Oxnard Gem & Mineral Society, Oxnard Ca. August 2016, Volume Oxnard Gem & Mineral Society,...

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Transcript of Oxnard Gem & Mineral Society, Oxnard Ca. August 2016, Volume Oxnard Gem & Mineral Society,...

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    Oxnard Gem & Mineral Society, Oxnard Ca. August 2016, Volume 54, Issue 5

    K. Kish OGMS Editor

    P.O. Box 246 Oxnard, Ca.


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    Oxnard Gem & Mineral Society, Oxnard Ca. August 2016, Volume 54, Issue 5

    The Oxnard Gem & Mineral Society is a non-profit organization formed to increase our knowledge in geology, mineralogy and other such related fields in the earth sciences. We classify, cut, grind and polish rocks and minerals for

    our personal collections and to display at club shows. We learn from each other through club speakers, programs and

    monthly fieldtrips. We co-operate with other clubs to encourage others to participate in our activity.

    The Oxnard Gem & Mineral Society is a member of the State of California Federation of Mineralogical Society and the

    National Federation of Mineralogical Society.

    Meeting held: 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:30 P.M. Potlucks: 6:30 P.M.

    Pebble Pups meet each month at 6:00 P.M. prior to the meeting

    Place: Performing Arts Center, 800 Hobson Way, Oxnard, CA (Thousand Oaks Room)

    Dues: $15.00 per adult; $2.00 per junior member (age 12 to 18 years)

    OGMS Officers for 2016 President Donna Knapton 1st Vice President (Program) Louisa Carey / Jean pSmith (co-chair) 2nd Vice President (Show) Diane Cook

    3rd Vice President (Field trips) Bob Driskell, Larry Knapton, Adrian Ruiz, Carolyn Howe (co-chair)

    Recording Secretary Laura Driskell

    Treasurer Miriam Tetreault, Stephanie Hagiwara (co-chair)

    Appointed Officers Corresponding Secretary Laura Driskell


    Displays/Exhibits Open

    Editor Karen Kish

    e-mail:info@oxnardgem.com Education Director Donna Knapton


    Federation Director Louisa Carey

    Historian open Hospitality Candy Marshall, Janice Albertsen

    Librarian Carolyn Howe

    Member at Large Adrian Ruiz

    Membership Secretary Carolyn Howe

    Public Relations Norb Tackman


    Pebble Pups

    Laura Driskell

    Louisa Carey

    Refreshments Scholarships

    Candy Marshall, Laura Driskell Kay Hara

    Sergeant at Arms Bob Driskell

    Ways & Means


    2016 Show Officers


    Publicity Exhibitors


    Larry Knapton

    Stephanie Hagiwara

    Diane Cook

    Open Open

    Miriam Tetreault

    Classes: Silversmithing & Casting: Nancy Bogart, Jean p-Smith

    Lapidary, Opal & Wirewrap: Kay Hara, Brett Johnson

    Location: Durley Park, 950 West Hill Street, Oxnard, CA 93030

    Editor: All members are encouraged to offer an article of interest or any suggestions as to what their interests

    are and what they’d like to see in the Rock Bag. Remember it is your bulletin! Articles can be submitted by

    an e-mail attachment or in writing by the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Thanks, Editor

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    Oxnard Gem & Mineral Society, Oxnard Ca. August 2016, Volume 54, Issue 5

    President’s Message

    Hello, Everyone!

    Just back a couple of days from the big Agate show in Wisconsin. We saw some beautiful agates. They had the best of the Lake Superior, Fairburn, Dryheads, Patigonian and Mexican agates, the most fabulous agates from all over the world! They were beautiful to see, but I was left with the same feeling as I have had the last few years at Tucson. The days of improving your collections with the bargains at big shows are getting fewer and farther apart. The excellent agates that would fit in a perky box (1 in X 1 in X 1 in) were hundreds of dollars. A nice looking one, 2 X 3 inchs, was from $400 to $1000. Up until about 10 years ago you would go to Tucson to pick up two or three nice new specimens from exotic places you weren’t likely to make it to, for your collection. The cost now is so prohibitive; you go to shows to LOOK at the beautiful minerals. It looks to me like the BIG Dealers are buying to sell to other BIG dealers who keep a specimen a couple of years, then sell to another BIG dealer (at a profit of course). There are still some reasonable materials out there—but you have to look hard and be on your toes now. An alternative is to be alert at our local shows and silent auctions. I saw an excellent piece of Dinosaur bone, red, yellow, and green in one piece, sell at a LuNeal auction not long ago for less than $10. We saw a very comparable (maybe not as good) on the trip for $850. Adrian got a dino coprolite at the last auction for less than $10, and on the trip $60.min. Jim B.T. bought a full cycad bulb that had been through 2 auctions with no bids for $100 that could easily sell for $1000 on the internet. Use our local shows and auctions to your advantage! Or better yet—go on a field trip and get your own!!!

    Program for the August Meeting:

    “A Country Fair with Open Air”

    There will NOT be a general meeting at the Performing Arts Center in Oxnard.

    Instead Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016, Oxnard Gem & Mineral Society will be joining the fun

    at opening day of the Ventura County Fair.

    If you would like to volunteer to help in the Gem & Mineral building for 4 hours you get a

    free fair ticket. The help is needed and very rewarding. It consists of making sure people

    don’t bring drinks and food in, keeping the glass clean and sharing the love of our hobby

    with kids and adults. Some that may be seeing gems and fossils up close for the first time.

    Please contact Superintendent-Diane Cook (805)-648- 3376 x 173 or (805)-889- 1209 or

    myself to get on the list. Reserve your time slot now and then stay to check out all the

    other wonderful things the fair has to offer.

    Rocks Rock,

    Louisa May Carey


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    Oxnard Gem & Mineral Society, Oxnard Ca. August 2016, Volume 54, Issue 5

    August Pebble Pups Program Calling all Pebble Pups!

    If you are not at the opening day of the Ventura County Fair Wednesday Aug. 3rd 2016 we

    would love to have you come to Pebble Pups and make some new friends and some rock animals

    using all kinds of fun material including googly eyes.

    Newcomers always welcome and never go home empty handed.

    The meeting will be held in the Thousand Oaks room of the Oxnard Performing Arts

    Convention Center (800 Hobson Way, Oxnard) the first Wednesday of the month at 6:00pm

    Rocks ROCK!


    Field Trips

    AUG 3 OGMS Ventura County Fair Night (OGMS) Wed 8 AM · Hosted by Oxnard Gem & Mineral Society, Field Trips

    Oxnard, California 93030

    SEP16 Greenhorn Mountain OGMS) Sep 16 - Sep 18 · 2 guests

    Frog Meadow Campground

    Oxnard Show Update

    Hi Everyone – just an update on our 2016 Show – the Show dates will be November 19 & 20, 2016 with set up on Friday, November 18th. Our theme this year will be Feldspar – highlighting Labradorite and Amazonite. There are still some positions that need to be filled, so please if you are interested in volunteering and helping the club

    with our Annual Show, please contact me.

    Diane Cook (805) 647-8517 or johndianedaisy@yahoo.com Thank you.

    Is it Hard or Tough? The terms “hardness” and “toughness” are sometimes confused when comparing qualities of gemstones, and

    there is a great deal of difference. Diamond is by far and away the hardest, for it will scratch, cut, or polish

    any other stone. But for toughness (resistance to chipping and breaking), jade has it beat by a country mile.

    A diamond will easily cut and scratch jade, but a jade hammer can crush diamond to powder. The cross-

    matted structure of jade makes it almost impossible to break. Never fear if you accidentally drop a solid jade

    cabochon on cement. If it breaks, better check it, it’s probably not jade. The Chinese used jade as an anvil

    just as we use steel; sometimes the same anvil was used for several generations. Jade, used for axes and

    hammer-like tools centuries ago, was a practical, useful, and highly valued material. From Mineral Mite,

    6/00; via The Conglomerate 10/15, via The Backbender’s Gazette 1/16, via WGMS 2016-04, via Delvings

    https://www.facebook.com/events/463385357197592/ https://www.facebook.com/events/201932230145335/ mailto:johndianedaisy@yahoo.com

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    Oxnard Gem & Mineral Society, Oxnard Ca. August 2016, Volume 54, Issue 5


    AUGUST 3 – AUGUST 14, 2016

    Fair theme: A Country Fair with Ocean Air

    GEMS & MINERALS DEPARTMENT Superintendent – Diane Cook

    (805) 889-1209 or (805) 648-3376 x 173 gemsandhobbies@venturacountyfair.org

    Entry Guides are on the fair website: www.venturacountyfair.org Click 2016 Fair, then up on top drop down menu, click on Fair Entry Guides, then scrow down to Gems & Minerals Entry Guide – there you will find all the classes and rules for your entries. Single specimens, cases, jewelry, beading, silver smithing, a Division and Class for everyone! Share with