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Describe function of orient flights an AMO


  • 1. Approved by DDG office Chennai Videletter No. F/OFPL/151 dated 2/02/2009 Class Aircraft Rating- A2-Aeroplane 5700 Kg andbelow Limitation 1. Cessna 1522. Cessna 1723. Cirrus SR224. Piper PA34

2. Class component Rating C5 Limitation 12V/24V Gill Lead Acidbattery Location - Chennai 3. AMMM QMQUALITQUALITYPP TECHLS Maint YENGINEERINSPECTOR 4. Mr. Anand Jacob Verghese MDAccountable Managerdirector@orientflights.comMr. J S Sidhu Dy GMMaintenance Managerdgm@orientflights.comMr. S P Singh Chief EngineerQuality Manager qcm@orientflights.com 5. Managing Director 6. Establish and promote the safety andquality policy Ensure necessary resources such asfinance, Infrastructure, facilities, tools, equipment, Manpower and literatureNominate senior persons for monitoringthe quality system. Ensure that all personnel areappropriately trained and qualified toaccomplish the work. 7. Administrate an independent qualitysystem Responsible to Accountable Manageron quality and safety matters Auditing the quality system includesrequesting remedial action Planning & implementation of a programof the quality procedures and product Issue / renewal / withdraw of staffcertifying authorization. 8. Approval of maintenance instructionscreated from approved data. Ensure compliance of all mandatoryrequirements and technical standards ofthe Airworthiness Authority withinstipulated time 9. Mr. J S Sidhu BE(Mech), AME DGM orient flights 10. MM is responsible for ensuring that allmaintenance required to be carried out responsible for any corrective actionresulting from the quality compliancemonitoring Implement of remedial action Defining the initial and continuoustraining program 11. Defining the facilities and associated means required and adapted to the scope of activities. Coordinating for procurements, stocking, issue of parts and materials. To lay down procedures for periodic review of stores materials and parts and observance of components shelf life 12. Mr. Bhanu PratapSingh AME A & C Base Maintenance incharge 13. To carry out the inspection and certifythe same Supervise the work being done by thetechnicians Keep up-to-date knowledge abouttechnical requirement and instructionsissued from time to time 14. responsible for providingshort and long termplans for compliance ofall maintenancerequirement develop plans toschedule aircraft,engine, majorcomponents formaintenance andmodifications ensure that necessarytools, equipment andspares are available inserviceable condition 15. fore cast and recommends man power,spares and engineering equipmentsrequired for line/ base maintenance andworkshop. responsible to undertake the necessarycorrective and preventive actionresulting from Quality compliancemonitoring and audit programme 16. ensuring that technical literature/publications are revised and kept up todate Manage the AMOS Prepare the document for ARC Maintain aircraft file 17. Thanks for visit qcm@orientflights.com