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  • 1. OUR TRIP TO IRELAND 16th to 23rd of March 2013

2. Curso 2012/2013. PROFESORES:MISS .Brttany Ros. Mrs .Cinta OReilly and Mr. Pedro Tejada Cursos: 3 ESO A,B y C 3. THE IRISH FlAG HAS GOT THREE COLOURS: GREEN;WHITE AND ORANGE. THE IRISH FLAG MEANS: Green for the Irish Catholics. Orange for the Irish protestants White fot the peace between them 4. WE ARE GOING TO STAY IN BRAY Bray is situated in the west coast of Ireland, very near its capital Dublin.We are going to live here for 8 days and 7 nights. The weather right now is very cold and rainy 5. This is the first foto taken on the 17th of March. The sun was shinning The time was 4:30 p.m. 6. This is our school:A.T.C.Bray (IRELAND) 7. Photos of Brays Beach 8. Our schedule was: Saturday 16th: Fight from I.E.S. Juan Prez Mercader (Corrales) Huelva to Faros Airport Sunday 17th: Visit to the peninsula of Howth and San Patricks Day in Dublin. Monday18th: Visit to Glendalough and shopping at Dundrum. Tuesday 19th: Visit to Dublin:House number 29 and Trinity College. . Wednesday 20th:Dublinia and Christchurch . Thursday 21st:Shopping in Dublin . Friday 22nd:Malahide castle. . Saturday 23rd: Fight from Dublin to Faro (portugal) 9. THE FIRST DAY IN IRELAND 10. IN THE HIGH SCHOOL We arrived to high school at seven oclock to take the bus to go to the airport. 11. IN THE AIRPORT We had to waited two hours to take the plane in the airport, and the plane took off at ten oclock. 12. TAKING THE PLANE We checked in our suitcases and we took a bus to take the plane and we were very nervous. 13. IN THE PLANE Finally we took the plane and the hostess checked our tickets. 14. WAY TO DUBLIN We were three hours in the plane but it was funny. 15. ARRIVAL TO THE AIRPORT We arrived at the airport at one oclock 16. COMING TO BRAY We arrived to the airport and we went to Bray. 17. OUR FAMILIES We went to Bray and then the teachers assigned our families at the academy. 18. BRAY We and our families went to our houses and we reposed. 19. TRIP At evening we went to ATC academy and we walked around Bray. 20. GO TO THE BED Finally we went to our houses and we went to bed to sleep. 21. HOWTH PENINSULA & ST PATRICKS DAY By: - Lucia Antn De Vega - Laura Carrasco Palma - Mara Fernndez Torres - Rosana Rolln Snchez-Ramad 22. This is the first day we stayed in Ireland. We went to Howth Peninsula by train, it took us one hour and a half. In Howth we saw two big seals in the sea, then we walked around the peninsula and we arrived to a cliff. We were very hungry so we ate a typical food: fish and chips. It was so delicious! 23. INFORMATION Location and Food: The picturesque seaside village of Howth is located on the peninsula of Howth Head, north east of Dublin city. You can watch fishing trawlers landing their catch and purchase the freshest seafood from the fish markets along the west pier. Howths speciality is the best and freshest fish. There is a wide choice of places to eat from takeaways and gasttropubs to fine dininig. 24. In the afternoon, we took the train again to go back to Dublin. In Dublin we couldnt see the St Patricks Parade. It was raining so we went to the Natural Museum, this ruined our tour in Dublin. Then we went to a shopping centre in the middle of Dublin, it was big and made of glass. During the day we took some photos. 25. Places of interest: - Howth Castle - The National Transport Museum - The Kitchen in the Castle Cookery School 26. SAINT PATRICKS DAY Is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on 17th March. It is named after St Patrick, the most commonly recognise of the patron saints of Ireland. The day generally involves public parades and festivals, and wearing of green clothes. 27. THE END 28. Monday Our visit to Glendelough 29. Martes 19 Por la maana fuimos a nuestro primer da de instituto. Nos asignaron las clases que iba a estar cada uno. Cada grupo estaba con una profesora, y despus del recreo cambiamos de profesora. . Estuvimos en el ATC hasta la 13:30, comimos y, como los dems das, fuimos al tren para ir a visitar el Trinity College y House 29. En el camino hacia las visitas, veamos la ciudad de Dubln. 30. HOUSE 29 House number 29 es una casa georgiana construida en 1794, en la que se recrea el tipo de vida de la burguesa de Dubln entre 1790 y 1820. 31. HOUSE 29 La visita empieza con un vdeo que te cuenta la vida de una familia en esa casa. Luego empez la visita guiada por la casa. El gua se paraba en cada habitacin y nos explicaba los datos ms interesantes de ella. Nos ensearon la cocina, el comedor, los dormitorios 32. COLLEGE El Trinity College es la universidad ms antigua de Irlanda y una de las ms famosas del mundo. Fue fundada en el ao 1592. 33. TRINITY COLLEGE 34. WEDNESDAY 20th After an exhausted time at school we went off at 2 oClock to Dublin to see one of the most interesting visits:Dublinia and ChristChurch. It took us 30 minutes walk to get there and at 4:30 we had to be in ChristChurch so we hurried a lot!!! 35. Our visit to Dublinia and Christchurch Dublinia is one of the most important museums in Dublin. The museum is located on Synod Hall, a gothic building of 1875. It was built over the mediaeval church of Saint Michael and next to Christ Church in the centre of the city 36. Dublinia and Christ churca 37. There you can see an atractive interactive preformance with the story of the Mediaval times when the Vikings were living in Ireland. We started the visit with a large Viking ship(800) It is also possible to see how they lived; their homes, boats. WE could even try on their clothes and play with their weapons. 38. People showing their occupations and trade 39. CHRIST CHURCH 40. Some precious objects in the church 41. Time to go home after an intensive day 42. DIA 21. TARDE DE COMPRAS. Mara Fernndez Carlos Banco Luis Cabrita 43. Thursday : Shopping On Thursday we had our normal day of classes from 8:30 to 1:30 pm. Then half an hour break and then classes fron 2 oclock to 4 oclock. After that we took a train (DART) to Dublin. At 5 oclock we were ready for 3 hours of shopping. Until 8 oclock when we went home to rest and eat. It was pouring!!!! 44. Lots of us bought sweat shirts for our families and ourselves 45. DIA 21. TARDE DE COMPRAS. Mara Fernndez Carlos Banco Luis Cabrita 46. CENTRO COMERCIAL. 47. CENTRO COMERCIAL. 48. CENTRO COMERCIAL. 49. CENTRO COMERCIAL. 50. CALLES DE TIENDAS. 51. CENTRO COMERCIAL. 52. C L A S S E S F R O M 8 : 3 0 T O 1 : 3 0 FRIDAY 22nd 53. The classes this morning were going to be different. To day we would perform our Radio BrayProyect to our teachers: Brittany, Cinta and Pedro. WE were very nervious dressing ourselves up and we were going to be recorded 54. Dressed up for our project Radio Bray 55. OOO 56. Malahide Castle so we stayed watching a film. Then we went home to pack up our luggages and go to sleep 57. Saturday 23rd of March Our last day in Ireland We got up very early at 2:15 a.m . The families took us to the school were the coach was waiting for us to get to Dublin airport. Our time of departure was very early so we had to check in quicky 58. Back to Faro We were three hours in the plane . We arrived to Faro at 9:25 a.m. It was raining. 59. We arrived to our high school at 12:45 60. Our top teachers Our 3 ESO students 2012/2013 This was a our 2013 Trip to Bray (Ireland) 61. To be continued