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Transcript of Orthopedic Staff Training - · PDF fileOrthopedic Staff Training ... Balanced Suspension...

  • The text and color pictures provide step by step instructions in the application of casts, splints & tractions. See a sample and table of contents of the manual at www.castingworkshop.com.

    Orthopedic Staff Training For Offices & Hospitals

    The 365 Page Instructional Manual of Orthopedic Casts, Splints

    & Traction This is the first comprehensive training manual in casting, splinting & traction in over 40 years. Developed by the US Military with in-put from orthopedic surgeons and technologists. A must have for any cast room or emergency department

    Only $125.00 includes shipping To order Fax this form to 727-231-8385 or call 727-394-1700 If shipping address is different from credit card address, please call. Bill to Name_________________________________________________________date______________ _____Visa _____MC #______________________________________________________exp___________ Credit Card Address_____________________________________________________________________ City______________________St_________Zip_________________Tel#____________________________ Signature__________________________________________________

    From the American Society of Orthopedic Professionals www.asop.org See information on hands-on casting workshops at


  • Table of Contents Casts: Arm Hanging Cast Short Arm Cast Munster Cast Long Arm Cast Long Leg Cast Long Arm Cast Cylinder Cast Long Leg Cylinder Cast Short Leg Cast Minerva Jacket Body Jacket Velpeau Cast Apply a Shoulder Spica Cast Fabricate A Hip Spica Cast (Single) Bivalve a Cast Wedge a Cast Total Contact Cast Patella Tendon Bearing Cast-Sarmiento Short Arm Cast With Finger Splint Outrigger Short Arm Radial Gutter Cast Short Arm Cobra Cast Short Arm Thumb Spica Cast Long Arm Thumb Spica Cast

    Splints: Short Leg Splint Long Arm Splint Gutter Splint Short Arm Volar Splint Sugar Tong Splint Long Leg Splint Compression Dressing With a Splint Coaptation Splint Short Arm Cast With Finger Splint Double Sugar Tong Splint Long Double Sugar Tong Splint Radial Gutter Splint Thumb Spica Splint Medial Lateral Splint Humeral Brace -Sarmiento

    Traction: Bryants Traction Bucks Traction Balanced Suspension Traction Russells Traction Dunlop Traction Pelvic Traction Cervical Traction Set Up Orthopedic Bed With Trapeze Finger Traction

    A $25.00 Coupon for any ASOP Casting Workshop is Included

    See www.castingworkshop.com for dates & locations