Orangeburg news and times.(Orangeburg, S.C.) 1875-04-24. -iti ii-W. K, CROOK. Is always up to iho...

Orangeburg news and times.(Orangeburg, S.C.) 1875-04-24. -iti ii-W. K, CROOK. Is always up to iho times,
download Orangeburg news and times.(Orangeburg, S.C.) 1875-04-24. -iti ii-W. K, CROOK. Is always up to iho times,

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Transcript of Orangeburg news and times.(Orangeburg, S.C.) 1875-04-24. -iti ii-W. K, CROOK. Is always up to iho...

  • ^?Tlio nfefobertf?¦.of tho Lutheran (^iuroUxontcmplutQ.pu.rchasing n new organ. Not a bad idea,

    There was a nipping frost hero on Saturday night last. Ice was formed and the gardens generally suffered severely. On "Wednesday the weather became

    cloudy, and rain eet in. Fire and overcoats have been resorted to again. When will wo have warm weather iu earnest ?

    Jimmio Cannon, at Fischer's, is just tho boy to keep a saloon in first-rate order. He has everything that the drinker and smoker wants. Giyo him a call.

    M^ , mm 1_ Frank Briggmann bus enlarged his

    advertisement, and is now offering for sale a choice lupply of family grocer¬ ies. Read what he has to say for him self in another column.

    Tho spelling mania is going the rounds now. The Green vi lie New» wants to get up one iu that place. AY hen you succeed let us know, brother Speights. "We have a devil to match against yours. The Charades, for tho bcucfit of tho

    Baptist Church, is to come off next week at the Elliott Hall. We under¬ stand that it proihises to be a first- rate entertainment, aud we bospcak a large turnout.

    Nearly every little boy and «old mau ma iu to~iVfi-ca>ih hifi'riight:iSliirt over the bed Bessie Turner, and saying theve's n harm in it. \ A NEW DAILY. \

    Charleston 1ms a new d»ily newspa¬ per. Its politics are not as yet ascer¬ tained, its editors not having, up to thisjtirnc, given an expression of their opi^lo^ It has been coming to us for several days past, but with its editorial columns, always filled wih extracts from other papers. ; If the telegragk wants tjp.Jj.v6 aud compete with itsvigorous contcinpöraiy, its conductors must put something original iu its co^n^a, ,Wo arc sick of rehash. AN EVENINGS TREAT- X>n: Tuesday, night next W. (Z.lifthoV Fsq., of Camdcn, G. W. Pj of

    Grand Division Sons of Temperance of South Carolina, will dolivcr an iid dreis^beforo' Orongeburg Divisionin the bnsemcnt of the Presbytcrjiau01iurchatthis,' tie m airfare and 'gifted Bpeftker, and oecupu'l a prominent place among the It gal fraternity of Catudon. A treat is thercforo iu store for the citizens of Orangeburg, and wo hope they vill avail?thema0ltr«a of ii by attending tho leeturo on; Tuesday night.

    Parties who wish their advertise¬ ments to appear iu thiö paper, must* hand them in hy .12! "o'clock W.> on 'Thursday* Public afiiccrs nto dspeaial ly requested to bear this in mind. Printers havo feeling and cau't work like a machine without tiring, BEAT THIS BEET. Three feet seven inches long by ac¬

    tual measurement, and twelve inchca in circumference. We are indebted to our friend Col. DeTrevillo, for this monster, and ho says there are lots more at home just like it. He casual¬ ly remarked that he was having his garden fence moved hack to get more room.

    THE NEWSTREET. Our City lathers had the lino of the

    Ne\y Street surveyed on Thursday last, by W. Mellichainp. This street com- inonccs at the foot of Market Street' and runs east to the 'railroad, (paral- cl with Kussel 1 Street,) "ending oppo¬ site tho dividing line of the lots of Messrs. C. S. Bull an 1 Geo. W. Wil¬ son. It will he fifty feet wide, and we aro informed thnt Council intends commencing work i.^on it at once. Mr. Editor :

    Is it wrong to offer to kiss yoursweetheart when you meet her. Please inform mo' 1

    A KKADER. We nover thought it wrong to "kiss

    a sweetheart" upon meeting her, or, indeed, at any other time that a chance presented itself. The only sort of lip smackers objectionable now- a-days is the "pnroxy mal kiss," the kind Mrs. Moultou consoled Beecher with.

    -iti ii- W. K, CROOK.

    Is always up to iho times, and keeps his store constantly supplied with choice groceries. We tock a peep iu ut him the other day and found him as happy as a big sunflower. His customer^ apprcciato something good and Ciook has never.failed to supply their wants. His flour, sugar, coüee, lard, bacon, &c, &c, were bought especially for this market, and give universal satisfaction to his pat¬ rons- His canvased hams arc in¬ deed excellent, and have a rare and palatable flavor. We speak what we know in rcceommendintr hi« Bolted and Pearl Grist, and Meal.

    Also ninny other useful articles that the people are obliged to hero. Cftll sir«tmi'M|4 see if wc don't suit you both in prices aud goods.

    ii i .::'ry.:.:i..;jL.uL,j_kj_lt-

    C. IX KORTJOHN Begs to inform his Patrons that the BUSH of BUSIN£35 preveoto.him from advertising.

    Yours truly, _. C. D. KOBTJOHST;



    STORE FOR THE PEOiPLM! And barn received a large and varied assortment of FINE FAMILY GROOERIESS;

    Such as Flour, Sugar, Coffoo, Lard, Bacon, Breakfenfc Strips, Pig He*ta,.*¦- mtkiiausaficajfoyck^Cnn&BPNMHf^^e^uTalu^ and of all Descriptions.

    LIQUORS are unmirpassed this side of Baltimore.

    In fact, I have just the store for the people, mud am oftarlnf Rtvr« Bar&f>iSa,flv.Give me a cad, aud go home hapj>v. Ii BAST3 BRiaOMAlfjfl

    My Stock of

    T. KOHN & BROTHS! Take pleasure in announcing to th« publio that they will tfooapy their


    DRY GOODSI 2of

    ORANGEBU&Or, (On the Site ofthe Store Occupiedbefore the Tire.)1

    ON OR BEFOBE MAY Igt, Our SPRING tjHOW of New and Ele«nt Goo4. tbr Le4io. Gssatiomen nnd Children's wear, wM.eompnse the LATEST NOVELTIES In ^7^^

    DRESS GOODS.Whito Goods, Nations, Domesticf, ClothingShoes and Gaiterr, Hats and Furnishing Goods. It is with feelings of gratitude that we return oar sincere thanks to * kind aailrbliB I'ublic for the sympathy and liberal patronage beMofed on u*einesthGr«c«Et*aiatofty by fire. We enter upon our new career with redoubled energy to carry out our old masln

    "WE STRIVE TO Promising a polite reception, we most cordially invite alt who wish to'«e*'taW*tr>BEST THINGS for Fashionable Ladies, Genta and Children's o*

    THEODORS KOHN ft BROTHER. Now Dry Goods Emporium.


    ii inn mi.¦¦Mrtttiiiirr a im mjimimimm


    SISTRUNK & Have RRMOVED nert door to J. W. moselky'ß, wh«r» they ktoric^Äkfl*on bund a full assortment of *

    DRY GOODS,SHOES «fc GROOEEtEBi.Such as . rrrmm BACON, LARD, MOLASSES, flouä. rice,FL0UR.. ^,?2FFEE'.^» ESSENCE coffee. , .. A?,Ar- CANNED tomatoe«, o^ster^LOBSTERS; PEACHES, SARDINES, cgncentsat^d LYE, Ac.,fhe above firm will be glad to soe their friends and the public at any ties*.