Optical Fiber Project

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Optical Fiber Project. Index. Framing Goals Procedures Fiber cable Local Loops Transmission Routing Management Services Future Work. Framing. Investment vs. Maintenance Inadequate corporate solutions in the national market Geographical distribution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Optical Fiber Project

  • Optical Fiber Project

  • IndexFramingGoalsProceduresFiber cableLocal LoopsTransmissionRoutingManagementServicesFuture Work

  • FramingInvestment vs. MaintenanceInadequate corporate solutions in the national marketGeographical distributionInsufficient growth when compared with other NREN.Availability of a fiber provider

  • Goals A new approach!New infrastructure for the long runGain more autonomy towards the marketSolve the long lastingcapacity limitationsBe side by side with the most advanced NRENProvide the means for high bandwidth projects and services

  • Goals GuidelinesNew and simpler network designEthernet based10GE backboneNx1GE access

    Same Control panel for IPv4/IPv6Redundancy in the backbone through a providerNew backbone for the whole networkStage I connecting Lisbon-Braga

  • ProceduresPassive fiber networkFO for the long distancesLocal loops using fiberEquipmentTransmission (Ethernet).Routing (IP).

  • ProceduresInternational tender for long distance cableWinner - Refer Telecom (Railway Operator)Each local loop with a different approachAlways trying to use existing pipes

  • Procedures - TransmissionLimited to a public announcementSeveral proposals receivedSecond round with best proposalsBest-and-Final-Offers were asked ADVA was chosen

  • Procedures - RoutingSimilar to the transmission, without a public announcementSeveral proposals receivedSecond round with best proposalsBest-and-Final-Offers were askedCisco was chosen

  • Long Distance cable Features48 Optical fibers from witch:24 x ITU-T G.652C (without water peak)24 x ITU-T G.655

  • Long Distance Cable Tests madeTested:Spectral attenuationChromatic dispersionPolarization Modal DispersionReflectometry attenuationInsertion loss

  • Long Distance Cable FeaturesDialectical central strength member: fiberglass5 loose tubes 4 with 12 fibers eachWater resistantAnti-rodent armouringComplies with crushing, tension and temperatures specifications

  • Cable - curiositiesMean attenuation of 0.21dB/KmCan connect 150Kms with with nothing-in-line

  • Access Local LoopsStrategy:use existing pipesestablish partnerships with pipe ownersalways have a ring topology

    Developing:Aveiro, Braga, Coimbra, Lisbon and Porto;

  • Access Local Loops - Aveiro

  • Access Local Loops Lisboa

  • Access Local Loops - DifficultiesTo coordinate all involved entities to meetings and surveys.Unexpected events on-site

  • Transmission SolutionMinimalist approach - several distinct point-to-point solutions;Intelligence and services on the IP levelThe transmission is just the 10GE and 2GE access linksSolution -> ADVA Optical

  • Routing EquipmentCisco Equipment1 router in Lisbon1 router in Porto1 router backup/test router10G Lan-Phy XENPAK ports1G SFP ports

  • Routing TopologyDual star topology (Lisbon and Porto)Network intelligence on the IP levelNo more core/edge design for the fiber connections (economical reasons)Fully redundant equipmentLisbon-Porto backup link from a commercial provider

  • Management and operation TNMS CORETNMS-CORE from Siemens:Integrated managementCentralized monitoring and configuration End-to-end connection managementAlarm and error monitoringPerformance management

  • Management and Operation ApproachMonitoring using another fiber pair with passive transceiversEthernet switches directly connected to the transmission equipmentNon usage of dedicated cards/equipment

  • IP ServicesMigration of current IP services to the new backbone:IPv4/IPv6 Unicast and MulticastR&D e .COM Classes of ServiceOffer new and richer classes of serviceStudy the possibility of having VPNs

  • Other Connections Phase IIConsulting market again in 2005.New advanced solutions of renting fiber, lambdas, GE and FERedundancy solution for the backbone, through a national ring

  • FCCNs New Optical NetworkQuestions?