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Transcript of OT Articulation Guide - Orchestral .OT Articulation Guide CONTENT ... Articulation names, ... 06

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    Articulation Guide

    Berlin Brass


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    2017 Orchestral Tools | Schwarzer & Mantik GmbHRev. 2 017-10-2 5

    OT Articulation Guide


    I About this Articulation Guide 2

    II Introduction 3

    III Recording and Concept 4

    IV Berlin Series 5

    1 Berlin Brass .................................................................................................................... 6

    Instruments .............................................................................................................. 8

    Articulations ......................................................................................................... 10

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    | About this Art iculat ion Guide |

    OT Articulation Guide

    I About this Articulation Guide

    The number of Orchestral Tools is constantly growing and covers all instrumental families of the orchestra,

    with some collections even branching out into non-orchestral instruments. This Articulation Guide describes

    all contained articulations as well as their technical properties (velocity layers, Round Robins, and many


    This document is a special version of the Articulation Guide that only contains features applicable to thecollections listed below.You can download the full Articulation Guide that applies to all Orchestral Tools collections in our Helpdesk.

    The following table lists all collections covered by this Articulation Guide with their current Capsule version

    as well as the minimum Kontakt version.

    Collection Name Collection Capsule KontaktBBR | Berlin Brass 1.1 2.5.2 Player 5.5.1+

    ImportantThis Articulation Guide does not cover the general installation, usage and features of Orchestral Tools

    collections. These topics are explained step by step in the respective User Guides and Installation Guides,

    which you can find in your collection's Documentation folder. You can also find them in our Helpdesk.


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    | Introduct ion |

    OT Articulation Guide

    2017 Orchestral Tools | Schwarzer & Mantik GmbH

    II Introduction

    Welcome to the Orchestral Tools Articulation Guide!

    Orchestral Tools provides high-quality sampled instruments for composers. Thanks to our Capsule Scripting

    Framework developed in-house, all Orchestral Tools collections look and work in a very similar way.

    Articulation names, labeling and all technical terms are identical in every collections, so you will find it easy

    to find your way around.

    This Articulation Guide describes all articulations as well as their technical features and is organized as


    - The general Ser ies Overv iew shows you all available Orchestral Tools Series', which group our

    collections into broader categories.

    - Following this is the respective Ser ies Overv iew Page of one particular Series, which lists all available

    collections by name and gives suggestions for expansions options.

    - Each individual collection then has its own Col lect ion Overv iew page, which describes the general

    content of the collection as well as its most important features at a glance.

    - This is followed by the Inst ruments Section, which lists all instruments (or sections) contained in the

    collection with a short description of tone, scope or other pertinent information.

    - The Ar t iculat ions Section finally lists all articulations in detail along with all their properties.

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    | Recording and Concept |

    OT Articulation Guide

    III Recording and Concept

    We are happy to have found a sonic home for our collections at the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin.

    The large recording stage at Teldex looks back on a long tradition of many well known and Grammy

    award winning recordings. Famous orchestras, like the Berlin Philharmonics and great film composers from

    the USA and Europe trust and love the wide and clear acoustics of this room. One of the best sounding

    scoring stages in Europe, this room together with a fantastic complement of legendary microphones catapults

    our work to a new level of orchestral sampling.

    The quality of a sampled collection begins with the recording. Every Orchestral Tools collection is recorded

    at 96khz with state of the art equipment. The full editing and post-production process uses these 96khz

    recordings without downsampling. We very rarely denoise our recordings and never treat them in any other

    automated way. If tuning is needed, it is done by ear without resorting to tuning algorithms. Only at the very

    end, right before the samples are mapped into their instruments, the content is converted to 48khz for best

    use of resources.

    Our goal is to provide a set of tools that easily adapts to any workflow and creates a coherent sonic

    representation of the orchestra. The main way we achieved this is by recording every instrument in its

    orchestral position. All collections come pre-panned and pre-mixed with their respective volumes

    balanced. If there are multiple types of the same instrument, they are recorded in slightly different positions,

    yet still in their general section area. The different snare drums in Berlin Percussion, for example, have been

    recorded slightly spread over the general "snare drum area" within the percussion section. This allows you to

    have a very wide and full sound when combining multiple instruments.

    We deliberately choose to also record non-traditional instruments as belonging to a symphonic setup, like

    electric guitars and a drumset in our Metropolis Ark Series. Modern media scoring introduces a host of new

    instruments into the established orchestral lineup and we feel these instruments deserve the same care and

    precision in fitting them into the symphonic sound as their traditional counterparts.

    All collections feature a number of microphone positions commonly used in orchestral recording. The

    position of these microphones is identical in every collection, which means that for example the Tree is much

    nearer to the string section that it is to the percussion section (because the percussion section is situated at

    the back of the orchestra). This enabled lively acoustics that come pre-mixed for the respective stage

    position. The choice of mic positions also depends greatly on the instrument. Some instruments, especially in

    the percussion section, benefit greatly from a M/S position to enable accurately positioning the sound


    Wherever possible, similar instruments use the same mapping scheme so it is usually possible to transfer

    MIDI data from one instrument to another easily. This is especially important and useful for percussion.

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    | Berlin Series |

    OT Articulation Guide

    2017 Orchestral Tools | Schwarzer & Mantik GmbH

    IV Berlin Series

    The Berlin Series is Orchestral Tools' ongoing journey to harnessing the sound of the Teldex Scoring stage

    in an all-purpose orchestral sample collection.

    Every major section of the orchestra is represented by one Main Collection, which contains all essentials

    instruments and articulations and forms the backbone of any symphonic piece. These collections are

    expanded and continued by special expansion collections, which add additional instruments or playing


    The following table lists all Berlin Series Collections currently released - underlined names jump to a

    description of its content and unique features. You can download a version of this Articulation Guide that

    applies to all released Collections on our Helpdesk.

    When you load any Berlin Series patch inside Kontakt, the instrument slot will show an icon representing the

    orchestral section as shown below.

    Berlin Orchestra Inspire Berlin Orchestra Inspire

    Berlin Woodwinds Berlin Brass Berlin Percussion Berlin Strings

    Main Collection Main Collection Main Collection Main Collection

    Additional Instruments Additional Instruments The Timpani Special Bows I

    Soloists I Muted Brass Special Bows II

    Soloists II Horn SFX First Chairs



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    | Berlin Series | Berlin Brass

    OT Articulation Guide

    4.1 Berlin Brass

    Berlin Brass unites a host of Berlin's finest brass players in the Teldex Scoring Stage to deliver flexible solo

    brass and ensembles in one comprehensive package. Following in the footsteps of the award-winning

    Berlin Woodwinds, Berlin Brass gives you individual solo brass instruments in addition to sections for

    ultimate flexibility in voicings.

    Since its first release, the Berlin Series has become the premium standard for major composers around the

    world. Composers who believe in technology, an extraordinary room, the finest musicians and a variety of

    many useful articulations.

    With Berlin Brass, Orchestral Tools deliver the first class Brass Collection that completes the Berlin

    Orchestra. Recorded at the famous Teldex Scoring Stage, this Collection combines definition with true

    power. Berlin Brass follows a whole new approach, which was developed