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  • Point O’ View The News of the Fairview Family Page 1

    Point O’ View

    The Newsletter of the Fairview Family

    Spring 2010

    Inside This Issue

    Administrator’s Message 1

    Advertise in Point O’ View 1

    Fundraising Report 2

    Thank You To Our Donors 3

    Family Member Makes



    Resident Council Holds

    Fundraiser for Haiti


    Grand Lodge of CT Donation 4

    NewportFed Makes Donation 4

    Fairview Residents’ New

    Year’s Eve Party


    Volunteer Profile 5

    Intergenerational Programs 5

    Intergenerational Reading



    Infection Control Tips 6

    Recreation Tidbits 6

    Volunteers Organize Library 6

    Charter Oak Donation 6

    Stonington Lodge Donates to

    Social Service Agencies


    Children’s Christmas Party at



    Fairview Hosts Business



    Mardi Gras Party 7

    Wish List 8

    Fairview Odd Fellows Home of



    Nursing &

    Rehabilitation Center

    Fellowship Manor

    Independent Retirement


    Friends Learning


    Child Development



    Mary Sepowitz

    A word from the Administrator…

    This seems to have been an exceedingly long,

    bleak, cold and snowy winter. I know most of

    us will be thrilled when the first bright sunny

    warm days arrive. With the advent of spring

    and these long awaited sunny days comes re-

    newal. This year we will all have to collec-

    tively use this spirit of rebirth to look at the

    ways we provide care to our residents at Fair-

    view and become better at what we do in an

    extremely challenging environment that has

    been riddled with cuts in our reimbursement.

    Medicare is cutting back and covering fewer

    services, Medicaid has only increased our

    rates by one percent in five years, our hard

    working and dedicated employees have had

    their wages frozen and we continually ask the

    question of how can we do a better job with

    fewer resources and when will this end??

    Along with our dedicated staff, Fairview has

    been blessed with many individuals who have

    generously donated time and money to insure

    that these severe budget cuts do not negatively

    affect our mission. These individuals and cor-

    porations are vital to insure our reputation, the

    quality of our care and our five- star rating re-

    mains intact during these challenging eco-

    nomic times.

    Please continue to remember us in your

    prayers, in your generosity and your kind

    words as we struggle forward.

    James K. Malloy, Administrator



    For a very small investment you will now

    be able to advertise in the Point O’ View. We publish quarterly in the spring, sum-

    mer, fall and winter. Our circulation is

    close to 1600. Proceeds from advertise- ments will help pay for printing and mail-

    ing costs. Rates are as follows:

    Full-page – 7.25 x 9.75 $135.00

    ½ page – 7.25 x 4.75 $85.00

    ¼ page – 3.5 x 4.75 $50.00 1/8 page – 3.5 x 2 (business card) $35.00

    Ads must be camera ready and can be e- mailed to no

    later than 2 weeks before the beginning of

    each publication month in order to be included in the next month’s mailing. All

    ads will be in black and white. Checks

    can be made payable to Fairview and sent to: 235 Lestertown Road, Groton, CT

    06340. If you have any questions please

    contact David Brown at 860-448-4722 or at

    Fairview Odd Fellows Home of Connecticut, 235 Lestertown Road, Groton, CT 06340 - Telephone 860-445-7478

    Please visit our website at

  • Point O’ View The News of the Fairview Family Page 2

    Fairview Odd Fellows Home of Connecticut, 235 Lestertown Road, Groton, CT 06340 - Telephone 860-445-7478

    Please visit our website at

  • Point O’ View The News of the Fairview Family Page 3


    We wish to thank the donors listed below who made a donation to Fairview during the period November 20, 2009

    through March 10, 2010. Your support directly benefits our residents and helps to enhance their quality of life.

    Annual Fund: Richard Adler

    William Andrew

    Clinton Babcock

    Ann Barnes

    Charlie & Anita Beebe

    Ken Binder

    David & Louise Brown

    Mary Buck

    Deborah Burdick

    Michael Caronia

    Harry Colonis

    Elizabeth Colson

    Frances Corey

    Joan Damon

    Helen Dey

    Kieran Dignam

    Robert Donovan

    Thomas Ellis

    Bud & Barbara Fay

    Loudon Fairgrieve

    Donna Fedors

    Lucille Feeney

    Richard & Rebecca Foreman

    Christine Fournier

    Mary Francischelli

    Dora Goldman

    Grand Lodge of CT I.O.O.F.

    Ramon Haynes

    Nels Hedberg

    Nancy Hileman

    Cardinal Honda

    Ralph Gay

    Brian Gregory

    Susan Kania

    Dr. & Mrs. James Kelly

    Lathrop Vending, Inc.

    John Leandri

    Ken Martin

    Kevin McGuire

    Mechanics Lodge #73

    Morin Associates

    Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Morren

    Patricia Munson

    Janet Newberry

    Jerry Olson

    Osprey Lodge #20 I.O.O.F.

    Roger Panciera

    Kelly Parks

    Carol Rogers

    Robert Rubega

    Thomas Scott

    Bonnie Butcher Smith

    Robert Smith

    Edward Steward

    Arthur & Betty Swan

    Marilyn Turkowski

    George Ververis, Jr.

    Francis Wehner

    Patricia Williams

    Julia Wood


    Carl Pudeler, Jr.

    Stonington Lodge #26 I.O.O.F.

    Car Raffle:

    Margaret Francis

    Mary Francis

    David Silvia

    Dr. Christopher Morren


    John Waterhouse – In Memory of:

    Sean Connor Dullea

    James Morin

    Connie Parent

    Charlotte E. Waterhouse


    Al Lamy



    Nursing Fund:

    JJK Foundation

    Recreation Fund:

    Robert Niles

    Pfizer, Inc.

    Residents’ Fund:


    Marlene Estabrooks

    Technology Fund:

    Columbia Rebekah #15 I.O.O.F.

    In Honor of Dr. Edward McDermott:

    Bill Bogel

    In Honor of George Ververis, Jr.

    W. Wynn Riley

    In Memory of Mary Aiello:

    Paula Reed

    In Memory of David Babcock:

    Bernard Pisacich

    Bill Vogel

    In Memory of Elliott Barnes:

    Ann Barnes

    In Memory of Beatrice Bibeault:

    Edward & Rita Steward

    In Memory of John & Jen Bitters:

    John Bitters

    In Memory of Dorothy Booty:

    William Kane

    Robert Spayne

    Yetta Rutchick

    In Memory of Clarissa DeAngelis:

    Joan DeAngelis

    Margaret Iversen

    Evelyn Patrick

    Antoinette Poisson

    Charles Scopelitis

    Patricia Sheflott

    Marjorie Spinnatto

    In Memory of Cecelia Demers:

    Edward Pellegri

    In Memory of Ruth Dieter:

    George Dieter

    In Memory of Harriet Doukas:

    Cherokee Christian School

    Essex Products Group

    Dana Gaffney

    Dennis Updike

    In Memory of Alton & Virginia Emery

    Curtis Boyd

    In Memory of Lucienne Gagnon:

    Joseph Gagnon

    Suzanne Maryeski

    In Memory of Peggy Gill:

    Nancy Driscoll

    Billy Joe Foreman

    Catherine Lange

    Marjorie Spinnato

    In Memory of Ann Linehan:

    Edward Linehan

    In Memory of Dorothy Maxson:

    Horace Lamb

    Stephen McPherson


    In Memory of David Munson:

    Pat Munson

    In Memory of Louis Orsini:

    Hank Lucas

    In Memory of Patricia Rubega:

    Albert Romboni

    In Memory of Anthony Spinnato:

    Sheila Bishop

    Margaret Caraldi

    Nancy Driscoll

    Joan Feeney

    Lucille Feeney

    Rosemarie Fogarty

    Billy Joe Foreman

    Edward Hart

    Theodore Hespeler

    Peggy Lewis

    Raymond Lewis

    James Malloy

    Robert Solt

    Marjorie Spinnato

    In Memory of Geneva Stearns:

    Billy Joe Foreman

    In Memory of Margery Wagner:

    LAFRA Unit

    L&M Pharmacy Sunshine Club

    Susan Mickus

    Lorry Taylor

    In Memory of Franc