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  • 1.OpenStreetMap andOpenDRI: An OverviewNama Raj Budhathoki, PhDLead, The World Banks Open Data forResilience Initiative (OpenDRI), NepalICIMOD (March 20, 2013)

2. A society that promotes the cultureof data sharing is likely to prosperfaster.-Benkler, 2006 3. Our ChallengesReduce the cost of data collection and updateLocate, access, understand and effectively use geo-referenced dataBuilding and maintenance of technical infrastructure for data sharingGaining citizen trust in what we do 4. OpenStreetMapKnowledge is power.-Sir Francis Bacon, 1597 An incomplete list of Social Media timelinewww.idfive.com 5. No one knows everything,everyone knows something.-Levy, 1997 6. www.OpenStreetMap.org 7. Jawalakhel Zoo 8. Horticulture Center, Kirtipur 9. Maharajgung Area:Before and After 10. Underlying Concept Provides an open collaborative mapping platform to build a free and open map. A map of the community, by the community, for the community. A global community of about one million volunteers. 11. A Growing Community of Mappers 12. The World Banks Open Datafor Resilience Initiative (OpenDRI) Nepal 13. Citizens as sensors (Goodchild, 2007) 14. Mapping Party at IOE 15. At Practical ActionInstitute of Engineering, Pulchowk 16. Kathmandu University MapathonInstitute of Engineering, Pulchowk 17. Open Data Day Mapathon 18. Girls in Mapping Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk 19. ToolsWalking paper GPS Smart Phone 20. Reaching out to people through sensitization presentations1200 8 Number of presentations 7Number of direct audience1000 6 No. of direct audience800 56004 No. of sensitization presentations 3400 2200 100 November December JanuaryFebruary 21. Number of Mapping Parties and Mapping Party attendees7007Number of Mapping Party attendees Number of Mapping Parties6006 Total number of5005 Mapping Party attendees4004 Number of Mapping Parties300320021001 0 0November DecemberJanuaryFebruary 22. OSM members in FaceBook groups700600500400300200100 0July August September October November December January February March 23. Daily OSM Contributors in Nepal6050403020100 24. No. of nodes (measures geometric features mapped in OSM)400000350000300000250000200000150000100000 500000 September October NovemberDecemberJanuaryFebruary 25. This data is completely open and free. 26. Value of open data:Snapshot of some works at NEC 27. Quality of OSM DataThe analysis shows that OSM informationis fairly accurate: on average within about6 m of the position recorded by the OS,and with approximately 80% overlap ofmotorway objects between the twodatasets. In the space of four years, OSMhas captured about 29% of the area ofEngland.(Haklay, 2010) 28. Reduces data collection and updatecost (Synergy) 29. Further Readings http://andreaforte.net/abs.htmlSpecial Issue on Open Collaboration and Wiki ResearchBudhathoki, N.R., & Haythornthwaite, C. (In Press). Motivation for Open Collaboration: Crowd and Community Models and the Case of OpenStreetMap. American Behavioral Scientist.Bertram, B., Bishop, A. & Budhathoki, N.R. (Forthcoming). Youth Community Inquiry: New media for Community Building and Personal Growth.Budhathoki, N. R., Nedovic-Budic, Z. & Bruce, B. (Chip) (2010). An Interdisciplinary Frame for Understanding Volunteered Geographic Information. Geomatica, The Journal of Geospatial Information Science, Technology and Practice. 64(1).Budhathoki, N.R. (2010). Participants Motivations to Contribute Geographic Information in an Online Community. PhD Dissertation, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 30. For More Information Friday OSM Clinic Visit: www.osmnepal.org FB Group: OSM Nepal