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IN 1450, Johannes Gutenberg invented movable type

printing and advertising in the modern era was launched in

the form handbill. The lithographic process was perfected in

1796 which gave rise to the illustrated poster.

1925 the poster advertising association and the painted

outdoor advertising association joined to become the

outdoor advertising association of America.

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OOH:(Out of Home Advertising) is essentially all

type of advertising that tries to reach the consumer

while he is "outside of the home". Be it while

traveling in the metro to reach office or while taking

a coffee break. OOH is ubiquitous; on or in

bus, taxi, railway station, airport, mall, retail

store, road, club and scores of other touch points.

OOH is everywhere where you are. It is the medium

that reaches active consumers where they are most

available to take notice i.e. out of their homes.

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Generally, advertising is a relatively low-cost method of

conveying selling messages to numerous prospective


While sometimes advertising alone may succeed in achieving

buyer acceptance, preference, or even demand for the

product, it is seldom solely relied upon.

Advertising has become increasingly important to business enterprises –both large and small.

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Lower consumer prices then allow these products to

become available to more people. Similarly, the price

of newspapers, professional sports, radio and TV programmes.

Advertising has become an important factor in the

campaigns to achieve such societal-oriented

objectives such as the discontinuance of smoking,

family planning, physical fitness, and the elimination

of drug abuse.

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Advertising helps to increase mass marketing while

helping the consumer to choose from amongst the

variety of products offered for his selection. In India

advertising as a profession is in its infancy. Because

of this fact, there is a tremendous scope for

development so that it may be productively used for

the benefit of producers, traders, consumers, and the

country’s economy.

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Kotler,(1994)- According to a research concentrating on the

advertisers viewpoint, advertisement is an important tool

which companies use to directly persuade buyers and public.

Being a key element in the marketing process, advertisements

face many challenges in reaching the audience.

Bonnex,(1975)- The existence of the advertisement rooted in

Malaysia dated back to the 1971as claimed by Advertising

agencies fuel the basic needs of company to plan, strategise

and introduce their product in the market in his thesis.

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Aaker and Mayers, 1975 As known for decades,

advertisement is one of the main strategies in marketing either

a product or service. It can be defined as “An Advert that does

not create a buying response, or at least produce a desire to

want to know more is not an advert” (Quinn1985).

Porter (1980). The value chain is a systematic approach in

examining the development of competitive advantage. It was

introduced by one of the pioneer in the ICT and business

industry Potter also explains the sources of cost reduction and

differentiation within a firm. Potter treats every firm as a

collection of activities carried out to develop, strategically

market, deliver and maintain its products or services.

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Any advertising done outdoors that publicizes your business's

products and services. Outdoor advertising includes various

types of promotional displays, from highway billboards to

transit posters and arena placement, all geared towards

communicating a message to the public. The message might

be to buy a product, take a trip, vote for a politician, or give to

a charity. It might even be a public service announcement.

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America,

Inc. (OAAA), businesses spent $5.8 billion dollars on outdoor

advertising in 2004, a figure expected to rise again in 2005.

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The present study has focused on effect of outdoor advertising

on consumer perception and their attitude towards different

products and services. It has been observed through various

researches, that the mode of advertising used like print media

i.e. magazines and newspaper; electronic media i.e. television

and radio; outdoor advertising i.e. billboards, hoardings,

electronic displays plays an important role in determining the buying behaviour of consumers. Outdoor advertising has been

focused and compared with the other types of media to make

the comparison on the basis of effectiveness. Outdoor media is

developing and taking shape in best marketing promotion


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To study types of advertisements.

To study effectiveness of advertisements i.e. on sales, profitability.

To study the perception of consumers towards the different

modes of advertisement i.e. electronic media, print media and

outdoor media.

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A panel for the display of advertisements in public places, such as alongside highways or on the sides of buildings

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2. Back Lit:

An LED backlit lcd display is a flat panel display

which uses “LED TV” to display in it

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Research Design : Descriptive

Data Source : Primary data, Secondary data

Research Instrument : Questionnaire

Sample design : Simple random design

Sample location : Delhi

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1. Students: 20

2. Professionals:20

3. Household: 10

Sample location : Delhi

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Low level of attention given to public.

Very low exposure time.

Problems with the availability of outdoor advertising spaces.

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Primary Data


One-on-one Interviews

Secondary Data

Company Website

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