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  • 7/30/2019 Package Tourism in Kerala



    Project Report



    Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for

    Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

    (Travel & Tourism)


    Residency compound, Thycaud, Trivandrum 14.

    2006 2008

  • 7/30/2019 Package Tourism in Kerala


    I hereby declare that this project work entitled Package Tourism :Its

    Significance in Tourism industry, is a genuine record of data and

    information collected by me and submitted to Kerala Institute of Tourism

    and Travel Studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements of Post

    Graduate Diploma in Business Administration Travel and Tourism.

    Trivandrum RANJINI.N.V

    15/02/2008 PGDBA - 7


  • 7/30/2019 Package Tourism in Kerala


    I wish to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to Mr. Venugopal

    C.K Faculty, Kitts for his valuable advice and timely encouragement to

    complete my project.

    I express my profound thanks to Mr. Dileep, Course Coordinator,Mrs. Sindhu, Ms. Niruba Sethukumari- Librarian, Kerala Institute of

    Tourism and Travel Studies for their enthusiastic encouragement and

    sustained interest in my project.

    I also take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards my family

    members and friends for being a constant source of support and

    encouragement whenever, I felt discouraged.

    Above all I thank Almighty GOD for giving me health, courage andwisdom to complete this project.



  • 7/30/2019 Package Tourism in Kerala


    Chapter Page no.

    1. Introduction.6

    2. Early origins7

    3. Significance and Effects of Modern inclusive Industry...8

    4. Cyclical Nature Of This Inclusive Industry..8

    5. Basic Holiday Model...9

    6. Direction And Control In The Inclusive Holiday Industry.10

    7. Service Quality in Inclusive Holiday Industry.....11

    8. Customer orientation In Holiday Service Management..............12

    9. Customer Satisfaction.12

    10. Influence Of Holiday Makers Expectations Of Service Qualities.13

    11. Creating markets.14

    12. A hierarchy Of Holiday Buying Decisions...15

    13. Branding Inclusive Holidays......1514. Distributing Inclusive Holidays..15

    15. Push and Pull Distribution Strategies...16

    16. Trade Association and Regulation Of Holiday Industry.....16

    17. Tour Operating.17

    18. Marketing Inclusive Holidays..18

    19. Inclusive Holidays-Features and Advantages....19

    20. How Can We Design A Holiday...20

    21. Components Of Tourist Packages...21

    22. A Brief Study About Kerala Package Tourism..25

    23. Conclusion..29


  • 7/30/2019 Package Tourism in Kerala



    Inclusive holiday has significant importance in the tourismindustry. They are readymade holidays exclusive for the special interested

    tourists.transport, accommodation and package concept has primary

    importance in the inclusive travel. The secondary elements constitutesdestination attributes, activities,.attraction and leisure infrastructure.

    Tourists expectations, entrepreneurial creativity, employee skills and

    investors capital are the main inputs of this industry. This inclusive holiday

    system has economic, community, environment and ecology impacts. There

    may be external influences such as tastes, competition, technology,

    legislation, demographics and politics. The service quality in the inclusive

    industry is also important. There is a wide spread emphasis on ensuring the

    quality of an organizations products and seeking improvements in

    specifications and performance.


  • 7/30/2019 Package Tourism in Kerala


    Tourism, like most social activities, can be more fullyunderstood by identifying the events which led up to contemporary

    situations and considering changes in relationships between key elements of

    the system over time. The history of inclusive holidays is quite brief, but

    since the end of Second World War it has enabled significant number of

    people from the wealthier nations to travel for leisure through out the world.

    The inclusive holiday industry consists of several discrete elements, notably

    the various accommodation providers and other destination based

    businesses, transport, tour operators and travel retailers. The success of

    industry depends upon how effectively they work together to create

    satisfying holiday experiences for the clients. The industrys success can be

    considered from the perspective of each organization involved in supplying

    elements to the industry, and from that of residents in destination areas.

    There is a wide spread emphasis on ensuring the quality of an organizations

    products, and seeking improvements in specification and performance.

    All types of enterprise recognize the significance of

    providing satisfying products and services to the customers. Similarly there

    is a wide spread emphasis on ensuring the quality of an organizationsproducts, and seeking improvements in specification and performance. The

    marketing and development of the inclusive holiday is also significant. a

    clear understanding of the customers are ,what the benefits they seek and

    how to present offers to them is crucial to success of any company operating

    in a competitive environment. Inclusive holidays are only one form of

    leisure travel, providing clients with the key advantages of economy and

    convenience over making independent arrangements.

    The role of tour operators in creating package holidays is

    central to the inclusive travel industry. The travel retailers make these

    services easily accessible to clients through the traditional full service travel

    agencies and the holiday shops which can now be found in the majority of

    shopping centers in a typical case, tourists purchase their holiday from a


  • 7/30/2019 Package Tourism in Kerala


    local travel agent after selecting between the brochures of many alternative

    tour operators.

    By the end of the nineteenth century ,although travel was

    much slower than now and relatively more expensive, much of the present

    day form of tourism was becoming evident ,with organized groups of

    travelers paying a professional organizer to make the arrangements for their

    leisure itineraries around Europe and further afield. One of the most

    successful entrepreneurs was the Thomas Cook, who contributed a lot to this

    industry. Many other travel organizers became established in Europe and

    America, the core business activities common to them all being the

    packaging travel, accommodation and excursion arrangements.Winter sports are begun to feature as a travel motive .within a

    few years growing interest of skiing also encouraged. Thus the holiday

    industries demand were beginning to alter the infrastructure and

    environment of destination areas.

    Factors in the growth of foreign holiday taking

    technological developments in transport

    improvements in telecommunications

    developments of computerized reservation systems

    tourism entrepreneurs creativity

    investment in tourism infra structure development in destination areas

    increases in standards of living in countries of tourist origin

    increased awareness of destination


  • 7/30/2019 Package Tourism in Kerala


    lifestyle changes

    demographic changes

    Within a span of four decades, the varied forms of

    international leisure tourism have become established as one of the

    dominant economic and social activities of the late twentieth century .by theend of 1080s British tour operators, retail travel agents, airline and hotel

    groups and many other organizations were geared up to produce an sell

    some 12 million overseas package tour annually. How ever the mid

    1990s , the volume of overseas holidays sold by British tour operators had

    dropped to about 10 million ,and a range of problems were become apparent


    The key social achievement of this industry is its ability to

    provide easy and affordable international travel to large numbers of people,

    thus broadening their experience of the diversity of human culture and otherenvironments and ecologies, in an affordable, leisure oriented context. But

    this depends on the packaging the elements of travel, accommodation and

    destination activities. As a result of this packaging of travel get opportunities

    is that tourists tend to go to same places, meeting other holiday takers from

    similar backgrounds, and sharing with them their experience of the cultures

    and places which they visit.

    Even within its brief history, tourism has exhibited the

    characteristics s of a cyclical industry. The pattern is that higher level of


  • 7/30/2019 Package Tourism in Kerala


    demand is stimulated by price reduction or the relaxation of control over

    international travel. In the resultant boom tour operators charter more plans

    to book additional hotel rooms. In turn, this stimulates investment i air fleets

    and in the construction of new hotels or new resorts.

    Further more despite the industrys impressive four decade

    record of growth, a variety of factors can occur both in origin and

    destination markets to depress demand. These include economic