baby Care Equipment:Customers can buy from us a wide range of Baby Care Equipment, which are microprocessorservo controlled circuitry. In this, we offer Baby Incubators, Digital Doppler : P-002 (b),Infant Radiant Warmer and Infant Radiant Warmer, Open care Systems and Micro ProcessorBased control Panels. These equipment are provided with advanced technology and arewidely appreciated for reliable results.Baby IncubatorView Large ImageDigital Doppler : P-002 (b)Fetal Heart Monitor /Doppler: P-001 (a)
  6. 6. Dental Equipment:Available with us is a quality range of Dental Equipment, which are offered in compactdesigns. Our range encompass Dental Chair Hydraulic, Dental Microscope, Dental X-RayUnits, Lab Hand Piece G- Ultra, Orthodontic Pliers, Physiological Dental Chairs and Small X-Ray Viewers. All these equipment are easy to operate,consumes less energy and fullyautomatic.Automatic Autoclaves - Automatic Crown & BridgeUnikLave MiniRemover Contra Angle Hand Piece Control Unit For Micro Motor
  7. 7. Diagnostic Sets:We are a well known manufacturer and exporter of a quality range of Diagnostic Sets. Ourproduct range incudes Oto-ophthalmoscope Set Ent, Parker, Universal, Stethoscope PowerTone, Stethoscope Bell Type, Stethoscope Brass and many more. These diagnostic sets areavailable in plastic & aluminium finish and are demanded widely in Medical Institutions andClinics. Oto-ophthalmoscope SetOto-Ophthalmoscope SetEntParker Oto-Ophthalmoscope Set Regular Model (Mercurial)Universal
  8. 8. Endoscopy Products:Our Endoscopy Products include Anterior Commissioner Laryngoscope, Bronchoscopy,Colonoscopy, Cystoscope, Fiber Optic Light Source Halogen, Laryngoscope, Oesophagoscopeand Proctoscope. These products are offered in light weight and are appreciated foraccurate results and reliable performance. Anterior CommissionerBronchoscopy Laryngoscope Colonoscopy Cystoscope
  9. 9. ENT Products:We are one of the eminent manufacturers and suppliers of a quality range of ENT Products.In this range, we offer Halogen Otoscope, Halogen Otoscopes and Halogen VeterinaryOtoscope, which are offered with metal head in mat finishes with pin contact fitting. Ourcustomers can buy these products at market leading prices from us.Halogen Otoscope (POTO-Halogen Otoscope 001) Halogen Veterinary Halogen VeterinaryOtoscopeOtoscope (HVO-01)
  10. 10. Indian Handicraft Products:Our exclusive range of Indian Handicraft Products include Beaded Candle Votives, BeadedCoasters, Beaded Lamp Shades, Beaded Napkin Rings, Christmas Decorations, CostumeJewelry and Cushion Covers. These products are the example of fine craftsmanship and areappreciated for beautiful designs and patterns.Beaded Candle VotivesBeaded Coasters - 1 Beaded Coasters - 6 Beaded Lamp Shades
  11. 11. Hospital Furniture:We have in store for our customers a wide range of Hospital Furniture like AmbulanceStretcher Trollies, Angle Poise Lamp/Examination Lamps, Hospital Fowler Bed (Ss Bows), Bedside Lockers, Bed side screen (4 panels), Electrical Operation Tables and others. Thesefurniture are dimensionally accurate and offered in application specific designs. Ambulance Stretcher Angle Poise TrolleyLamp/Examination LampHospital Fowler Bed (SsBed side Locker Bows)
  12. 12. Hospital Holloware:We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of a quality range of HospitalHolloware. In this, we offer Bed Pan(s/s) Female with cover (Seamless welded), DressingDrums, Dressing Jars, Feeding Cup S.S, Galli-Pot With Covers and many more. Offered invarious specifications, these hollowware are resistant to corrosion.Bed Pan(s/s) Female with Dressing Drumcover (Seamless welded) Dressing JarFeeding Cup S.S
  13. 13. Hospital Wears:We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting a quality range of Hospital Wears, whichinclude Abdominal Drape, Surgical Drape, Examination Gloves, Elastic Tabular KneeSupport, Disposable Maternity Wears, Arm Drapes and others. These drapes are used by thedoctors to reduce the risk of being infected while performing surgical operations.Abdominal Drape Surgical Drape Examination GlovesElastic Tabular KneeSupport
  14. 14. Laboratory Equipment:We have in store for our customers a wide range of Laboratory Equipment. In this range, weoffer Aging Ovens, C-Pap/Bi-Level Machines, Automatic Autoclaves - Uniklave Mini,Automatic Autoclaves (Uniklave Mini) and many more. These equipment are made usinglatest technology that assure better results and superior quality. Ageing Oven C-Pap/Bi-Level MachineAutomatic Autoclaves -Automatic AutoclavesUniklave Mini(Uniklave Mini)
  15. 15. Test Kits, Reagents and Supplies:We are a well noted manufacturers and exporters of a quality range of Test Kits, Reagents &Supplies. Our product range include Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, RPR Test Kit and Test Kits,Reagents & Supplies. These testing kits are available with different specifications dependingon the requirement and can be bought at industry leading prices. Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Rpr Test Kit Test Kits, Reagents & Supplies
  16. 16. Suction Units:We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting a quality range of Sunction Units, thatinclude Electrical Cum Manual Suction Units, Foot Suction Units, Foot-Suction-Twin bottles,Foot-Suction-Unit- Vertical (Foot Suction Unit) and many more. These suction units areportable and are engineered with plastic moulded parts to ensure durable finish standards.Electrical Cum ManualFoot-Suction-Unit- Suction Unit Vertical (Foot Suction Unit) Foot-Suction-Twin BottleFoot Suction Unit
  17. 17. Laboratory Plasticware:Laboratory Plasticware include Aspirator Bottles, Beaker, Buchner Funnels, Carrier Trays,Centrifuge Tube Conical Bottoms, Conical Flasks Volumetric Flasks and Connectors. Theplastic wares offered by us are light in weight, easy to clean and handle. Aspirator Bottles Laboratory Beaker Buchner Funnel Carrier Tray
  18. 18. Rubbers Goods:We are well recognized manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of Rubber Goods. Inour product range, we offer Breast Pumps, Chloroform Inhalers, Dental Bulbs, Ear Syringes,Hot water bottles, Ice Bags and Kellys Douche Pads. These products are made of qualityrubber and are appreciated for durable finish standards. Breast Pump Chloroform Inhaler Dental Bulbs Ear Syringes
  19. 19. Medical Microscopes:We are involved in manufacturing and exporting a quality range of Medical Microscopes. Inour product range, we offer Advanced Binocular Research Microscopes, Electrical CumManual Suction Units, Automatic Slide Projectors, Binocular Stereo Microscopes and FilmSlide Projectors, which are demanded widely in various Medical Colleges and Institutions. Advanced BinocularElectrical Cum Manual Research MicroscopeSuction UnitAutomatic Slide Projector Binocular Stereo Microscope
  20. 20. Medical Equipment:Customers can buy from us different Medical Equipment such as Vital Signs Monitor,Ventilators, Padeatric Ventilators and Oxygen Concentrators. These items are offered indifferent specifications as per the surgical requirement. Our customers can buy these itemsat industry leading prices from us.Vital Signs Monitor Medical VentilatorPediatric Ventilator Oxygen Concentrator
  21. 21. Monitoring Equipment:Available with us is a wide range of Monitoring Equipment. Our range include CMS (CentralMonitoring System), Defibmon (Defibrillator with monitor), Defib (Plain Defib), ECG MachineCardiomin 3C, ECG Machine Cardiomin (2k) and Holter Monitoring Systems. These equipmentare based on latest technology and are app