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  • Nearly

    300 social grocery stores supported in France

    2,200 stores mobilised for the fi rst

    international collection campaign organised by Carrefour in 2013

    Conception: Carrefour group Communications Department – September 2014. Creation and production: . Photo credits: Anthony Voisin, Lionel Barbe, French federation of Food Banks, Emmaüs Défi, J. Lumien/Secours populaire français, Oana Livadariu, Caritas Poland, Unicef, Marta Nascimento/REA, Christophe Gay/Skyzone, Aymeric Warmé-Janville, SOS Children’s Villages, Carrefour library, all rights reserved. Paper: the Carrefour group has made a commitment to responsible management of its paper purchases. The paper used in this document is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. This certification attests to compliance with a set of internationally recognised forest management principles and criteria. The aim of FSC is to promote environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management. Printing: this document was produced by Frazier, FSC and ISO 14001 environmental management system (EMS) certified. Frazier has received the Imprim’Vert brand, meeting requirements for hazardous waste management, secure storage of hazardous materials and toxic products exclusion.

    77 million meals donated

    to charitable organisations worldwide in 2013


    2,300 employee volunteers involved

    in solidarity programmes on a daily basis


    400 solidarity projects funded

    by the Carrefour Foundation since 2000

    More than

    100 emergency actions worldwide

    since the fi rst intervention in 1998

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    be, eric The les ier, ure

    With 10,412 stores in 34 countries, Carrefour is the partner of more than 10 million customers. Everywhere its stores are located, the Carrefour group engages and invests in programmes aimed at promoting solidarity through collection, redistribution, support, awareness campaigns, mobilisation, training, cooperation and emergency aid actions. Through the solidarity actions conducted on a daily basis by its 365,000 employees, Carrefour’s continuous concern is to produce concrete and positive results for those in need.


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    For Carrefour, being involved in solidarity means helping people every day in the countries in which the Group

    operates. Drawing on its profession as a retailer and its knowledge of local conditions, Carrefour provides

    support for people of all social backgrounds and works with non-profit organisations to address a highly diverse range of issues at local, national and international levels.

    Open to the world, one of Carrefour’s missions is to strengthen ties between populations by supporting the development of people and communities in need and their integration. To that end, Carrefour is involved in food programmes supported by the Carrefour Foundation, through sponsorship projects conducted at country level and through the solidarity initiatives deployed by its stores and warehouses. In fact, it is the sum of the solidarity actions conducted by Carrefour day in day out that delineates its active commitment to society at large.

    A shared commitment Being involved in solidarity is everyone’s concern

    In addition to the operational commitment and financial support provided by the company, Carrefour encourages the ongoing involvement of its employees, stores, warehouses and head offi ces, all of which engage in solidarity actions on a daily basis. Employees and customers are at the heart of the community involvement conduc- ted by Carrefour.

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    Promoting social inclusion: a main priority Working with associations

    Carrefour offers its multi-local retailing expertise and the skills of its employees to associations, par- ticularly to promote the social and vocational reinte- gration of the chronically unemployed. The Group is also actively involved in the fi ght against exclusion through community food actions.

    Transmission of skills Sharing know-how

    Carrefour encourages the sharing and transmis- sion of know-how by its employees, particularly by promoting food trades and supporting voca- tional integration.


    The Carrefour Foundation serves as a support for solidarity actions and has a mission of general interest. It is active on an international scale on two main fronts: food solidarity and emergency aid.



    In all its countries, Carrefour mobilises its resources to deploy and coordinate solidarity projects that meet the needs of local communities.


    Stores and warehouses, which are in direct contact with customers, non-profi t organisations and local authorities, make a major contribution to the realisation and setting-up of solidarity actions, through the donation of products and valuable fi nancial and logistical support.


    The women and men of Carrefour personify solidarity. Each day, the mobilisation of Carrefour’s teams ensures the consistency, eff ectiveness and success of the undertaken solidarity actions.

    Continuous support for local associations Working in partnership with community stakeholders

    Carrefour engages in outreach projects with the support of its stores rooted in the local commu- nity by relying on non-profit organisations that work directly with people in need.

    For more information, please see: www.carrefour.com and



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  • COLLECTION Carrefour relays and coordinates

    food and non-food donation campaigns and collection

    drives, on local, national and international scales. The collected consumer goods are then given to associations that redistribute

    them to their beneficiaries.

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  • Food Bank collection campaigns International. In 2013, Carrefour, which lends i ts suppor t to the European Federation of Food Banks (FEBA) and the Global FoodBanking Network (G FN) , o rgan i sed a ma jo r collection campaign in eight European and South American countries in which the Group operates. Over 2,200 stores and 470 Carrefour volunteers in France, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Poland, Romania, Belgium and Spain, participated in the food collection from customers. This campaign is part of a long-standing partnership wi th Food Banks , of which Carrefour is one of the largest daily contributors in many countries, as well as being their historical partner in the mass retail sector.

    During the campaign, the generosity of Carrefour customers enabled the collection of the equivalent of over 9 million meals.

    “Operación kilo” Spain. Thanks to a partnership b e t w e e n t h e F u n d a c i ó n Solidaridad Carrefour and the FESBAL (Spanish federation of Food Banks) to collect food products donated by Carrefour hypermarket customers, the teams of Carrefour Spain have deployed this initiative every year since 2001 for the benefit of those in greatest need. For each kilo given by a customer, Carrefour donates an additional kilo. Local Food Banks then divide the food products up among their various partner organisations, which, in turn, redistribute these goods to the underprivileged.

    The three campaigns organised in 2013 resulted in the collection of 3,500,000 kilos of food products (half donated by customers and the other half by Carrefour).

    Collection of school bags France and Spain. Before the beginning of each school year, Carrefour stores organise a nationwide collection of student backpacks, school bags and school supplies. In France, parents and children wishing to participate can deposit backpacks or school bags in good condition in their store, in exchange for a voucher on purchases; these bags are then given to the Emmaüs-Le Relais association. In Spain, school sup- plies received from customers are matched by the company, bene- fiting more than 25,000 children accompanied by the Red Cross. In 2013, 120,000 school bags and backpacks were delivered to Emmaüs in France and nearly €490,000 in school supplies to the Spanish Red Cross.



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  • REDISTRIBUTION To make basic grocery items more accessible to the disadvantaged,

    Carrefour relies on store and warehouse teams to give a second

    life to products withdrawn from shelves. These concrete actions