Our #CultureCode: What does it mean to Be Clarabridge?

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Clarabridge is in the business of listening-- to our customers, to our customers' customers, and to our employees. When it came time to define our culture, we turned back to the thing we do best. We listened. This is what we heard. #BeClarabridge

Transcript of Our #CultureCode: What does it mean to Be Clarabridge?

  • Our #CultureCode Defining what it means to Be Clarabridge. #CultureCode
  • We knew that our culture was great . . .
  • So when we set out to define it, we had to narrow things down a bit . . . What makes our company a community? How are we unique? What traits are valued and exemplified by our employees? Who do we want to be? #CultureCode
  • So we researched. We listened. And we learned. #CultureCode
  • WE ARE OBSESSED WITH OUR CUSTOMERS SUCCESS We build strong relationships by listening to and delivering on customer needs. #CultureCode
  • WE ARE PASSIONATE INNOVATORS passionate innova-tors [pash-uh-nit] [in-uh-vey-tors] brave explorers who take intelligent risks #CultureCode
  • WE ARE INVESTED IN THE POWER OF HONESTY #CultureCode We are aligned in our words and actions. We make and keep big promises.
  • WE ARE DRIVEN TO ACHIEVE THROUGH TEAMWORK #CultureCode (and we value, respect, and enjoy the people around us)
  • WE ARE HUNGRY TO BUILD, GROW, AND LEARN #CultureCode We are resilient leaders who constantly evolve and adapt
  • #CultureCode
  • Are you? #CultureCode
  • Hungry to learn (more)? #CultureCode #beclarabridge | @beclarabridge | www.beclarabridge.com