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WHAT? NO ANGELS? A Musical Christmas Story

The Story: Paula Powers, a young girl with a successful career in television returns to her home town to produce a Christmas pageant that will show the town how good she is and how much she knows. Lisa, a young girl, who has heard the Christmas story for the first time, asks to be an angel. She discovers that her poor family has a lot in common with Mary, Joseph, and the Shepherds. When she hears that neither these characters nor the angels are part of the show, she drops out. Paula realizes her error and sets things straight.

The Characters: Lisa A young girl, age 7 to 11 Paula - A teenager or young adult with strong singing and acting skills Mrs. Powers A woman old enough to be Paulas mother Mark Paulas younger brother, age 8 to 14, a strong singer D.J. -- A student, age 8-12 Joan D.J.s sister, age 8 -12 Carol D. J.s other sister, 10-14 Trouble A junior high kid who is musical and has musical friends Pastor An adult male Mary A teenage girl Joseph A teenage boy SixTalented Actssee directors notes about the flexibility of these positions.

What? No Angels!

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Choruses: The ShepherdsAs few as three, as many as five The AngelsAs few or as many as needed The Three KingsThree boys between the ages of 4 and 8, or three adults List of Suggested Props: 1. Bulletin board with notices attached. 2. Bible 3. Plastic bag, supposedly brimming over with costumes. The only one that will be seen is a red furry piece of fabric on top. 4. Clip board 5. Cell phone 6. Briefcase 7. Blanket for the Little Shepherd 8. Manger 9. Bench or stools for Mary and Joseph 10. Gifts for the three kings Directors Notes: One of the big scenes in What? No Angels? surrounds an audition for the Christmas Pageant being held in the story. We are suggesting commonly known Christmas songs for vocal solos throughout this story, but the songs in this section provide opportunities. You can use any song and any special talent your church where you see the following: Its Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth Reading of Christmas Story Do You Hear What I Hear Joyful Joyful Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star Dance of the Sugar Plums

What? No Angels!

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You can have Sunday School classes audition if your churchs tradition is to feature all the classes. Or welcome specialty acts, something different than what is suggested. By adjusting the lines surrounding the solo, the production becomes special to your church!

What? No Angels!

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What? No Angels? Rundown(copy for all teachers, stage hands, lighting, sound, costume and other helpers to make notes on)

OVERTURE 1. Scene 1: Carol, Lisa, D.J., Jane, Lisa _____________________________________________________ 2. Scene 2: Lisa _____________________________________________________ 3. Scene 3: Mrs. Powers, Paula, Mark _____________________________________________________ 4. Audition 1: Boy Singer _____________________________________________________ 5. Audition 2: Girl Singer _____________________________________________________ 6. Audition 3: Boy and Girl Actors _____________________________________________________ 7. Audition 4: Ballet Dancer _____________________________________________________ 8. Audition 5: Junior High or High School Musicians _____________________________________________________ 9. Audition 6: Little Star _____________________________________________________ 10. Scene 3a: Paula, Lisa _____________________________________________________ 11. Scene 3b: Paula, Mrs. Powers, Lisa, Pastor _____________________________________________________ 12. Scene 3c: Paula, Mark, Lisa (voice off stage) _____________________________________________________ 13. Music: Paula & Mark _____________________________________________________

What? No Angels!

Page 5Rundown cont.

14. Scene 4: Lisa, Mary, Joseph, and Shepherds _____________________________________________________ 15. Music: Angel Chorus _____________________________________________________ 16. Music: Shepherds _____________________________________________________ 17. Music: Wise Men _____________________________________________________ 18. Scene 5: All _____________________________________________________

What? No Angels!

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Scene 1 (Musical Overture is played which should include parts of three or four songs from the show. As overture ends, stage lights come up. A bulletin board stands at center stage. Four students rushing from school, pull a notice from it as they leave. Lisa is last and she pulls a notice from it and reads.) Lisa: Tryouts for the Christmas pageant, at the Presbyterian Church, will be held on December 20th in the church hall. Anyone interested in participating in the pageant is invited to try out. I always wanted to be an actress( She looks up and scratches her headlooking confused as she crosses to steps stage right) Hmm. I wonder if that's about Santa Claus and Rudolph, or the pictures I see on Christmas cards about angels and shepherds. I've always wondered about things like that, but I'd feel like a nerd if I asked. (She sits on top step.) How come everybody else knows and I don't? (D.J. enters center while, Jane and Carol enter left. D.J. pulls a notice from the board and speaks from center mike. Jane crosses to center as he calls her name. Carol holds at mike three, which is at child height.) D.J.: Hey, Jane! Tryouts for the Christmas pageant will be held at church this Friday. And look, the Pageant's on Sunday. That's not much time. Jane: This is one year when you don't have to worry. Paula Powers is going to direct. D.J: Paula Powers? Carol: (Nodding) She's Mrs. Powers daughter and Mark Powers sister. Jane: Paula's in television in New York. I dont know what she does exactly, but she used to work for the Muppets, then Sesame Street. Mom said she's going to spend Christmas, here, with her parents,

What? No Angels!

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and she offered to write and direct the pageant. D.J.: I hope she knows what she's doing. She'll have to pull it together in a couple of days. Carol: She knows everything about TV shows. Jane: With her experience, this will be the biggest and best pageant this town has ever seen. Lisa: (Standing so the others notice her for the first time) Do you have to be able to sing to be in the pageant? (The children are startled by Lisa's appearance, but recover) D.J.: Oh, no. Sometimes they have a narrator and all kinds of other characters. It depends on the pageant. Lisa: What do you have to do to be in it? Jane: Well, you have to go to tryouts. Lisa: Tryouts? How do you know what part to try out for? D.J.: (Looking confused) It depends on the pageant, but they always tell the Christmas story, so we have shepherds and angels and Joseph and Mary-Lisa: Mary who? Carol (Shocked) Don't you know? Lisa: (Looks embarrassed) I know all about Santa Claus, whos Mary? Is she Mrs. Santa Claus? D.J.: Mary's theBut you must know. Haven't you ever been to Sunday school? Lisa: (Turns away) No, I haven't. I live with my grandmother, and she waitresses on

What? No Angels!

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Jane: Doesn't your mother take you? Lisa: My mother died when I was two. D.J.: (Exchanges glances with Jane and Carol. They feel concerned, but don't know how to handle this.) Well-Lisa: (Turns back.) Can I tryout if I don't belong to the church? Jane: Of course, you can. Review the Christmas Story and decide what part you want to play. Lisa: What Christmas story? Carol: Don't you know the story of Christmas? Lisa: I know "The night before Christmas", and I know there's something else from the pictures on Christmas cards. You know shepherds and kings, and Santa ClausHe must be God from the way the stores promote him. D.J: Nothe real Christmas story isn't like that. You should read it, yourself. Lisa: You mean there's a book at the library? Jane: (Crosses to Lisa). It's in the Bible. Don't you have a Bible? Lisa: No. But I got a library card! Jane: We have several. Why don't you walk home with us? We'll give you a copy. Lisa: (Speaking as they exit stage right) Will it tell me about the star? Carol: Nods Lisa: Will it tell me what the shepherds did?

What? No Angels!

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Carol: Lisa, it will tell you everything. (Lights out. Prop people hand Lisa a Bible.) Scene Two (Lights up) (Lisa enters carrying a Good News Bible. She is reading and walks slowly across the front as she did before.) Lisa: (She pauses and turns, as if thinking) So that's why so many Christmas cards have pictures of a barn. I've always wondered about that. (She turns and walks off reading) There were some shepherds in that part of the country, who were spending the night in the fields, taking care of their flock...They had to sleep outside? Maybe they were poor like me(continues reading) This tells me everything. (Lisa Exits) (Blackout on Stage) (Prop people remove bulletin board and place a table and chair at stage right and one at stage Left). Scene 3 (Stage lights up. At Center Stage Mrs. Powers is speaking to the children seated in the audience.) Mrs. Powers: I want to thank all of you for coming to tryouts today, and I'm sorry for the delay. Paula expected to be here at three, but she called on her cell phone and said she ran into a traffic jam-Paula: (Enters from center aisle carrying an enormous plastic bag full of costumes and a briefcase. Paula is a take-charge person who speaks with enthusiasm and authority.) It was no traffic jam, it was a traffic nightmare. (She hugs Mrs. Powers) Hi, Mom! (She glances around.)