Our Donors Make a Difference So That Our Campers Can ¢â‚¬¢ Adirondack...

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Transcript of Our Donors Make a Difference So That Our Campers Can ¢â‚¬¢ Adirondack...

  • News about the Lutheran Camping Corporation of Central Pennsylvania Kirchenwald, Nawakwa, and The Wittel Farm PO Box 459, Arendtsville, PA 17303-0459 717-677-8211 (voice) / 717-677-7597 (fax) www.LutheranCamping.org

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    LutheranCam ping.org

    Spring 2015

    For more than 85 years, the camps of the Lutheran Camping Corporation have had an unshakeable commitment to providing high-quality outdoor ministry programs. Our mission is strengthening the faith of our campers so that they leave our sites ready to serve in the church and in the world. We are grateful for the thousands of donors who continue to make this work possible.

    We love talking about all of the things that take place at camp – the inspirational worship, bible studies, making new friends, games and crafts, athletic competions, singing around

    a campfire, and really good food… but the best stories that we can tell are the stories of the lives of our campers AFTER their time at camp. These are the stories of how Kirchenwald and Nawakwa impact our campers for a lifetime, and how our campers have gone out into the world to make a positive difference in the Name of Jesus.

    See page 2 to see how former camper Anne Confer Martens is making a difference.

    Our Donors Make a Difference… So That Our Campers Can Make a Difference

    It’s no secret that church camp has a life-long impact on those who attend. You’ve probably run across a few (or more!) people who, upon hearing that you are connected to Kirchenwald or Nawakwa, say something along the lines of, “I went to that camp. I’ll never forget how we ________, and I still can remember ________, and I really loved ______. People fill in the blanks with all manner of memories: Capture the Flag, crazy skits and songs, cold morning swims, peanut butter pie, or the names of favorite counselors.

    But the real impact of church camp runs even deeper than memories. New research is beginning to uncover that the mission statement of the Lutheran Camping Corporation is spot on. “…where faith is renewed… the church is strengthened.”

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    S’mores and Songs and Stronger Congregations

  • 2 Camping! Spring 2014

    A Garden and Tea Party

    at The Wittel Farm Saturday, May 16

    9am - Noon

    Nearly twenty years ago, Anne Confer Martens was a middle school camper at Kirchenwald. “I have this particular memory of thinking how funny it was that we’d just randomly sit down somewhere in camp and have a Bible study. It wasn’t in a classroom or in the nave on a Sunday morning; it was by a stream or the lake or in the shade on the perimeter of a field,” says Anne. “The same counselors would then get up and teach me to canoe, belay on the tower, and identify trees. It was really powerful seeing the way that living and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ stood at the center of everything we did at camp.”

    That message stuck with Anne outside of camp, as well. A few years later, she began working at camp as a counselor. “I wanted the opportunity to be a part of a place that

    does something that’s truly counter cultural: it welcomes kids of all kinds and creates a space where they are accepted and loved as children of God, no questions asked,” says Anne. It was during her

    time on staff that she felt called to a church vocation and entered seminary after receiving her undergraduate degree.

    Today, Anne is a chaplain and teacher at a private boarding school where she continues to mentor youth. She regularly attends camp events and volunteers her time and talents to

    the campers and staff each summer. As a new mother, she has been thinking about the legacy of the place that has played such a significant role in her life and how it can live on for her son and others. “I believe contributing financially to camp is a way of caring for my neighbor,” says Anne. “I do believe that kids need camp, and I want to help meet that need. I hope that my gifts can help make camp a place that continues to be accessible and welcoming to future generations of campers.”

    From Camper to Counselor to Chaplain/Teacher/Mentor/Mother

    “…contributing financially to camp

    is a way of caring for my neighbor.”

    Annual Golf Tournament Friday, June 12

    1:30 shotgun start $90 per golfer

    Honey Run Golf Course York, PA

    All proceeds benefit the Campership Fund of Kirchenwald and Nawakwa.


    Anne Confer Martens with her husband Eric and son, Andrew

  • The Lutheran Camping Corporation of Central Pennsylvania 3

    Summer Camp Kick-off Worship & Picnic

    at Kirchenwald

    Sunday, May 17 Worship Begins at 3:30 pm LCC depends on the faithful support

    from friends of the camp. This list below shows items that LCC needs to operate well and that will greatly benefit the ministry.

    Contact us by email at lcc@lutherancamping.org or by phone at 717-677-8211 if you have any of the items. You may also make a monetary gift to provide them.

    • Gently used van, mini-van, pick-up truck

    • New or gently used golf cart • New or gently used work ATV • Flat screen TV’s • Adirondack chairs or outdoor

    rocking chairs • Nylon backpacking / camping

    hammocks • Youth size backpacks (frame packs

    not bookbags or daypacks) • Yoke style life jackets, youth or

    adult sizes

    Wish List

    Yes, I want to help! __Surprise us! $_____ __$300 for... __$100 ___ program equipment __$50 ___ the campership fund __Other $_____ ___ _________________

    Name: Address: City: State: Zip: Phone: Email: □ Send my gift receipt by email

    Give online at http://www.lutherancamping.org/giving


    □ I have included LCC in my estate plans.

    □ I wish to include LCC in my estate plans. Please contact me.

    Mail gift and commitment card to: The Lutheran Camping Corporation of Central PA, PO Box 459, Arendtsville, PA 17303

    Please make checks payable to: Lutheran Camping Corporation, or if you wish to donate via credit card:

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    S’mores and Songs and Stronger Congregations Jacob Sorenson is a researcher with The Confirmation Project, an initiative looking at the effectiveness of confirmation and equivalent practices (such as church camping) in strengthening discipleship of youth in five protestant denominations. In November 2014, he presented some of his findings, as well as findings from other studies, at the Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Network Conference in Trego, WI. Sorenson shared that camp has a lasting impact in “multiple dimensions of growth and faith

    formation.” He noted that the most pronounced impact is that former campers are more likely to seek out and be drawn into communal religious practices. Simply put, former campers are more likely to continue to be active in a congregation or worshipping community (such as campus ministries at colleges and universities).

    Research documents that 68% of those participating in college religious groups attended camp, and 66% of young adults involved in religious

    small groups attended church camp as youth. Furthermore, adults who attended camp as youth are more than three times likely to remain affiliated with a religious community than those who never attended camp. Finally, of young adults who attend religious services several times a month, pray several times a week, and attest that their faith is very or extremely important in their lives, 60% have attended church camp.

    The research seems to make a few things clear: church camp can have a life-long impact on the spiritual lives of those who attend, and it might be one of the most effective ways we strengthen our congregations.

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  • 4 Camping! Spring 2014

  • The Lutheran Camping Corporation of Central Pennsylvania 5

  • 6 Camping! Spring 2014

    Two Good Causes That Go Together

    Lutheran Camping Night at the Harrisburg Senators

    Friday, May 8, 7 pm Harrisburg Senators vs.

    Altoona Curve

    Lutheran Camping Night at the York Revolution

    Saturday, September 19, 6:30 pm York Revolution vs. Somerset Patriots

    A portion of each Advance Sale Ticket will benefit the Campership Fund.

    Lower Susquehanna Synod’s “Always Being Made New”

    campaign, supporting the ELCA national campaign effort and

    the Lower Susquehanna Synod ministry priorities, has begun.

    The Synod included the goal to support “Seeding the Future” as part of this effort. Gifts are already being received for STF as a result. More information is

    available from either the Camping Office or the Synod Office.

    Support LCC through Thrivent Choice Eligible Thrivent members can use Thrivent Choice, a member-advised charitable grant program to support LCC ministries by directing where Thrivent distributes some of its charitable outreach funds. Over the past two years, LCC has received $33,495 in Choice Dollars. Thrivent members can direct Choice Dollars to LCC by visiting thrivent.com/ thriventchoice or by calling 800-847-4836 or by contacting your local Thrivent Financial representative.

    As STF contribution totals increase the land debt

    at Nawakwa is reduced to less

    than $650,000 and there’s still t