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Optical Fiber

OPTICAL FIBER COMMUNICATION Prepared by : -Bhavishya GargMohit sutharBharat parmarPrashant sharma

53 Engineers , 53 Vehicles , 53 drivers , 104 labor, 107 patrollers OFC Network 2


along with the SME , Fiber Lead and round the clock OMCR. Are engaged in maintaining the 13,01,5 kilometer fiber network . OFC Network Our patrollers travel approx twelve thousand kilometers on daily basis 3


How Fibre WorksThe operation of an Optical Fibre is based on the principle of Total Internal Reflection (TIR).

Light reflects or refracts (bends) depending on the angle at which it strikes a surface. This occurs because different interfaces between materials refract light in different ways.


MULTI MODE:Multi mode fiber was the first type of commercial fiber, which has larger core diameter (50 or 62.5nm) allowing multiple modes of light to propagate through the fiber simultaneously.

It is used primarily for short distances (