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A presentation I gave about Six Apart's work for the O'Reilly Open Source conference in 2006

Transcript of OSCON Keynote: Trying To Suck Less

  • Trying to Suck Less Making Web 2.0 Mean Something
  • Anil Dash (lousy coder)
  • Blogs!
  • Connect with the people you care about.
  • Hooray Blogs!
  • Cute Overload Cat Pictures 2.0
  • Influencing Mainstream Media
  • Niche Communities
  • (Helping Furries Get Married)
  • (Helping Anybody Get Connected)
  • Web 2.0!
  • Its great stuff.
  • Blogs dont suck. (Mostly.) Web 2.0 doesnt suck. (Mostly.)
  • Getting Carried Away
  • Were the fourth most popular mobile application for tagging podcasts! (Digg This!)
  • http://www.hat.evr
  • Who would want to use this?
  • Is it making my life better?
  • This sucks!
  • Sucks = Could Be Great
  • Uh oh! You succeed in your plan, and nobodys any happier .
  • Uh oh! You build something great, but you have to shut it down .
  • Sucks = Doesnt Scale
    • Blogs
    • ???
    • Profit!
  • Profit! (Any way that you want to.)
  • Profit! (So you can scale.)
  • But wait, it gets worse!
    • Open Data
    • Open Feeds
    • Open APIs
    • Open Source
  • Theyre not open!
  • Even many sites that dont suck arent open .
  • Its not a witch hunt.
  • Not Just Table Scraps
  • Its easy to slip up:
    • Not Open
    • Meaningless
  • Its still worth trying.
  • Making lives better!
  • Whats It Take To Build This Stuff?
  • Requisite LAMP Stack Slide!
  • Perl gods: Were Hiring!
  • Yay, LAMP!
  • Uh oh, LAMP.
  • How to win the Tour de France:
    • Buy a bike
    • Buy tight shorts
    • Go faster than everyone
    • Win!
    • A scalable file system
    • Memory Caching for Dynamic Sites
    • Load Balancing
    • Real-Time Messaging
    • Identity that doesnt suck
    • A useful database abstraction layer
    • Distributed Job Management
    • Ad Serving
    • A useful, standard API
    • Ajax libraries for the front-end
    The Ugly Stuff
  • Whats Wrong With Whats Out There?
    • Not open
    • Expensive
    • Complicated
    • All of the above
    • It sucks!
  • The Platform Perlbal Memcached MogileFS Djabberd
  • Why Use Them?
    • Theyre Open
    • Theyre Free
    • They Work Like Crazy
  • Real Scaling!
    • A light, fast load balancer that leaves the hard stuff to Apache.
    • Helps your database service enough requests to have all your pages be dynamic.
    • A high-availability, scalable file system that assumes your hardware will fail.
  • OMG FILES! M O G I L E F S !
    • Real-Time Jabber Messaging
    Djabberd Powers LJ Talk
  • Perlbal Memcached MogileFS Djabberd
    • Data::ObjectDriver
    • OpenID
    • TrackBack
    • XML::Atom
    • Ad Engine
    • Plagger
    Lots More
  • We build on this.
  • Extracted from real working apps.
  • Web 2.0's greatest hits are built on this.
  • So What Does Web 2.0 Mean? Its open. It doesnt suck.
  • Go get it: http://developer.sixapart.com
  • Now go build something that doesnt suck.
  • Thank You!
  • See our sessions: Stump the Band: 1:45pm, E142 Plagger: 2:35pm, Portland 256 Data::ObjectDriver: 11:35am Thursday, Portland 256 LiveJournals Secret Spinoffs: 11:35am Friday, F150