Overcoming the Barriers to Hybrid SharePoint

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  1. 1. Overcoming the Barriers to Hybrid SharePoint Christian Buckley CollabTalk LLC, USA
  2. 2. Vesa Juvonen @VesaJuvonen Eric Overfield @EricOverfield Vlad Catrinescu @VladCatrinescu Jussi Roine @JussiRoine
  3. 3. Hybrid Business Drivers As SharePoint continues to evolve its footprint, companies are demanding flexible architectures to help them better meet internal and external collaboration needs. Reducing costs Reducing headcount Doing more with less Focusing less on traditional IT activities and more on activities that will help drive the business forward
  4. 4. Research Overview http://hybrid-sp.collabtalk.com/
  5. 5. Research Sponsors
  6. 6. Research Background As collaboration moves from on-prem to the cloud, many organizations struggle with moving years of on-premises infrastructure and data to the cloud. There had been no accurate data as to how many customers are actively pursuing hybrid solutions as a strategy versus displacing on-prem environments with the cloud. It is unknown the reason why customers are not adopting the cloud version of SharePoint, and engaging this new product
  7. 7. Research Goals Estimate the market size of SharePoint Hybrid market Understand why customers remain on-premises Identify fears and concerns of moving SharePoint to the cloud Outline challenges for customers considering migrating to the cloud Understand how vendors and Microsoft are addressing these challenges
  8. 8. 2017 2020 $3.2B $5.3B Growth of Hybrid Market Hybrid 32% Hybrid 46% 2017 2020 Market by UsersHybrid Market Share
  9. 9. Mitigate Security and Customization Concerns
  10. 10. Customization Insights 21% Of users experience "inability or difficulty with customization Gartner reports that Migration of customizations used in on-premises installations is the biggest blocker to cloud migrations of SharePoint. Jared Shockley, Senior Service Engineer at Microsoft
  11. 11. Security Future of Hybrid? Cloud Flexibility Control of Data Cost of Integration
  12. 12. SUMMARY Microsoft ISVs/SIs End-Users Focus marketing on security of Hybrid space Improve migration compatibility Reinforce message of cloud security Offer Hybrid and cloud solutions Analyze and Optimize Plan ahead/partner with ISVs/SIs
  13. 13. Vesa Juvonen @VesaJuvonen Eric Overfield @EricOverfield Vlad Catrinescu @VladCatrinescu Jussi Roine @JussiRoine Thank you to our panel!