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WON 1ST PRIZE BY Nisarg Bhagavantanavar

Transcript of Optical fiber

  • 1. JSS, K.H.KABBUR INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERINGTopic : Optical fibers By Nisarg Y Bhagavantanavar Brief Flow of the Presentation. 1. Introduction 2. What are Optical Fibers? 3. Structure of optical fiber 4. Workings 5. Advantages / Disadvantages ofOptical fiber 6. Applications of Optical fiber

2. Optical fiber INTRODUCTION CAUSES FOR THE CREATION OF THE OPTICAL FIBER----- Mans HUNGER Smoke Horse riders Telephone & Telegraph that used copper wire Coaxial cableVHF and UHF Radios, Satellite still UNSTISFIED . Lastly optical fibers were invented to satisfy the Mans hunger forcommunication 3. What are optical fibers?Fiber optics = Fiber + opticsin essence = Light is guided in optical fiber.Fiber = Extremely pure glass(silica) or plasticSpeed= current record 15.5tbpsTotal internal reflection 4. Structure of optical fiberExtremely pure fused silica very low loss for long distance transmissionCore higher refractive indexCladding lower Refractive indexBuffer coating mechanical protection 5. Working of optical fiber Light Transmission 6. Advantages of optical fiberThe optical fiber has following advantages over twisted -pair and coaxialcable. Resistance to noise Huge bandwidth Higher signal carrying capacityDisadvantages Along with all disadvantages that it offers, optical fiber also has somedisadvantages, as summarized below. Fragility Cost Maintenance overhead 7. ApplicationsOptical fiber have wider range of application in almost all field, i.e. in medical,electronics, military etc .some are been specified below Medical Military ElectronicsIBM microprocessors 8. Conclusion: This is the greatest discovery that man have done in the field of communication Reference: Data communications and networks by Achyuts godbole. Digital communication by K.Shashider. Wikipedia Internet.THANK YOU