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Transcript of Overview of WoC Activities WoC Update: School Visitation Program ¢â‚¬¢ WoC...

  • LTWP Project Overview Presentation October 2016


    Overview of WoC Activities

    6 August 2019

  • Winds of Change (WoC)

    • Improving access to water: Improving water sources for community.

    • Enhancing employability: Vocational education and education infrastructure.

    • Supporting health services: Support County Gov. to increase access to

    health services.

    • Livelihoods: Supporting enterprise development.

    • Discretionary community spend: Community peace building initiatives and

    other ad hoc activities; e.g. Sarima 10 km run / cultural festival / football in



    WoC is a Foundation of LTWP, focused on implementing community development

    projects. WoC started in June 2015 and focuses on:

    WoC newsletters are produced every six

    months and available on LTWP website


  • Construction and handover of laboratory to

    Nyiro Girls Sec. School

    Fig. 1: Completed work top tables Fig. 2: Rear side view of completed structure

    Fig. 3 – 5: Official handover ceremony at Nyiro Girls Sec. School on 10 October 2017

  • Construction & Handover of 60,000L water storage tanks

    & solar system to Mt. Kulal Girls Sec. School

    Fig. 1: Students welcoming guests Fig. 2: Unveiling of project plaque

    Fig. 3 – 4: Song and dance by parents of students

  • Construction & handover of 80pax dormitory to

    Nyiro Boys Sec. School

    Fig. 1: Students welcoming guests

    Fig. 1: Completed dormitory and newspaper coverage

    Fig. 3 – 4: Song and dance by parents of students

  • Sarima school extension and donation of desks

    Fig. 2: Unveiling of project plaque

    Fig.1: Sarima Primary School classroom and extension structure

    Fig.2: Donated desks at Sarima Primary School

  • Fig. 1: External front and side view of completed structure

    Fig. 2: Terrazzo floor finish

    Fig. 3: Shelves fitted in storage room

    Construction of two classrooms for new Loiyangalani

    Youth Polytechnic

  • Korr IT Centre

    • Set-up and operational since Feb. 2017 and handed over to County Govt. in Nov. ‘17.

    • Installed solar system and donated equipment, including 10 desktops.

    • Helped to set-up Mgt. Board (15 pax.) & Management Team (5 pax.).

    • Training provided to Board and Management Team (1–7 May 2017) on financial

    management; documentation and record keeping; and, commercialization of the Centre.

    Fig. 1: Lesson at Korr IT. Centre.

  • Laboratory at Korole Boys Sec. School in Kargi

    • - Laboratory completed

    • - Handed over on 27 March 2019

    • - Contracted local contractor ‘Galgurah Ltd.’

  • WoC Update: School Visitation Program

    • WoC School Visitation Program commenced in July 2018.

    • Objective: Visit and speak with students at secondary schools in Laisamis Constituency.

    Talks focus on the wind farm & provide an overview of the types of jobs that people have

    at the LTWP project and what they studied to get them where they are today.

    • Different LTWP Guest Speakers take part.

    • Talks held at six schools so far. Most recently: Nyiro Boys Sec. School 7 March ‘19.

    Figure 1:Vestas Site Manager explaining the

    wind farm to Nyiro Girls’ students

    Figure 2: Students watching a video about the LTWP



  • Installation of solar systems to Illaut & Lontolio dispensaries and Mt. Kulal Girls Sec. School

    Fig. 1: Official handover ceremony in Illaut

    Fig. 2: Power at Lontolio dispensary

  • Installation and handover of solar system to Laisamis Hospital

  • Upgrade included: Solar power lighting, solar

    fridge installed, delivery beds and ward beds,

    shelves, furniture, patients’ toilets, incinerator,

    pallets, and water tanks installed

    Upgraded facility and installed solar system at Buriaramia dispensary

  • • Agreement with County Govt.: WoC

    to construct facility and hand it over

    to the County Govt., who will then

    manage the facility like all other

    dispensaries in Marsabit County

    • All construction works have been

    completed, i.e. the dispensary;

    toilets; nurse house and kitchen;

    battery and medicine storage

    facilities; and, shaded waiting area.

    Construction of dispensary in Sarima

  • Maternity building for Kurungu dispensary

  • 12-months HIV/AIDS & Road Safety Awareness Campaign across Laisamis Constituency








    Total no of Individuals sensitized

    Males Females

  • Mission to Heal - Health Outreach Program

    Partnering with an American NGO to provide training to doctors and nurses working in

    health centres in Laisamis Constituency, as well as to carry out some general surgical


    Date Activity

    10 April Wind Farm / Gatab

    11 – 16 April Gatab Hospital, 5 days.

    17 April Gatab / Loiyangalani

    18 – 22 April Loiyangalani dispensary, 5 days.

    23 April Loiyangalani / Kurungu

    24 – 28 April Kurungu Dispensary, 5 days.

    29 April Kurungu / Buri-Aramia

    30 April – 4 May Buri Aramia dispensary, 5 days.

    5 May Buri-Aramia / Laisamis

    6 –10 May Working at Laisamis Hospital.

    11 May Leave for further M2H activities.


  • Borehole, livestock trough, pump house and

    water storage tanks in Lonjorin & Ntil

    Fig. 3 – 5: Ongoing construction works for pump house, livestock trough and water tanks’ structure at Ntil

    Fig. 1 - 2: Completed water storage tanks, pump house and livestock trough in Lonjorin

  • Water projects in Illaut and Laga El Fereji

    Fig. 1: Want tanks’ base in Illaut

    Fig. 2: Livestock trough in Illaut

    Fig. 1: Handover of water storage tanks in Laga El Fereji

  • Fig. 1: Water kiosk in Arge village

    Fig. 2: Arge community members obtaining water from kiosk taps

    14km water pipeline and two water

    kiosks in Arge

  • Borehole, reverse osmosis system (solar

    powered) and livestock troughs in Sarima

    Fig. 1: Reverse Osmosis system inside pump house Fig. 2: Outside view of pump house and solar system

  • 7km water pipeline repair in Larachi

    Fig.1.: Water being accessed by community members and

    livestock after completion of works

    Fig.2: Repaired water pipeline


  • Across Laisamis Constituency

    100 Mattresses for Kurungu Primary School El Molo Bay Primary: Donation of football kit

    School uniforms and bags donated to 10 primary

    schools in Laisamis constituency.Distribution of sanitary products

  • Current Projects: Rendille Heer Cultural Ceremony

    On 21 and 22 March 2019, WoC supported the Heer ceremony, a Rendille ceremony, that celebrates the right to passage from boy to manhood within the Rendille community.

  • • During the Christmas festive season, WoC

    supported five youth sports’ tournaments in

    Laisamis Constituency by donating 20 footballs

    and volleyballs as well as 200 LTWP/WoC t-

    shirts; and,

    • The sports’ tournaments were held in Laisamis,

    Loiyangalani, Kargi, Korr and Mt. Kulal between

    20 December 2018 and 10 January 2019.

    Supporting Youth Sports Tournaments

  • Lake Turkana Cultural Festival Loiyangalani

    LTWP sponsored 7 communities, a VIP Cocktail and had a

    booth at the festival site with a photo exhibition

    Fig.1.: LTWP stand at Cultural Festival

    Fig.2.: Discussions with former Governor

    at VIP cocktail photo exhibition

  • LTWP/WoC Open Days on site

    • Open Days at wind farm site every six months.

  • Annual Sarima 10km Run

  • Community Store and chief’s office in


    Fig 1.: Facility for storing food aid and chief’s office

  • Police quarters in Loiyangalani

    Fig. 2 &3 : Senior staff houses, as seen from

    outside and inside

    Fig 1.: Junior staff accommodation units

  • Winds of Change community projects


    Ref Activity Location

    1 Sarima Pri school extension Sarima

    2 Nyiro Girls Sec School laboratory South Horr

    3 Nyiro Boys Sec School dormitory South Horr

    4 Kulal Girls Sec School solar system Mt. Kulal

    5 Kurungu Pri School, mattresses Kurungu

    6 Solar pump installation; livestock troughs Gatab

    7 Borehole and water filtration system Sarima

    8 14km water pipeline Arge

    9 Water storage tanks; livestock trough Laga Elfereji

    10 Community borehole Loonjorin

    11 Borehole generator Ol turot

    12 Kulal Girls Sec School water system Mt. Kulal

    13 Maternity ward Kurungu

    14 Laisamis hospital so