Our Dear ZAF Community ... Season¢â‚¬â„¢s Greetings & Best...

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Transcript of Our Dear ZAF Community ... Season¢â‚¬â„¢s Greetings & Best...

  • Zor & More, Issue # 4, December, 2012. Page 1 of 16

    Maah Tir –YZ 1382(S) Zor & More Issue # 4, December, 2012 A publication of the ZoroasTrian Association of Florida

    We really do believe that, if we work together as one, following the simple yet priceless tenets of our faith- Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta, we can move mountains.

    ZAF is a non-profit organization; IRS code 501(c) (3); tax ID # EIN 65-0786849 and a member of FEZANA (The Federation of the Zoroastrian Associations of North America). Donations and Membership Fee are Tax-deductible.

    Season’s Greetings & Best Wishes to

    Our Dear ZAF Community


    A Healthy & Happy Coming Year & Always…


    Drs. Roshan & Claude Moraes & Family

    Congratulations to ZAF on the 18th Anniversary

    Pg. In this Issue 4. ZAF Initiates Recognition of New Navar,

    Martab, Mobedyars

    4. ZAF Maidhyoshem Gahambar

    5. ZAF Annual General Meeting (AGM):  Election of new Board (pg-6)  Trasurer’s Report (pg-6)  President’s Report (pg-7)

    9. Educational DVD-Movie & Luncheon  Zarathushtra’s Struggle & Preserving Our


    10. The Children’s Z-Club, by Aban Kavasmaneck

    10. ZAF Community News

    11. N. American Zoroastrian Religious Tele- Class, by Ervad Soli Dastur

    12. ZATAMBAY & Orlando News, by Ervad Soli Dastur

    14. Happenings Beyond Florida

    15. Editorial: A Retrospective View with the Future in Sight, by Jahanbux Daruwala

    Congratulations to the new ZAF Board (2013-14)

    L to R: Jaspar Pardiwala (Treasurer), Gerry Marino (Secretary), Khushnuma Driver*, Simon Gee*, Furrokh Irani (President), Ervad Dr. Zubin Panthaki*, Rustom Deboo (V.P.), Dr. Roy Dubash*, Nash Patel*. (*Members-at-large)

    They thanked the membership for their election, pledged to work hard and put forward their best efforts for the Association.

  • Zor & More, Issue # 4, December, 2012. Page 2 of 16

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    Firdosh Bulsara, General Manager


  • Zor & More, Issue # 4, December, 2012. Page 3 of 16

    On this occasion of the old ZAF Board being replaced by a vibrant and young new ZAF Board, Jo Ann and I, being on the ZAF Board for the last 4 years, were blessed with the kindness, hospitality, generosity and overall goodwill of the whole ZAF Membership!

    We will always remember these 4 years as one of our highlights of our lives! In that spirit, the Dastur, Hodge and Simmons families wish to express our sincere gratitude to the ZAF friends and their very hard working, forward looking, progressive new ZAF Board Members for putting our South Florida mark on the Sands of Time of North America! Thank you for giving a distinct identity to our miniscule community and wish ZAF to lead us to higher and higher Community goals and achievements.

    May the Flame of Fellowship, Love, Charity and Tolerance burn ever eternal in our

    Hearts so we can do HIS work with humility, diligence and eternal enthusiasm! Atha Jamyaat, Yatha Aafrinaamahi! (May it be so as we wish!)

    Love and Tandoorasti,

    Zain, Taj and Nev Simmons,

    Allison, Anahita, Cristina Hodge, Jo Ann and Soli Dastur,

    Jimbo Hodge, Shirin and Marv Simmons!

  • Zor & More, Issue # 4, December, 2012. Page 4 of 16

    ZAF Initiates Recognition of New Navar/Martabs/Mobedyars

    In North America & Indian Subcontinent

    We believe that the training and ordainment of young persons with origins in North America or the Indian subcontinent, leading to meet the approved standards of religious qualification as a NAVAR, MARTAB or MOBEDYAR, are absolutely critical elements and processes for the future of the Zarathushti way of life. Such initiatives are to be encouraged and supported by our community; especially in our new homeland where the Zarathushti population is growing.

    In recognition of this acute need, ZAF undertook the initiative on both fronts for the years 2011 & 2012:

    a) To sponsor a needy candidate on the Indian subcontinent by providing funds for training and completion of ordainment as a Navar (Approx. = $1300) or a Martab (Approx. = $600). One such candidate (Ervad Zubin Pochkhanavala, son of Kashmira and Sarosh Pochkhanavala of Pune at the Cama Baug Adariyan in Mumbai on May 24th 2011) was sponsored and has been ordained as reported in the ZAF newsletter Zor & More (Special Edition, July, 2011). Funding has been reserved for a second such candidate and the search is underway through various contacts in India.

    b) To encourage and recognize person(s) of North American origin, after being ordained as Navar, Martab or Mobedyar, by a modest cash award (e.g., $501).

    On September 7, 2012, the following message was received from Ervad Kobad Zarolia, President of the NAMC:

    “Please convey our sincere thanks to ZAF Board and its members for donating this amount. More than the money, it is incredible that a small Anjuman like yours even thought about donating Scholarships towards the expense of a new NAVAR, Martab in NA. On behalf of all Mobeds and NAMC I thank you from bottom of my heart for making this donation.” Ervad Kobad Zarolia, President, NAMC

    We wish to gratefully acknowledge the valuable input from the ZAF Board members; especially the Charity Committee (Behli Hansotia-Chair, Mina Dubash, and Katya Hansotia), and our Board member Ervad Dr. Soli Dastur for his invaluable help and guidance in this regard. The funds have been remitted to the North American Mobeds Council (NAMC), for verification of the qualifications of the ordainments and administration of the disbursements. On September 10, Ervad Solibhai wrote the following to his fellow Mobeds in North America:

    “We want you all NA Mobeds to help us in recognizing such young Mobeds who are ordained Navar, Martab, or Mobedyar during 2012 - 2013. Please convey their names to Kobad Zarolia, our NAMC President”..…..”This may be the first time a small FEZANA Association has started such a noble initiative and is quite commendable.”…….”As a ZAF Board Member and an NAMC Mobed, I congratulate ZAF for such a wonderful initiative and hope that other FEZANA Associations take up such a noble cause!”

    ZAF Maidhyoshem Gahambar

    On Sunday, November 4th, 2012, ZAF celebrated the annual Gahambar at the Palace Restaurant hall, Davie, FL. About 85 adults and eight children attended. ZAF President Jahanbux Daruwala welcomed the congregation and introduced the host family. The event would not be possible without the thoughtful and generous contribution from our members and well-wishers, Dr. & Mrs. Darayes & Goher Mobed, Mrs. Freny Kharas and family. The ZAF community is indeed fortunate and grateful for their kindness to keep the tradition of prayer and getting together alive. Thank you from all of us!. The event began with an invitation by Ervad Soli Dastur to the hosts Daraius & Goher Mobed to come forward; with Mrs. Freny Kharas, lighting the deevo (lamp).

    Son of Ahura Mazda …….may it be a Petromax…….…….or a deevo ………….. we came together with the host family

  • Zor & More, Issue # 4, December, 2012. Page 5 of 16

    It was followed by a presentation by Ervad Dastur explaining the significance of lighting a deevo and a Hum- Bandagi (praying together) of Cheraag roshan; both reminiscent of his own home where the family lit the Petromax lamp and other lanterns every evening and prayed together after lighting them. “Cheraag roshan, Mushkel Aashaan, Muraad Haansul,

    Tandoorasti, Nek Muraad Haansul” “The lamp is lit, all difficulties will be solved,

    all wishes will be granted. Good health, all good wishes will be granted”

    Hum-Bandagee Explanation

    The Cheraag Roshan was followed by all reciting Khshnaothra Ahurahe Mazdaao, Ashem Vohu Vahistem Asti, Ushtaa Asti Ushtaa Ahmaai Hyat Ashaai Vahishtaai Ashem!... and then we greeted one another with a “saahebjee” (salute). What a