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  • 1. OrphanageJunaid, Steph, Ali, Michael
  • 2. CONCEPT- at least 3 similar film comparisonsThe Woman In BlackThe Woman In Black is a comparisonto our film orphanage, because it is atale about an abandoned hauntedhouse. We are also planning oncreating a few minutes of eerienatural sounds to add to our shortfilm, we have seen it work in TheWoman in Black as a great deal of thescares in the film are based aroundloud and frightening music.
  • 3. CONCEPT- at least 3 similar film comparisonsWhat Lies BeneathWhat Lies Beneath is a very goodcomparison to our production,Orphanage. This is because WhatLies Beneath is a supernatural storyabout a woman that believes thather house is haunted by the ghost ofher next door neighbor. It has the feelof a murder mystery however it hasthe added fright factor of the ghostvictim returning from her waterygrave.
  • 4. CONCEPT- at least 3 similar film comparisonsThe pactThe pact is once again a hauntedhouse style film. The plot is about ayoung womans chilling experience inher childhood home following thedeath of her mother builds terrorwithin a fascinating mystery as thewoman uncovers the secrets in hermothers past.
  • 5. AUDIENCE PROFILE- who are you aiming it at- gender? Age etcFor our short film Orphanage we have decided that our target audiencewould be males and females aged between 15-28. We decided on thisspecific age boundary because its the one that we felt we could create afilm to match our audience expectations.We want to implement sound and camera angles to create our scares, aswell as some scary sections in the film. The 15-28 target audience agerelates to this because we also wanted our audience to be mature enoughto understand the content and the underlying story to our film.We decided to aim our film at both genders because otherwise wed besignificantly cutting down the already low numbers of our audience, andobviously we want our film to be seen as much as possible. Aiming our filmat both genders also means that we can include more ideas and twists tothe plot as we have different audience expectations to meet.Location will be a factor to our audience, as because its a short film it isntgoing to appear in cinemas or on t.v. etc, were looking to display it at filmfestivals so our audience numbers will be reduced significantly because ofthat. However we expected this because of the length and nature of ourfilm (student film).Income is not an audience factor because all showcases of Orphanage willbe free.
  • 6. Mise En Scene Setting old orphanage, shot mainly in the night for dark scenes Expressions and body language confused, scared faces, frightened body language main character. Straight poker face type for ghost, slow walking etc. Body language towards each other character and ghost little relationship, frightened. Main character and her sister good body language friendly, playful, affectionate. Dramatic music, sudden loud noices etc. Positioning main character nearly always centre frame or in front. Seen from the runaway girls perspective. Colour dark colours, used for dramatic affect part of the costume and props also.
  • 7. Costume/ProbsProps: Diary BloodCostume: Old worn cloths for ghost Normal everyday simple clothing for main character, dark colours, greys, dark browns etc. Face paintings for different affects e.g. blood etc.
  • 8. Lighting Dark scenes Key lightning for shadow faces and silhouettes of characters - low key lighting Will be used to outline important characters in the scenes e.g. most of the light on the main character Will be used to convey the characters feelings and overall mood of the scene
  • 9. Character Kate 19 years old Ghost/Nurse Rachel 12/13 years oldBackground Rachel is Kates younger sister who wrote the diary The ghost is spirit what was there when Kate & Rachel where in the orphanage
  • 10. Plot of Orphanage The kids get possessed by the mysterious ghost that lives there and sets the orphanage on fire, under the orders of the ghost. Kate is out for the day, returns to the house and sees the fire, she sees Kate and tries to get her to run but Rachels possessed and wont come-meaning Kate has to runaway- seeing the ghost at the entrance of the house.
  • 11. GoAnimate!http://goanimate.com/videos/0iyF920Q8MqY/1