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  • Tim Lamia~

    p 3 q AEROSPACE

  • tiger now art, an F 4 E Phantom ti of the 141st Tactid Fighter Sqwdcw. 108th T & d F i l k W i w Xor

    P- of ho 2.30-4% GI st& 0" m* for RAF U p W a d and the 1990mrmTlgerhdm Thislrmits the ody khpter e q q $ member d the hger hakmty ( H d / m e l

    Right Ihe Ihe bWyellow sdrw applied by EC 51330 d th Fwn& Air F a r r ts this Mirw 2WO was

    O.e14T@T'kprrthsaWvi~iM s e n ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ t b i 6 book! (7imkifdw>

  • Contents Introduction 6

    United States Air Force 8 United States Navy 33 Royal Air Force 34 Royal Navy - Fleet Air Arm 46 L'Armhe de 1'Air 48 Ahronautique Navale 5 8 Force Ahrienne Belge/Belgische Luchtmacht 62

    Forca Aerea Portuguese 84 Ejercito del Air 92 Aeronautica Militare Italiano 94 Turk Hava Kuwetleri 104 E l l i i i Aeroporia 105 Swiss Air Force 106 Royal Norwegian Air Force 110 Koninklijke Luchtmacht 114 Canadian Armed Forces (Air) 116 Royal Australian Navy 128

  • _-....".-".l.-W' ..,. 1 I
  • An official Tigmaub' member since 1468. the W3rd BS fell vtctim to 115 . budgn cuts and was &sbandpd in 1990 Pea- AFB war dored and the hgmr may well have s e n the law of the393rd (Ttm inmtng)

  • Whereit dstatted; thelgth TFSiso;sdikdwiththemiginal& e f r e t h g q ~ a H g f f f n t e m i ~ w ~ ~ i n 1 9 ~ ) . s f i n ~ m u c h i n ~ a t & A F U p p e r :wrd m Ddordshin, the qadmn is psrt of the 20thTPWd *opentea the F-IIIE Ship W D 2 dkplaysearly white tail mdes, now applied in bh& W y CJnd-sm Col1.~mrl

  • An F-15D combatzapable tnincr of the 53rd TFS. United Sratc~ Aiz Forcer Europe, m f i d a p p c h to itr h r c a t Bitburg mGamany. Apmi horn the m h h f u a l tank Thiskin-stick Fagleis i n c h w&uratiun -or ia I Them's a Sidewinder AAM up h e somewhere (Chndtm Gmvd, VDL)


  • I Positioned in front of Bitburg's control tower, an F-15A Eagle air superiority fighter of the 53rd TFS stands ready. A long-time partidpant at annual Tiger Meets, the squadron operated the F-105 Thunderchef, F-4D and F-4E Phantom 11s before re-equipping with theMcDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle in 1977. The 53rd TFS is one of four US Air Force air defence squadrons permanently based h Europe

  • Royal Air P-

  • Unhlre many of their NATO ~mbxpmb, ECIn2 lus not wqletely tiger- shiped any of thar & m e they operated the Super M d r e . The nearest the rmit have mme (ro Isr) ho ado- o Muage F 1 in suh c o h w S which appeared at the I979 Ti@ Meet aosecmnination afthis $ a t a d meal that membw of No 4.39 Sqh Cmdau b d h s have Wf visited ths Mmge mth a pant hmh (Pad W

  • UP h e the deudr m its nehual elawt the deck &ce F I loah ~ V C N ~~-~ in& *fighter, B&-in inrnament ir a pair of 30 mm DEPA -on (each ~ i & I35 rounds of u s d y high-explosive zmm-, snd tk missile& is typically two wingtip MatraRWO Msgici&d-@ded M M s , d o r h v o Maiktr. ? m p ~ 5 3 O F r a d u W &AM. The bolt-on @@d r d k k probe is d y fitted when a mission q u i r e s tanker mppmt. If youle a head for figuree. Youmightme ton* that theembmisaSNECMAAter9LSOtUrboidwith ama&um(afkrburr(er) thrwt ofi5673lb ibat lwe~ ~lthoughnot in the samadsssartheF-I&orMna~e2oOD theFliseolbledtahne&&~ gmund ron of lust over 2 ~ 0 f i . dimblng to an & olffi.000"ft and leadung speds m excess of Mach 2 (SIKPA.AIR)

  • and opraks fmm the sircrsff-&ier C k m as qd. The unit badge fc-ahue a m horn-not @e a tiger, but m e o n e b v a e d thnt the h e d ~ n b h of the wurhia i l indeed a (iuu. The nst is h o w Wrap-d

  • Rather more mundane, FA 72 sits on the Gmbriu&ght ght d- ths 1986 Tlger Meat wearing the standard Belgrw m force cam&errhame (indeed theaLncptwdF-Ibwlour&zix) At b t theintakeunmaddradsnh of& K%dm eanOd/WL) I

  • Two Fighting F a l w Imm the 3M SmaEk.1 B$gM AjrFotce, &about to drpart Imm t h e hawe b a ~ it Kleine %el. The wingman lo& MFOSS the l e a k on hir nght and with a nod of &ation the bnJres u. relead in u n m ( d y ) , followed by a blast of powerimm the F-16'. Patt k WhihxqFlOO twboian. The blue6nmmrLingi~thatofthe 10th Pighkrhber Wing, d which the 3Ist is s component squadmn [-fa* &st attended a Tigg. Meet in 1962, the squadron ha. been aregularpartidpmt in t i i events e m since (fnmk V k )

  • The Lu&mfft hnr pdadualh, applied s highly effective 'Uzard'cmouAsgc nchem lo rtl Brrt of Alpha Jet attack -aft (Chndim Gnurdl Y D L l

  • I.b& 43 cekbrated itr 25th smuvmsa~p on I0 Nwanber 1981 tn traditional h f h @ k ? x ~ n . one of the&* Alpha JaS (40 + 44) m ~ l i v d a cmmemnbve EO~OUI +. Bein@ (he WU$I debration bther than the

    there -'t r trace of a hgo shzpmpeanphere on the &u& (E A n W


  • The G.91T two-seat hainer retains the same Orpheus turbojet as fitted to the single-seat Gina. Derived kom the North American P-86 Sabre, the G.91 was developed as a direct result of a joint NATO requirement foi a light hghter and tactical support aircraft inrued in 1953. So who ssid the Zurofightef was a new ideal (Frank VilJer)

  • This Vought A-7P Corsai ir belongs to 304 Lqwdra; judging by the badge on the fire 304 is at least an'unoffidal' tiger squadron However, the word is that when theG.91~ are finally withdrawn from service, thisunit may well assume the role of being Portugal's off id tiger squadron. I wonder if we will see a tiger-striped Corsair? (had Vlsrrr)

  • Outride 21' Gruppa's officers, an F-I046 strikes a suborbital pore wearing the colour scheme introduced at the 1988 Tier Meet (GimppeFmn')

  • b . - . . .\ -

    Turk Hava Kuwetleri

    The T h h &force also operates n krgp B e t af F-I&, hhding Smsdels A k d t w72ofthe 19zFzb uana-LufkwfFFIMG, asrevealedbythe gnen/%~y s p k b ramaulbge a d day& wfngfip t s h The Twks hsve yet to a& thm fBB 8hare d involvemwt m ttner r H e s and 192 %am r&reen at other NATO arbbases, which u"a great &me, e l p a d y rf you happen tu be a S&&tn addla (Rnbbs yllwl

  • Once upon tima, the vaatamlvdy ofNAT0's &dnt-Lne@krhher ~q& wme equcpprd w~b the Loekheed F - % f f i Shrfighta. Consequently, mom h a httle space on the BBT Mept ramp was v ~ e d by m e w St&$tershom d&mat rnVnmw alUIov&h the F-I04 w dowly hdq into hstm M less than three Hger q d m m wMhnued t o o w e the type m 1991 Bmed st l\r-one auchd l s335 Mfaof the G ~ ~ P o I E ~ . DespIk hawngpned the Hger hatmty in19rL the tltoltnrt k - l y atknded mual TIger M&. But 435 Mn. hsw occagiody displayed smne hser spmt check art the m y tales under the cm&~e~of ttdr TF-~Q$G I' &..-WW

  • Swiss Air Force

  • Formed in 1949, No 336 had the honour ofbeing the first Norwegian squadron to become operational with jet aircraft (de Havilland Vampires). Later equipment included the F-846 Thunderjet and F-86 Sabre. This vnit also had the distinction of owratine the air force's one-and-onlv serobatic team. 'The


    FI)tng :okerr', m s l ~ l l ~ hirh the r d 6 a d 1Lrc.r r l v 1 5 O ~ r d f rnerqoaJruns b-jH~ornbat :ramerr rharer chramp wlrh 1 Ld&n~cF-;F Phan!om I I K ~ I

  • Anothcrvlewof~~~~aftMmberWI,~~hmcasrth~tkhpdh m w o w tar& in northem Nmway The rep"& d m dm scheme has nncg b m replsced h$ gloss Wtgreys (&I Simonwn)

  • Canadian Armed forces Ut*~-U-u-~~~.,v"ulh.d.h.dacn ~ * c - m * . ~ r i b b u 4 b u 4 b u 4 b u 4 b u 4 b u 4 ~ m * " i a u o l o x r ~ . 4 - p , ~ - ~ ,

  • J.. . i..i.

  • DM to the wagah of muaft=-* and the mhne of reaLshc sir mht &+Ie trainen Lkefhis CF-1LIB m a m m i h e gown wllh the

    Msedempht I f w o a ~ b l s a q w ~ W R t ~ ~ a ~ t e r t o U I ~ M E e t ~ that ether tiger pi& have ln.opprhmty toexp&m &rent typn of lud (Chnr BatmItl

  • h4ay 11990, andNo 439 Sqnhe up m h n t of three CE-18s m happer times before the Tlgen deployed to the Gultdunng the Iraq-Kuwart cnns Uocl

  • Ship 188922 is one of 24 CF~I8Bcombat-capable trainers delivered to the Canadian ArrnedForcer. Both the CF-18A and the B model differ indetail from the rtandardFIA-I8 Hornet operated by the USNsvy andMarineCorps; a spotlight is mounted in the forward fuselage in order to visually identiiy airmatt at night, and a runway instrument landing system is fitted in place of its carrier equivalent Uens Sihmidt~e")

  • Baden Sollingen no longer e r h w to the distinctive wail of theff-I04 Starfighter's GenedElechidOrenda 179 turbojet, but them's atill an ahnosohare of &ion for thie fm a i d . Ship 104815 is a 'standnrd' v - I ~ ~ G , -us the w a n d forward fuselage ECM famgr retrofitted to moot of +he Starfinhters whch m e d mth the 1st C a d a n Air Grow The overall - green patnrwork on this aircrah was aometh~ng d a n lntmim meawe. IPDMIW tho yrarr brhvccn the early natural metal schemes and the hnal dirruphve p y I g r e e n c a m o u k e IKa, A n d 4

  • I .I

    * Royal Australian Navy

    One of the Ism-kown tiger squadrons, the &busten of the RDyd f Australian Navy's VS-816 only e v e r a t W one Tiger Meet. the 1977 went

    at RAF Greenhrm Common in Batshire VS-816 oparated Gmmma T& fmmNASNom and weredeployed on the a u d e a n w W MrIbwme. The T r a h ad the Mehaurn are hstory now (via k k Vke)



    Combat Aircraft titlw from Osprey Aerorpace TOMCATS m m R

    D e v M f & m w n & R ~ F D o r r MiE-29

    sOvietSu&Mw Jon Lake MlRAOEl

    D8ssauws Math z WlWiOrs ~ D u c h a i e a ~ & ~ ~ H u u t s s

    NAw ATTACK Spada Swcootenrsl Whalw

    RonB J ~ m Y I o n & ~ B L e w i s ~ M C W a A R o S

    G m w s G m w s a p p a r s & ~ *ud JFranuRm&*B EM

    Soledhbuwrs for the USA